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EVENT: WonderCon 2016 Goes Hollywood & Cosplayers are the Stars

DSC03246 (Large)

Pfft, Richonne who? I present to you, Geechonne.


Good ol’ WonderCon, the well-travelled comic convention has seen the inside of more convention centers than Rick Grimes has seen the inside of, well… insides.

Organized by Comic-Con International – the same company responsible for putting on the Mardi-Gras of geek gatherings known as San Diego Comic-Con – Wondercon was originally held in the San Francisco Bay area from 1987 to 2011. Due to its home base of the Moscone Center requiring renovation, the wonderful show hit the road and parked itself across the street from the wonderful world of Disney for the following four years. The facility remodeling bug hit SDCC’s little sibling once more as this year’s event moved back north (slightly) to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

WonderCon is scheduled to go back to the happiest county on earth for 2017, but given its track record, anything could happen. What is apparent however is LA’s desire for a huge entertainment convention. After losing out on their bid to steal Comic-Con from San Diego, the city settled for CCI’s second in command.  I’ve got a gut – not a six pack – feeling Hollywood has a little something to do with that push. And why not, there is of course something to be said for the convenience and cost savings of promoting one’s wares right around the corner from studio HQ and the home base to many of the celebrities that attend.


DSC03187 (Large)

Fortunately for me, these two droids found the transportation they were looking for on the trip up from Anaheim.


As I’ve come to realize however, the real stars of comic-con aren’t the A-List talents most of whom in attendance can’t even afford to get within a football field’s distance from. On the contrary, some of the most artistically endowed folks at these pop culture jamborees are the attendees themselves, aka cosplayers. 2016 marked my fifth year covering this wondrous show and it still never ceases to amaze me some of the costumes fellow patrons have fashioned for themselves, often times eclipsing the actual duds displayed on screen.

It goes without saying, not only has the turnout grown with each passing year, but the skill level and dedication of those whom craft their own outfits has grown exponentially as well.

As someone more famous than I once said, a photo speaks a thousand words, so I’ll put the brakes on the babbling, and let the pictures I captured from this year’s shindig do the rest of the talking.



DSC03182 (Large)

The first Sonic I’ve ever wanted to put a ring on.

Cosplayer – Amber Skies


DSC03183 (Large)

The Force and supply of laundry bleach is strong with this one.

Cosplayer – Amber Skies


DSC03190 (Large)

As you can see, if it wasn’t nailed down, these little guys were taking it.

Cosplay – IE Squad Jawas


DSC03207 (Large)

Note to self: Never mess with a police officer during the zombie apocalypse.

Cosplay – Emmalee (Beth with Lolly)

DSC03260 (Large)

Now that I’ve crossed that off my bucket list…

Cosplay = Gregarious Geek


DSC03185 (Large)

“We came, we saw, we posed for 30 minutes worth of photos!”

Cosplay = Southland Ghostbusters


DSC03259 (Large)

After a full day of walking in boots with spurs, my knees just couldn’t bend as far as Cap’s.

DSC03238 (Large)

Doctor Jones… senior! So spot on, you can just hear the Scottish accent pouring out of the photo.

DSC03248 (Large)

The man who knows nothing standing with Jon Snow and fellow Outlaws Staci Williams (far right), and Outlaw friend Emma.

DSC03222 (Large)

Look who in the world I found! (Of course how can you NOT find someone with that color coat?)

DSC03236 (Large)

Just your friendly neighborhood gargoyle impersonator.

DSC03221 (Large)

Great minds put Lego on their hats.

DSC03218 (Large)

Miles Morales just learned to never trust an Outlaw no matter how many childhood toys he has hanging from his limbs.

DSC03208 (Large)

Hey Disney, I found your next multi-million dollar franchise: “Star Wars Babies”

DSC03216 (Large)

Never dance with the devil in the pale moonlight… unless of course he’s blind and owns a mean pair of fighting sticks.

DSC03204 (Large)

If you can’t kill a walker, just marry one instead.

DSC03212 (Large)

Sometimes underoos alone just don’ cut it.

DSC03200 (Large)

He doesn’t roll on Shabbos, but he does pose for photos on it!

DSC03201 (Large)

I like dinosaurs, hence why I liked Walter Sobchak wife’s Trixie cosplay from Toy Story.

DSC03189 (Large)

I learned wise words from this master sensei. If it takes longer than 30 minutes, your pizza is free.

DSC03196 (Large)

The first time I took a photo with someone AND got a nice tan at the same time.

DSC03197 (Large)

If it’s penance gazing into those beautiful black eye holes, then consider me guilty as charged.


(As always, the Outlaw spent more than his fair share of monetary funds supporting the artists. Here are my new babies and their creators.)

DSC03289 (Large)

The art you were looking for: This BB-8 was drawn using only one continuous unbroken line.

DSC03249 (Large)

Mike Hicks presenting the Outlaw with his new one-lined BB-8.

Mike Hicks Art

DSC03286 (Large)

Spidey and Rocketeer, does it get any more classic American geek than this?

DSC03241 (Large)

My Pinto scored not one, but two hits to the Outlaw’s wallet with these beautiful prints.

The Art of Pinto!


DSC03280 (Large)

King of the Hill and Batman 66; like peanut butter and chocolate jelly… it was too sweet to pass up.

DSC03281 (Large)

The Propane Awakens as this signed Joel Adams print will be among many amazing prizes in an upcoming Outlaw Rewards contest.

DSC03264 (Large)

Joel Adams was the character designer for Fox’s Texas-sized hit, King of the Hill. Yup.

Joel Adams DSG


DSC03283 (Large)

Keep your eyes peel as this little gem will be up for grabs in an upcoming Outlaw Rewards contest.

DSC03251 (Large)

Sadly, the Outlaw lost this gentleman’s info somehow, but apparently his web address is something something




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