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EVENT: Geek Outlaw Marches out of 2015 Alongside Ernie Hudson in the 64th Annual Downey Christmas Parade


“This job definitely isn’t worth eleven-five a year!”


Believe it or not, thanks to a clinically abnormal love of Ghostbusters, the Outlaw has been blessed to participate in some amazing pop culture events that have allowed me to meet the stars of the X-Files and party with iconic characters from Revenge of the Nerds. Even with all of that under toy-entrenched belt, nothing could have prepared me – or my underwear – for the opportunity to march alongside veteran actor and original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore) in the 64th Annual Downey Christmas Parade. The holiday themed stroll was held in (you guessed it) Downey, California this past December 6th.



Downey parade Grand Marshal Ernie Hudson getting a traffic and ectoplasm update live on the route.


Hell, I even proceeded to soil my undergarments when one of Ernie’s handlers reached out to me via Facebook to deliver the invite personally. I’m fairly certain my approximate response was somewhere along the lines of, “If you’re offering me the chance to participate in a parade with an actor from my favorite film of all-time, I’ll march anywhere you want.”


Downey Parade 1

Obviously Ernie attended the Patrick Stewart School of Aging.


First off, it should be noted that being asked to walk in a holiday parade alone is an honor onto itself. Being asked to do so alongside someone whom acted in a franchise that has had an immensely positive impact on my life is near impossible to put into words (even for a blabber mouth like me.)


DSC01348 (Large)

I just found the first two employees for my new locksmith business.


It’s precisely why I’m going to let the photos and video of this blog do most of the talking. As much of an out-of-body experience it was being led by the Ecto-1 as I walked alongside one of my childhood Hollywood heroes during a Ghostbusters-themed holiday parade, it was what happened right before my boots started their mile-long trek through Downey that really left the lasting impression.


Catch the Outlaw Moseying behind the Ecto-1 towards the last minute of this video.
(Ernie is in the convertible.)


As the age-defying Mr. Hudson graciously visited and took pre-parade photos with the Southern California and Southland Ghostbusters charity cosplay organizations, his PR handler John also came over to introduce himself in the flesh. With a genuinely firm handshake, John proceeded to thank me for all that I do with Geek Outlaw and how much Ernie loved it as well. Yeah I know, it didn’t come straight from the horse’s mouth (nor the horse that pulled Santa’s sleigh in the parade) but the mere prospect Mr. Hudson was aware of Geek Outlaw and – GASP! – enjoyed any aspect of it, turned me into a huge pile of marshmallow goo.


DSC01346 (Large)

Ernie doing a little pre-parade pep-talk with the Outlaw and a gaggle of Ghostbusters.


It goes without saying, the entire experience taught me that if someone asks you if you want to march alongside Ernie Hudson in a parade, you say YES!




DSC01361 (Large)

It’s not a holiday parade without Snoopy or a classic truck, both of which happened to be in one easy location.

DSC01352 (Large)

The Ghostbuters of Southern California getting ready to share their holiday cheer without crossing the streams.

DSC01350 (Large)

“Hey, he pulls the wagon, I write the blog.”

DSC01342 (Large)

Fittingly, if I could kick the bucket in any car, this would be it.

DSC01335 (Large)

The Parade Awoke as this rebellious group also marched to the beat of their own theme along the parade route.


“We came, we saw, we walked one mile!”



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