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EVENT: The Outlaws and Their Ecto-100 Do Some Bustin’ in Boise for Idaho’s First Annual Wizard World Comic Con

The world’s largest (and most caloric) photo bomb.


Over the course of the last seven years, the Outlaw has traversed the western half of the United States attending comic conventions overflowing with more pop culture nostalgia than Kevin Smith’s Hockey Jersey closet.

From San Diego to Seattle, the Outlaw (and now Mrs. Outlaw) have experienced a multitude of firsts, in turn reaching critical entertainment sensory overload on more than a few occasions. Our bank account, unfortunately, has suffered the opposite effect thanks to all of the amazing creators who frequent the events.


Here lie the Avengers… at only $10 per bottle. (Available via Timeless Treasures @


Just when we thought there were no more firsts to cover, along came Wizard World to prove us wrong. In addition to holding it’s first event in Boise, ID this past weekend, it was the very first convention the Outlaws’ Ecto-100 was also requested to attend. If that wasn’t incentive enough, the Boise show also marked the first comic con to promote Ghostbusters Fan Fest. The fan fest is a year long celebration leading up to the 35th Anniversary Ghostbusters only event being held on June 8th, 2019 at the Sony Pictures Studio lot. As far as no-brainers go, this one seemed to check every box on the list.


Who ya gonna haul? (See what I did there?)


Despite a mind-numbing 9 hour drive which would require a supply of coffee that would make Starbucks executives’ eyes light-up with dollar signs, we decided to take the trip south to the capital of our new home state.

An entire night of driving, a dented tailgate, severe muscle damage, and a tow truck visit later, the Outlaw family and our Ecto-100 made its debut at the brand spanking new Boise Centre in downtown Boise.


There’s nothing more American than stopping to get a midnight snack at a 24-hour truck stop diner with a 1959 Ford F-100 converted into a Ghostbusters Ectomobile.


Unfortunately, due to the limited size of the convention center, we had to setup shop outside in the throws of a blistering summer heat which would require Lucifer to jump in a vat of ice cubes. Nevertheless, the good news was, we were able to cook our own eggs without any utensils via the sidewalk. We also had a permanent companion as well. A 40’ tall companion.


These two go together like peanut butter and marshmallow.


All things considered, for a first year convention, Wizard World’s Boise event seemed to go off without a hitch. At least we assume so since a date was announced for next year well before the weekend ended. Furthermore, we met hundreds of friendly fellow geeks, and managed to do some serious damage to our credit cards… err, support some extremely talented artists. (See photos below!)

More importantly, the Ecto-100 survived its convention debut. It’s owners, well, that’s another blog post for another day. Maybe once we’ve officially recovered in the next month or seven.

That little lady with the unlicensed nuclear accelerator on her back in the lower left corner taking down Mr. Stay Puft, is none other than Mrs. Outlaw herself.

“No one steps on a convention in my town!”



For all the fans who thought Carl was just Rick’s puppet the entire series, I’ll leave this here.

The Outlaw stuck between a planet and a hard place.

A preview of what a potential Disney / Sony Pictures merger might look like. “You’re welcome!”

My only hope was that this model of Optimus Prime included air conditioning as standard equipment.

This gentleman’s Star Trek costume was right on target… unfortunately for him.




The Outlaw showing off his new prized possession; a signed print from Ghostbusters IDW comic book artist, Dan Schoening.

IDW artist Dan Schoening, taking a moment from his art to check out the art that is the Ecto-100.

Twitter: @Dapperpomade



One of the seven (yes, seven) prints purchased from the very talented Graffik Artillery.




The print was out there, and now it’s in my hands thanks to




Art that is all about transparency.. literally.

Instagram: @ProulxRyan



Russ Richards doing what he does best; getting the Outlaw to buy more Dinobot art from him!

I’m convinced that artist Russ Richards could take a photo in front of a cemetery, and still look like the happiest man alive.



These are a few of my favorite things. (Unfortunately, keeping track of artist information is not high on my skill set, so I will add that once I’ve found it.)


If there’s something strange in your convention center…




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