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EVENT: “We’re Going Back” Celebrates Back to the Future with Once in a Timeline Event

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“Anyone got the time around here?” (The Outlaw with Outlaw Sr.)


Time travel. It’s the one mode of tourism that upright Neanderthals have yet to conquer, but the one we would love to do most. Think about it, who hasn’t wanted to go back in time to do something differently or make call a redo on a decision made many years ago. (In my case, that might require multiple trips.) The concept of turning back the clock to right wrongs or zipping to the future to get a taste of all the amazing advancements we may miss out on, has always been a part of our popular culture in one form or another.



“So let’s say I want to go back to prom night…”


Chalk it up to human beings – myself included, arguably – being a naturally curious species. As much as many of us try to deny it – again, myself included – we often second guess ourselves and our actions on a regular basis. There have been more than a few occasions I’ve asked myself ‘what if’ at some point during my lifespan. Some examples include, ‘what if’ I never donned the hat and jersey of Geek Outlaw or even more recently, ‘what if’ I ordered the oatmeal this morning over the chipotle sausage breakfast burrito?



If only I could find myself a time machine… (Bonus points if you find Jennifer!)


Oft occurring preponderances like those listed above help to explain the immense popularity of the Back to the Future trilogy. While not the first time travel story ever told, it connects with so many people because at its core, it’s about people. Beyond the few scenes of actual time travel – which still remain the gold-standard for traveling to other periods of the space-time continuum – the series is about family, friendship and doing whatever it takes to make the future better for those we care about.


DSC02125 (Large)

There’s nothing more important than family… until they put there hands on the clock and security is summoned.


For those reasons and more, the original installment of Back to the Future is easily number two in my staple of top films of all-time and by far my favorite trilogy to grace the big (or little) screen. Of course you knew that seeing as I have stated that info (ad-nauseam) in every other post and on social media. My deep – and arguably unwholesome – love for the franchise is ultimately what garnered my interest in a recently held fan-fest titled, “We’re Going Back”. The event was put together in order to celebrate the pop-culture phenomenon of the trilogy with a 5-day extravaganza of activities in honor of humanity reaching the calendar date October 21st 2015, the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown first travel to the future in the second film. It was a close one, but we eventually made it folks… albeit barely.



Having remembered seeing the film in theaters back in 1985, this logo made me me feel very old.


Some of the more noteworthy events included screenings of all three films at outdoor venues, filming location tours, opportunities to ride hoverboards and DeLoreans, exclusive Universal Studios Hollywood backlot visits, premiere screenings for the new Back in Time documentary as well as meet-and-greets with some of the more prominent actors.

Due to other pre-scheduled commitments (aka a full-time job), the Outlaw was only able to attend two of the five days. Fortunately, based on the festivity agenda, I feel like I hit the best two. The following is a breakdown of what I was able to experience, and only a fraction of what “We’re Going Back” had to offer.


(Photos & Video)


“Look ma, no doors!”


If you’ve never ridden in a DeLorean on railroad tracks, your life is incomplete to say the least. Thanks to Terry and Oliver Holler of Michael J. Fox’s Team Fox charitable foundation, I can die a happy geek. In a feat of ingenuity only witnessed on the silver screen, the Oliver’s converted their own self-modified DeLorean Time Machine into the rail-riding version seen in Back to the Future. However this one didn’t need to be pushed by an engine car, it moved under its own power!


Delorean and hoverboard

I’m sure no one will mind of I just leave this right here.



For a donation to Fox’s charity, Oliver gave rides in the iconic vehicle as the western theme from Back to the Future III blared from the speakers. He even stopped at two points to take photos replicating actual scenes from the last movie in the trilogy.


Delorean Destroyed

I should have saved 15% or more on car insurance through Geico.

Outlaw & Oliver

Cancer survivor and all around great guy, Oiliver Holler mugs it up with the Outlaw.


It was without question the highlight of my entire tenure at “We’re Going Back” and well worth the $50 charitable donation to Team Fox. (Video Below)
The closest I’ll get to getting pushed into a ravine by a locomotive… hopefully.



(Photos & Video)

DSC02275 (Large)

“Damn, damn! Who parked that huge truck in front of the screen!?”


Runner-up to riding in a railroaded DeLorean was the outdoor viewing of the original Back to the Future in the parking lot of the Puente Hills Mall. So what you ask? I’m glad you asked because for those who aren’t aware, the venerable parking lot was the same exact one used to film the scenes where Marty hops in the time machine to escape the Libians.


DSC02287 (Large)

“Great Scott, I’m not even wearing a watch!”


Speaking of Libians, during the penultimate moment of that scene when Doc Brown first notices the terrorist VW bus enter the lot, one of the organizers of the event, Ken Kapaloski, rushed to the main podium to announce the arrival of actual Libians. Well, Libian cosplayers anyway. Starting behind the packed crowd, the recognizable VW van raced through the parking lot chasing none other than one of the time machine DeLoreans on hand! It was a true geek-gasm moment only made better by the fact it was staged at the precise moment it happen on screen. Regrettably, no one-hour photos were harmed during the recreation.


Art imitating life, while watching the original art.



(Video & Photos)

Oh, and did I mention Christopher Lloyd called in for a live video chat before the screening? Unfortunately, video calls aren’t quite as solid as BTTF II predicted them to be.

Apparently, the future has yet to solve broadband issues for video calls.

DeLorean Dash

There’s not enough plutonium in the world to travel to all the dates I’d want to try to fix a past screw-up.

DSC02285 (Large)

This 1955 Marty showcases his original 1985 jacket.

DSC02271 (Large)

Almost like my regular Doc, but with a very shiny yellow outfit.

DSC02270 (Large)

Terrorists enjoy a good photo session just like the rest of us.

DSC02262 (Large)

And the winner of random costume of the night goes to…

DSC02237 (Large)

Clara trying to figure out where the horses hook up to.

DSC02214 (Large)

Before you jump too excited, I’m only pointing to my hat.

DSC02188 (Large)

Praying that this baby doesn’t do 88 mph in reverse or I’m in some serious trouble.

DSC02199 (Large)

These lights will let people know you are coming… from three states away.

DSC02194 (Large)

Clara wondering how much longer she has to pose with me and the Outlaw wondering how long before he can get her number.

DSC02187 (Large)

The flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible. The alarm clock is what makes people wish they had another 4 hours of sleep.

Tyler Dunivan looks and sounds so much like Marty McFly, you’ll wonder if he’s really Fox’s long lost son.

DSC02179 (Large)

A fellow Outlaw and Southland Ghostbuster showing off his best watch check. (I’ll work with him on it.)

DSC02160 (Large)

Doc Brown and Future Biff wondering what year the movie will actually start.

DSC02146 (Large)

Better… but still needs more work.

DSC02153 (Large)

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How many gull wing doors does it take to fill an entire mall parking lot?

DSC02147 (Large)

This damn car has been parked here for 30 years. Where’s parking enforcement when you need them?

DSC02143 (Large)

The only event you’ll see more people look at their watches than their smartphones.

DSC02127 (Large)

This fellow Outlaw was sporting sneakers that were truly “heavy”.


The Outlaw invaded Hill Valley (aka Filmore, CA.) on October 22, 2015.


Quick, what’s the number for 911?!


A “Future” car from the alternate 2015 of Back to the Future II.


If it weren’t for the thin pink ribbon of security, I would have rode off with this beauty in a heartbeat.


This gentleman must be taking a photo of the drool I left on the front passenger side window.


Looks like someone in the back is grumpy he missed out on the hoverboard handout.


Did I mention I got to ride in a DeLorean ON train tracks no less? Just in case I forgot…





Unfortunately, classic theaters like this one weren’t made for long fancy words like “Documentary”.


Outlaw Sr. and his boy wondering if there is enough time to use the bathroom before the movie begins.


A packed theater with nothing but time on their hands as they wait for the premiere of “Back in Time”.


Also available on Blu-Ray and DVD at your local online outlet or wherever physical media is still sold.


We’re Going Back” was an incredible undertaking and it also came with an incredible price tag to boot. At close to $900 for the complete 5-day pass and $200 – $300 for a day only ticket, the event was not for the faint of wallet. Even though meals were included, the price of admission didn’t include travel expenses. Based on the large amount of British accents and German conversations I interacted with on both days, the final price tag for many undoubtedly landed further north. Luckily for this Outlaw, being local and press had its benefits.

Nevertheless, based on the two days alone of which I covered, I can only assume many of those whom invested their time and money to attend the festivities got their money’s worth.  Considering October 21st , 2015 only comes around once every timeline, the next opportunity anyone may be able to experience something similar will probably have to wait until time-travel allows us to come back and visit this exact week of our known timeline. Not too shabby for an event 30 years in the making.


Bumper BTTF

The future is what you make of it, so…



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