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EXCLUSIVE: The Outlaw Reveals his New Ride with the Ghostbusters Inspired Ecto-100

If you can imagine a vehicle version of Geek Outlaw, the Ecto-100 is it.


Batman has the Batmobile. The Ghostbusters have the Ecto-1. Michael has K.I.T.T. and Doc has the DeLorean time machine. Now Geek Outlaw has the Ecto-100. Ever since I could leant to compute math at a second grade level – despite the fact I was in 5th grade – I dreamed about owning the Ecto-1 the second I witnessed the headlights come to life in the Ghostbusters firehouse on the big screen. After three decades of patience, hard work, long nights (mainly for my custom auto body guy), and an unending drainage of my future child’s college fund, that dream has become reality. Kinda.

The original vehicle the boys in grey used for their spooktackular ride, specifically the 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse, is about as rare as an unoperated on Hollywood actor. Finding and restoring such a classic would have require the Outlaw living out of his new potential vehicle more than he’d be driving it. Thus, I decided to go a slightly different route.


Whats an Ectomobile without actual Ghostbusters. Huge thanks to the Spokane Ghostbusters for helping to promote the Ecto-100s rollout!)


Naturally, a love of pickup trucks has been something the Outlaw has acquired over the past 15 years or so, and more recently a fondness for those from the classic era. Hence, when it came to taking the plunge into building my new Ectomobile replica, I knew I wanted to go pickup, but I also wanted to go classic in order to still pay homage to the 59’ Caddy from the original film.

After a year or two of research, I found my alternative Ecto of choice in the 1959 Ford F-100. From that point, it was just a matter of finding the right combination of engine, condition and look. Shockingly, or not so shockingly depending on your comfortability with buying things on the internet, I found the future Outlaw-mobile on eBay… roughly 3000 miles away in good old New York of all places.


Looks just as good going as it does coming. Or something like that…


I acquired the vehicle last November (2016), after a myriad of headaches and issues that would only serve to raise my blood pressure again to retell the tale here. Nevertheless, the truck made it to my new home in Idaho, and work began on the re-restoration not long after her arrival. Several people and companies were involved getting this thing of beauty to where she sits today, most of which was done under a tight time frame by War Machines Custom in Hayden, Idaho. (See the “Thank You” banner on the truck below for a full listing.)


Behold the mighty ECTO-100 (version 1.0) in all it’s video glory.


As gorgeous as the vehicle looks however, the Ecto-100 is still a work in progress, and the photos below still represent version 1.0 which is the baseline build achieved for the 2017 Car d’Lane Car Show in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho this past June. Once the everything has been completed (hopefully before my wallet and bank account are completely empty) I will post an update with new photos, videos, and further details on what she can do, and a specific list on who was involved on the entire project.

Until then, enjoy a quick preview of the Geek Outlaw Ecto-100, a vehicle that continues the tradition of being cooler than the owner behind the wheel.





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