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INTERVIEW: The Skies are Falling as Geek Outlaw chats with Doug Jones, Sarah Carter, Drew Roy & Colin Cunningham at WonderCon 2015

Collage FS WC 2015

Normally taking a photo with the Outlaw is defined as “career suicide,” but since this is the last season of Falling Skies, they took the risk.


With each passing year I ascend the dreaded age ladder, I find myself becoming pickier and exponentially grumpier with the entertainment offerings doled out by my picture box. If you just got a mental image of the Outlaw sitting in his tighty-whities rocking in a chair smoking a 40-pound pipe while shaking his fist at the lousy programming to get off his boob tube, then mission accomplished.

Seriously though, you’d think that with more channel and online media watching options to choose from than the amount of women Gene Simmons has claimed to have slept with, you’d think I could easily find something good to watch on TV. Let me be clear, I’m not specifically calling out the amount of quality programming in general, just the amount of quality programming that appeals to my incredibly odd sensibilities.


DSC00541 (Large)

I’ve noticed that I have this weird thing for apocalypse survivors that go by the name of Maggie. Go figure.


Enter Falling Skies. As a fan of earthly-bound alien invasion type faire (The X-Files being my favorite series of all-time for those who didn’t catch my Outlaw headgear), there have been many a show that have come and gone so quickly since the ground-breaking series, just blinking would have assured that you missed them by a country mile. Unfortunately, it’s all for the better.


DSC00543 (Large)

Mr. Doug Jones continues to admire (and attempt to snag) the Outlaw’s head wear.


However, with the help of executive producer Steven Spielberg, Falling Skies has proven to be the little alien-engine that could. Partially because of its wholesome family take on the end of the world, but also due to its well-scheduled summer time slot – where Hollywood has devoted most of its efforts towards it’s theater blockbuster theater presence – the aliens vs. humans war series has carved out a nice little niche for itself as it enters its fifth and final season.


DSC00539 (Large)

Like twins separated at birth (except the one on the right got all the talent).


As a now-established member of WonderCon press – why, I’m still trying to figure out – I had the chance to flash my prestigious paper press pass (say that 10x fast) which allowed me entry to a special roundtable with Falling Skies cast members Doug Jones (Cochise), Sarah Carter (Maggie), Drew Roy (Hal), and Colin Cunningham (Pope). My time with each was limited, but the gracious stars of the series proved less was more as they responded to all questions with genuine and in-depth answers.  While most of my friendly press cohorts seemed to ask specific questions as to the outcome of the final season which yielded the obvious “of course I can’t answer that” retort, the Outlaw tried to sneak in some deeper, more thought-provoking inquiries of the veteran actors. Check out my quick video clips below for these intriguing exchanges.


DSC00540 (Large)

Any guy that gets to make a living out of kissing Sarah Carter is A-okay in my book.


Falling Skies returns for its fifth and final season on TNT, Sunday, June 28 at 10pm EST.  I, for one, can’t wait to see how this alien-invading apocalyptic family-centric show plays out. It may not be The X-Files, but the “truth” is, it never was meant to be and that’s fine by me.


The Outlaw chats it up with Doug Jones, the man behind Cochise; literally.


Colin Cunningham (Falling Skies resident bad-boy John Pope) and the Outlaw banter about the apocalypse and aliens.


Sarah Carter (Maggie) and Drew Roy (Hal) talk couple nicknames and the apocalypse with the Outlaw.



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