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EVENT: WonderCon 2015 Brings Out the Dead Before Heading to LA in 2016

The man. The myth. The undead legend.


Those who have attended any size comic convention will tell you the experience is akin to one’s childhood coming back from the dead. With an abundance of vibrantly colored comics, games, toys and scantily-clad costume wearers, the entire experience is like being a kid in a giant candy shop where many of the treats would require a fourth mortgage on one’s dwelling, and WonderCon is no exception. Even some of the most veteran convention goers might tell you today’s modern conventions are a shock to the senses and the wallet.

In some cases, the over-stimulation and over-purchasing of pop culture-centric fare has led to more than a few convention hangovers. Word to the nerd-wise, try to bring only a set amount of cash with you and budget sensibly. I’ve learned the hard way there are far more Ghostbusters collectibles than my bank account and credit cards can handle before suffering a gruesome demise.


DSC00603 (Large)

They might be a bit overkill, but I have recently been in the market for a new mountain bike helmet…


Speaking of gruesome deaths, let’s segue into the related topic of having an enjoyable convention experience without breaking the bank. This can be achieved by attending one of the many panels and meet-and-greets set up with some of the industry’s most recognized players. With conventions allowing unprecedented access to interact with one’s favorite artists and celebrities, some of the best memories come from a brief encounter rather than a monetary transaction. (Especially the tall blond Australian encounters.)


I don’t take pictures with talented Australian actresses often, but when I do, it’s with Gigi Edgley from Farscape.

 Twitter = @GigiEdgley


One of those moments occurred for this Outlaw on the way back from a Falling Skies press roundtable (which was also an amazing experience that will be getting its own post shortly). While moseying my way by The Walking Dead merchandise booth, I happened to notice the franchise’s most recognizable bearded figure speaking casually with one of the booth employees. After taking a few steps forward and noticing there was a small crowd beginning to form, I confirmed that, indeed, the towering figure was none other than The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman. (Ok, the franchise’s second most recognizable bearded figure.)

The get-together wasn’t a long one as the crowd multiplied like water had just been dumped on them, however I able to sneak in a photo with the writer / creator / executive producer of the world’s most popular comic book / television series in a matter of seconds. Mr. Kirkman was extremely gracious and the entire encounter could be described as running into a friendly acquaintance on the street. An extremely talented and world-renowned acquaintance… but an acquaintance no less.


DSC00553 (Large)

Could the next zombie spin-off be The Walking Outlaw? I’m guessing the odds are somewhere between never and not as long as humans roam the earth.

 Twitter = @RobertKirkman


Outside of that, the Outlaw spent much of his time behind his very first WonderCon booth, which happened to fall into his lap at the last minute, literally. Thanks to the sheer size of WonderCon – which appears to have increased in size once more – the turnout to Geek Outlaw’s booth was unprecedented. Not only did many new Outlaws join the ranks (suckers), but more than a few novice members of the community stopped by to say hi and patronize the Outlaw’s short story, Podthingy swag, and other fine wares.

I would also suffer a severe lashing of the not-so-pleasant kind – and yes there are good kinds – if I failed to give major props to my first deputy Outlaw booth helper, Tamber. She donned her own similar version of the Outlaw attire and was responsible for getting traffic to the booth while also holding down the fort when my bladder was viciously yelling from within.


DSC00568 (Large)

And then, there were two.


After all was said and done, while I was convinced my feet were no longer attached to my earthly being by the end of the weekend, I can say without hesitation that WonderCon 2015 was a success on many levels.

Keeping with the deathly theme of this post, it should also be noted that it was announced – in what seemed like only minutes after the show ended – that WonderCon would be passing on from Anaheim to Los Angeles for the 2016 calendar year. The contract is for one year only, so whether or not this is a long-term move remains to be seen. The selfish part of me (which is undoubtedly sending all of the parts of me to hell) is smiling a bit on the inside, seeing as the Los Angeles Convention Center resides a good 60 minutes closer to my residence. My wallet is doing jumping jacks as I type.

DSC00565 (Large)

Au Revoir Anaheim. You will be missed… for as long as it takes me to get to my car door.


With the words out of the way, I now hereby pronounce this post officially open to all of the other sights and CosPlay of the show.

Thank you again to all my fellow Outlaws and to all of my new community members: Welcome to the Wild Wild Geek Fest!


The CosPlay

DSC00581 (Large)

Why do I remember Rocket being much shorter and a lot less attractive?

DSC00594 (Large)

Live long and steampunk.

I found the only two people on the planet who still check the time on their watches instead of their smartphones.

Indiana Jones villains… why’d it have to be Indiana Jones villains?

DSC00591 (Large)

Someone’s cranky because he didn’t get Chris Pratt’s autograph on set.

Not the Easter bunny, but good enough for government work.


DSC00586 (Large)

If you’re wearing a proton pack, chances are we’re already friends.

DSC00577 (Large)

Note to self: Never get close to oddly smiling individuals who grip barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bats.

DSC00592 (Large)

Blayne? Is that you?

DSC00575 (Large)

“That’s not a knife! This is a… nope, never mind. That is an enormous knife.”

DSC00572 (Large)

How to make a cameraman nervous: Point an unlicensed nuclear accelerator in their general vicinity.

DSC00563 (Large)

Absolutely authentic – right down to the fact that he didn’t talk .

DSC00561 (Large)

Before anyone says anything, I wasn’t pointing at his butt. (Not that there is anything WRONG with that.)

DSC00519 (Large)

A little part of me was hoping this was Ryan Reynolds, but mainly I was hoping he had some chimichangas on him for lunch.

DSC00521 (Large)

Somewhere in a galaxy far far away, Geek Outlaw will have his head handed to him on a platter by Vader Dude.

I gave him swag, he gave me nightmares.

Always nice to meet fans hairier than myself (although just barely).

DSC00522 (Large)

Is it just me, or are we going to have to cut back on Groot’s fertilizer?

DSC00525 (Large)

Entertainment Earth co-worker Caitlin and her band of merry CosPlayers stopped by to block the aisle with the Outlaw.

DSC00505 (Large)

Riddle me this… name the Outlaw who is having severe envy issues after re-viewing this photo.

Apparently our moms never told us it was rude to point.

DSC00530 (Large)

Looks like someone didn’t get the sunglasses memo.

DSC00548 (Large)

When you’re near Disneyland, some dreams do come true.

The Outlaw with the one and only Samuel… M. Smith from Nostromo Effects (

DSC00510 (Large)

The Outlaw was enamored with all Seven foot Nine of this lovely Star Trek beauty.

DSC00516 (Large)

And these guys care like nobody else.

I’m so bad with names, he’d be lucky if I said it once.

DSC00556 (Large)

These days it’s just common courtesy to take a photo with a young lady in a Ghostbusters jumpsuit.



The Writer, The Artist, and The Reality Nerd

DSC00570 (Large)

Published Author & Outlaw supporter Alan Kistler posing with the book containing Outlaw’s first piece of published work.

Twitter = @SizzlerKistler


DSC00600 (Large)

My one and only purchase from the convention, courtesy of Ivan Fuentes from…

DSC00602 (Large)

…Outlaw Comics! Seriously, what are the odds?!

Email =


DSC00503 (Large)

Second to the crown on the 3rd season of King of the Nerds, Ben Tully. (Usually third is the nerd, but for KOTN… they all were.)

Twitter = @DeepSeaSith



The Fellow Outlaws


Like Father, Like Son: David Baxter (The Hound) has passed on the cosplay genes to his son, Max (Carl Grimes), complete with pudding.

Facebook = Larger Than Life Cosplay


DSC00584 (Large)

You might remember this lovely young lady as one of the blonde nuns from the 2015 Long Beach Comic Expo. How quickly they grow up!

The family that practices magic together, casts spells on the Outlaw together.  Pictured: Fellow Outlaw Anthony Serena (Hagrid) and family.

Another fellow Outlaw whose dress code is up to par.

DSC00527 (Large)

Fellow Outlaw and adult beverage connoisseur, Staci Williams, finally getting her chance to laugh at the Outlaw out loud and in person.



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