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EVENT: Yestercon 2015 Confirms Yesterday is the New Today

Yestercon MAIN

I’m yesterday’s news and loving it!


It feels like only yesterday that I visited the brand-new pop culture convention, Yestercon. Technically speaking, it was four days before yesterday, but at my age the mind tends to blur anything prior to the current calendar day into one mushy unit of time.

If you were to talk to a gentleman who goes by the name of Scott (last name removed to protect the innocent and those who like the whole Madonna first name-only trend), he would probably tell you yesterday is the new today. At least that’s what he would like you to believe with his launching the first ever Yestercon this past Sunday, August 2nd, 2015.



Mom will rue the day she made me throw out all my “collectibles.”


The newly-christened convention was a culmination of Scott’s continued enjoyment of all things from his own childhood prior to them being rebooted into the often soulless CGI-heavy monstrosities invading our viewing media on what feels like a daily basis.

Much like the Outlaw, Scott is a child of the 80’s (arguably one of the most important decades in terms of pop culture impact) and he created YesterCon so attendees can travel back in the DeLoreans of their minds to relive the glory days of their youth via old collectibles, art, celebrities and of course, CosPlay.



If I’m going to be made to feel short, it better be by a 10-foot tall robot that turns into a race car.

More than meets the eye, literally. This G1 Transformers Wheeljack CosPlay lights up and includes a working horn.


I learned about Yestercon roughly 45 minutes before it opened via a kind tweet from Joshua over at the Geeks of the Galaxy podcast (for which I’ve been a guest). I immediately emailed the site to see if there was any interest in having press coverage done by someone who is a walking billboard of 80’s pop-culture. I received a reply from Scott in which he not only welcomed me with open arms, he also added he was fond of the Outlaw’s getup as he had witnessed me moseying awkwardly around other conventions. As I’ve told all my fellow Outlaws, flattery will get you everywhere, so I grabbed my hat and headed to Carson, CA.



I happened upon this fan of the Outlaw’s and almost ripped these earrings right off her head. (Which most likely would have made her an ex-fan of the Outlaw’s.)


Another thing many fellow Outlaws have learned – those who actually read the blogs anyway – is I tend to enjoy the smaller conventions versus the larger ones from an intimacy perspective. (Before you start sending me emails advising me of how to cure my intimacy problems, let me explain once more.) Your larger shows like Comic-Con, while offering higher production values, bigger celebrities, more vendors and a vast quantity of top-notch panels, are also a major pain to accomplish anything at.



Finally, a comic-con where deodorant is optional. On second thought…


You usually have a better chance of speaking to your favorite author or pop-culture personality longer by happening upon them at the bathroom urinal (stalls for the ladies and all those who enjoy more privacy when relieving themselves), than at their actual booth. I’ve always enjoyed the smaller cons since they really do allow you to mingle and meet at your own pace.

Being a first year event, Yestercon was notably small and hands down the smallest con I’ve been too. Nonetheless, it was also a welcome aspect since I’m still recovering from, and writing posts for, the beast that is San Diego Comic-Con.



If there is one thing the Outlaw is good at, it’s color-coordinating with the con-goers.


I was also relieved about the demure size of the convention because I knew I wouldn’t be spending too much on the floor. Oh, how quickly that changed when I caught wind that voice actor Townsend Coleman was in attendance. Like the blank stare currently adorning your faces, the name didn’t ring a bell to me either, but his major claim to fame came as the voice of Michelangelo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series which ran from 1987 – 1996. He also gave lifeto Shredder in the series and voiced The Tick in the animated series of the same name which originally aired 1994-97. If that wasn’t enough, he’s lent his vocal chords to a multitude of other nostalgic animated characters through the years, even working on the original Transformers series from the 80’s.


Making “Cowabunga” cool slightly before a certain little yellow animated troublemaker.


The sketches you see above were not done by Mr. Coleman, but instead by a talented sketch artist: J D Correa.  Believe it or not, he whipped these two sketches out for the Outlaw in less time than it takes to brush your teeth in the morning (assuming you brush your teeth in the morning). More importantly, Mr. Correa was able to provide me much needed cash via a Paypal transaction at the booth in order to get his fine sketches signed. Talk about a jack-of-all-trades! J D Correa can be found on Facebook and via email at


Artist 2

No, you’re not seeing double, and yes, I’ll stop putting myself in every photo twice.


DSC01627 (Large)

Is there anything that goes together better than pizza and spoons? Ok, bad example…


Despite its diminutive size and run-time, Yestercon proved to be right up the Outlaw’s nostalgia-lined ally. With iconic franchises getting the often unnecessary and unwanted makeover treatment from Hollywood lately, it’s nice to know there’s a new convention in town that honors the oldies but goodies. Yestercon is evidence that yesterday isn’t just the new today, it will also always be the new tomorrow.


More Photo-Based Vintageness from YESTERCON 2015:


Sorry guys, if there are two things I don’t give rides to, it’s clowns and undocumented ghosts.



Who needs a reboot when you can buy toys from 30 years ago at 30 times the price?



I used to have both of these tracks; and to think, I could have put a down-payment on a home today if I had hung on to them.



Who needs China when you can visit the Great Wall of Carson.



Some vintage TMNT art that my eyes loved but my wallet didn’t.



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