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Happy Geek Pride, Memorial and Towel Day 2012!

A meeting of the geek minds for my NBFF’s (Hot Nerd Girl) Birthday.


Well I must admit, I never thought I’d be celebrating a day with the word ‘pride’ in it.


I never thought we would come so far… (Sniff, sniff)


Alas, here I am, coming out of the saloon to wish every Geek Outlaw out there a very Happy Geek Pride Day!  I just learned today, that this holiday actually started from a group of people in Spain determined to make a real life human stop-motion Pac-Man.  There is hope for humanity yet.


Pfft, not bad… but where the hell is the kissing scene from Ms. Pac-man?


From that event, May 25th has transformed into a pretty big day for geeks and nerds around the world and other parts of the universe we believe exist… at least in our minds.  (Click here to watch this video for more)


Speaking of ‘transformed’ – gotta love my puntastic transitions – today marks the opening of “Transformers the Ride” at Universal Studios Hollywood. (A review of that is upcoming with Hot Nerd Girl joining the fun)


Optimus for Pres 2012!


May 25th is also recognized as Towel Day in honor of author Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and also the anniversary of Star Wars first day of theatrical release; which is 35 years ago now.  Which, believe it or not much before I was even born considering I look like a spry twenty-something still… right?… RIGHT?


R.I.P. Mr. Adams


Still, as much as we geeks and nerds like to think we are unique – and trust me, most of us are – it’s also something that’s becoming more wildly accepted in main stream culture.  Basically, little by little, we are ALL becoming geeks… world domination is in our scopes outlaws.


If there is one thing geeks do well, it’s make charts.


On a more serious note and holiday, I also want to send out a huge thank you to all those whom have served, continue to serve and their families for the enormous contributions they have and continue to make for our country.


A special thanks to my Grandpa and my cousin whom both served in our armed forces.  Grandpa you are still loved and missed every second of every day!


Left to right: Geek Outlaw, Grandma Bernice, and Grandpa Ed (R.I.P.)


Their sacrifices are what allow us to be as geeky and nerdy as we want to be without threat of getting our heads chopped off by the real evil that exists out there.


Thank you for letting me ‘geek’ all I can ‘geek’.


To those people, and everyone else I wish you a very Happy Memorial Day weekend!


May the force be with you all and remember to geek out to your heart’s content fellow outlaws!







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