HOLIDAYS: Happy Geek Pride Day and Memorial Day 2013!

What’s better than two holidays in a weekend?  One of those holidays giving us an extra day off from work. The only thing better than that? Seeing Geek Outlaw make a fool of himself for the Outlaw community with moving picture technology of course!


Geeky, shameless, goofy and rhythmless… welcome to Geek Outlaw.


On a serious note though, please do try to take a few moments out of your day on Monday to pay tribute to, and remember all of those that have sacrificed, and currently sacrifice themselves so we may have our personal freedoms and live in a free country (if you’re into that kind of thing.)



Always remember, some gave all.


For those that would like to give a little gratitude back, you can donate a couple of dollars to an organization I donate my time and money to called Operation Gratitude.  OG sends care packages throughout the year filled with fun and needed items to our dedicated service men and women serving the U.S. armed forces overseas .
(Link here: Operation Gratitude)


Here’s to hoping everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day weekend and Geek Pride Day 2013!


Yours geeky,

Geek Outlaw and best mate (& ship engineer) Kaylee


Hapy Geek Pride Day 2013

If there is a better looking pair on the planet, my mom hasn't told me about them yet...



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