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FOOD REVIEW: Villains Wicked Heroes Lets You Geek Out With Your Food

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The good, the bad, and the Outlaw.


Food.  A giver of life, energy and indigestion.  I feel fairly certain I can speak for the rest of the planet when I say, “I love the stuff.”


Granted, I’m not what you would call a foodie, which is another word for someone who proclaims to be born with taste buds that could beat up your taste buds.  That being said, I can tell the difference between a McDonald’s hamburger and say, a clod of manure-infused mud… albeit just barely.


When it comes to consuming edible fare, anything that happens to contain the slightest trace of avocado or chocolate is music to this Outlaw’s stomach.  I have never contemplated combining the two delicacies as the thought of it makes me slightly queasy; however, if presented properly, I could easily be persuaded, assuming a doggie bag was within arm’s reach.


Avacado Chocolate
Wait, let me guess… it tastes better than it looks.


Getting back on point; due to my lack of culinary critiquing skills, I never seriously entertained the idea of doing a food review – that is until last week.  While wandering the streets of Atlanta last Wednesday on business… hold on, let me clarify.  I was NOT looking for business on the streets, but merely looking for a place to eat after a hard day’s work… again, not from working the street.  Anyways, my boss (who is NOT my pimp) and I happened upon a little joint called Villains: Wicked Heroes.


Yeah, I walked right past the signage without even putting 2 and 2 together… not that I know what that totals anyway.


Being that I was incredibly hungry, and just naturally oblivious in general, the name of the establishment did not consciously register with me at first glance.  It was only upon looking at the menu that the geekiness of it all hit me like the Hogwarts Express.


The sandwiches, most being served on hoagie rolls, were named after villainous characters of pop nerd culture.  That’s when the light – though small and dim in luminance – lit up the inner part of my cranium.  From a Cajun roast turkey sandwich named after one of Spidey’s arch nemeses, The Vulture, to a pork cutlet creation titled after the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron; every item on the menu had a gloriously evil motif.


Menu 1
The Montgomery Burns looked “Eeexcellent”, but apparently it wasn’t available yet… “Doh!”


Flipping the menu over revealed some specialty beverages under the heading, Evil Potions, and included adult beverages labeled with names like Gamma Crush and The Manhattan Project.   The drinks themselves were born behind a fairly decent-sized outdoor/indoor bar that served as the centerpiece of the restaurant’s evil lair.


Menu  Drinks
Something about “floaters” in my $7 drink had me sticking with water.


If that wasn’t enough, the colorful young lady (mainly her hair) taking orders, informed us that we just so happened to be dining at Villains on the very first day of business, even before the official grand opening.  Some might call it fate, others coincidence, but I’m just going to fantasize for a moment and chalk it up to them rolling out the red carpet as a preview night just for Geek Outlaw.


After trying to keep the giddiness of my geek side in respectable check, I started taking in the design and decor of the eatery’s interior.  For starters, the size of the entire place was not incredibly large and seating looked to accommodate a total of 40 people max.


One of the coolest and most notable pieces of nerdery was the immense chalkboard on the northern wall, which displayed the sketches and doodles of a complicated, yet somehow sinister master plan to take over the world, or at minimum, the kitchen.


I almost felt like I was dining at Wile E. Coyote’s house.


As for the rest of the geek appeal, the overall theme inside of Villains had that secret warehouse-type feel to it that included black leather booths with red stitching, concrete panels on the walls and exposed air ducts to give it that insidious atmosphere.


Each table was also adorned with the silhouette – aka avoiding lawsuits – of the villains featured as sandwiches on the main menu.


Shadow Collage
It’s time to play everyone’s new favorite geek game, “Name That Silhouette!”


Alas, this IS technically a food interview, so I’m sure you’re salivating to know if the grub was as good as the descriptions on the menu.  I ordered the chicken and chorizo concoction known as the El Guapo – a fitting selection for obvious reasons.  Seeing as I’m not a huge French roll guy, I had them put it on focaccia bread instead of the tradition hoagie style loaf.


El Guapo
How the El Guapo was supposed to look…


In a word, delicious.  The meat was tender and flavorful without having too many elements fighting for your taste buds.  Unfortunately, I wish there had been more of it.  On my serving, there seemed to be more bread than anything else and I was fairly bummed that they markedly skimped on the avocado element of the sandwich.


… and how mine arrived. What’s a guy have to do to get a properly represented evil sandwich around here?!


Outside of those minor gripes, my boss and I were both satisfied with the food in general as it represented a combination of items you won’t find at a typical Subway-like sandwich shop.


Before departing, Geek Outlaw had to dispense of all the water he drank prior to the food arriving and was pleasantly surprised to see that even the restrooms were appropriately geeked out to match the subject matter of the eatery.


Luckily he has a nose of steel too.


Luckily, no one caught me taking pictures of the women’s bathroom door, or it might have resulted in the next sandwich added to the Villains menu being called the Geek Outlaw.


I never honestly thought a bathroom door sign could turn me on, but here we are…



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