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EVENT: The Outlaw’s ECTO-100 Rides Again (For the First Time) at Car D’Lane 2018

The family that busts together, stays together.

(Before I begin, I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to the Spokane Ghostbusters very own Neil Frohlich for some of the top notch photos provided in this blog.)


If you find this post’s title confusing, you aren’t alone seeing I too am perplexed by the exact words I chose. Nevertheless, as is the case with most of my writing, laziness won the day.

An explanation is still needed however, so I will do my best. As many of you may remember, last year at roughly the same time, I unveiled an automotive project I’d been working on for over a year. When I say working on, I mean paying several people to put the pieces together. (Hey now, I lost a lot of sleep and hair worrying if it would be completed by show time in 2017.)


“You can’t park that here!”


The aforementioned project was none other than the Ecto-100, a Ford F-100 turned quasi-replica of the Ecto-1 vehicle loosely based on the 1959 Cadillac Hearse from the original Ghostbusters film of 1984. (Side note: The fact I now have to specifically state “original Ghostbusters from 1984” grinds my proverbial geek grits, but that’s a rant for another post which you can read here and here.)


Baby got rack.


Back in the summer of 2017, my goal was to have the Ecto-100 up and running for the Coeur d’Alene’s world famous classic car parade and show known, cutely enough, as Car d’Alene. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that taking apart a 60-year-old vehicle piece by piece and then trying to reassemble it, isn’t exactly akin to snapping LEGO bricks together. (Classic car enthusiasts and grease monkeys will be most sympathetic.)


“Everyone can relax, I found the car!”


Inevitably, the truck’s stubbornness could not be overcome by neon green energy drinks and lack of sleep. The Ecto-100 missed the parade, and barely made it to the show the following morning. I say barely made it because for all intents and purposes, it really wasn’t ‘part’ of the show. Unless you think being an intercontinental flight away from the main festivities being ‘part’ of the event.

Hindsight being 20-20 however, it all worked out for the best. The Ecto-100 was only about 70% done, and just not ready for prime time. Inevitably, most patrons overlooked the truck’s shortcomings thanks in large part to the light and sound show put on by the Spokane Ghostbusters, who came out in force to help support the Outlaw and his new ride.


If the Ecto-1’s gas tank was accidentally filled with steroids and Viagra, this might truck might provide an example of the side effects.


Fast forward to June 15th, 2018 and it was a whole different story… for the most part. With Mrs. Outlaw decked out in her Venkman jumpsuit and Outlaw pup Kaylee taking on the role of Slimer, the Outlaw family was ready to roll. Also, despite some more last minute additions and another late night put in by my lord and savior (aka Sean of War Machine Customs), the Ecto-100 wasn’t just ready for the parade, she was ready for her close-up.


Take a quick tour around the Outlaws Ecto-100 V2.0 (Now with lights and sounds!)


The ensuing video and photos should provide the evidence the Ecto-100’s true maiden voyage was a resounding success. To quote an infamous paranormal investigator, “the kids loved us.” Seeing the absolute Ecto-eating smiles on their faces as we let them turn on the siren was worth the organs and promissory note of my first born I had to sell off in order to make this replica a reality. Don’t get me wrong though, the adults (aka big kids at heart) also loved the vintage truck take on the nostalgic movie car.


Mrs. Venkman… err, Outlaw and Kaylee hamming it up for the classic car show crowd.


Not surprisingly, the highlight of the show and the parade was none other than Kaylee in her little green Slimer costume. The Ecto-100 was the lure, but the pup-ghost cosplay reeled them in (And my beautiful Venkman stand-in didn’t hurt either.)


A face only a mother could slime.


In the end, I learned quite a bit about older cars, paint application, metal and wood working over the last two years during this massive vehicle restoration project. In the end, what was the most important lesson I took away from the experience?

You could just buy a cheap go-kart, slap a Ghostbusters logo on it, and dress a wiener dog up in a $10 pet costume from eBay, and still bring a smile to peoples faces. Although, there is something to be said for cruising down the road while blasting the Ghostbusters theme and blaring the iconic Ecto-siren simultaneously. It’s hard to put a price tag on nostalgia.

My bank account would argue otherwise.



The Ecto-100 back where she belongs; on the road.


All the parade with none of the exhaust.





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