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Geek Outlaw Guide to Black Friday


No doubt it’s like the Wild Wild West out there for some of you Outlaws, so just a few tips to staying safe:


1) There are lots of great deals out there, but remember you get what you pay for. In many cases, the biggest markdowns are on items that are old models/styles and at least a year old. If you are fine not keeping up with the ‘Joneses’ or providing outdated gifts to your loved ones, then by all means… grab those deals 😉


Some Joneses I’d like to keep up with…



2) While there are good deals to be had in store, there are equally good deals to be online. Who needs to socialize and get fresh air when one can be perfectly lazy and isolated while shopping from the confines of their couch or bed with Thanksgiving leftovers.

3) Be safe! Your life isn’t worth discounted merchandise… Unless that merchandise is a 125″ HD Plasma and Home theater system that comes with a celebrity servant that’s marked down 90%. Then by all means, throw caution to the wind.


“Umm, did you happen to keep the gift return receipt for this one?”


4) Be courteous.  It’s the Holidays and everyone SHOULD be in good spirits.  Gifts are just things people, and the holiday season is all about being with family and spending time with those you care about.  That said, if anyone threatens you or physically swipes that $10 copy of HALO 4 from your cart, I’m pretty sure you can technically declare ‘Marshall Law’.


He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice… and he doesn’t care.
Of course I jest on my tips, but please do just be safe Outlaws and remember to have fun and be merry… Holiday season has officially arrived!



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