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HOLIDAY: 15 New Year’s Resolutions even Geeks can Stick With

Brace Yourselves

Not to worry, give it a few hours and they’ll pass right on through.


Another year gone, another year wiser. While I can definitely lay claim to the first part of that lead-in sentence, for myself, the latter half is still up for debate.

Fortunately, I can confirm that I’m another year geekier thanks in part to the loyal Geek Outlaw community and my ever growing passion for all things pop-culture (Well, almost all things).

Like spandex to a superhero, with each revolution around the sun, millions of human beings set new personal resolutions for themselves which they usually end up sticking to until about half-time of the Rose Bowl.

In the spirit of setting goals that never seem to be attained, I decided to create a geeky list of 15 milestones for 2015 that are quite attainable. Feel free to borrow the following exactly as written or tweak to fit your own needs.


New Years Literal Resolution

I know Outlaw humor when I see it.


15)  Get into superhero-like shape… that shape being roughly the same outline of Baymax from Big Hero 6.

14)  Give up drinking 17 gallons of Mountain Dew Code Red a day… and switch to drinking 34 gallons of Diet Mountain Dew Code Red a day.

13)  Exercise more… by making sure to park at least 5 spaces further away from the pub when attending happy hour.

12)  Invest money wisely… by purchasing less dollar comics in exchange for higher valued limited edition print graphic novels.

11)  Donate to charity… by dumping your dollar comics off on those less fortunate so they can use them for portable fans or firewood.

10)  Spend more time outside and get some fresh air… when the internet goes down for more than five minutes at a time.

9)  Contact a family member you haven’t talked to in several years… and ask them if they’d like to donate $25 to your Kickstarter to get another Firefly film developed.

8)  Eat healthier… by sharing those comic-con nachos and jumbo foot-long dog with a friend, thus leaving more room for ice-cream.

7)  Clean out your closet… and throw out anything that isn’t a costume or pop-culture based t-shirt.

6)  Don’t drink any more alcohol… but don’t drink any less either.

5)  Manage your debt better… by getting Stan Lee to adopt you.

4)  Help thy neighbor… by letting them know you will be conducting a midnight backyard screening of all the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films in THX Dolby Surround.

3)  Improve your education… by binge watching more television series on Netflix and Hulu.

2)  Travel more… to different comic-cons other than San Diego. That one is way too crowded for its own good.

1)  Don’t waste precious time on inconsequential things… ceasing to read this blog could probably be at the top of your list.


Of course I jest on that last one, fellow Outlaws. Alas, here’s to hoping everyone has a safe and geeky New Year 2015.


Happy New Year

Good grief, another year in the books.



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