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EVENT: The Outlaw & His Fiance Follow the Yellow Time Machine Flame Trails to Emerald City Comic Con 2018


Who ya gonna call for all your satirical geek blog needs?


Never in my over 39.99 years on this plant, would I have ever predicted I’d attend an entire 4-day long comic book convention with a fiancé (and my own no less!) Yet, I can proudly proclaim I have accomplished the feat, and more importantly, she is still wearing her engagement ring well after the geek overload that is Emerald City Comic Con.

To add further allure to this story, not only was it her first full fledged comic convention, she dressed up in a different costume petty much every single day. I’m either the luckiest man on the planet, or I’m part of humanity’s most elaborate version of Candid Camera.


Fiance or not, don’t mess with Princess Jeia. (I bet you can guess who wears The Force pants in this family.)


Although at this point, nothing should surprise me seeing as my bride-to-be agreed (per my suggestion) that the theme of our wedding could be based on Back to the Future III. If that’s not love, then it could be some geeky variety of Stockholm Syndrome. Either way, you won’t hear me complaining.

Enough about me and my equally nerdy partner-in-time, you’re here for the goods on Emerald City Comic-Con 2018. Alas, without further ado, feast your eyes (and ears) on some of the best cosplay and art from this year’s event, which is by far the largest gathering of geeks in the Pacific Northwest.





Great Scott! You can’t spell Back to the Future without Christopher Lloyd (Well, you can, but you shouldn’t be able to.)

If having Christopher Lloyd sign your Back to the Future themed wedding invitation that was written as it was from Doc Brown isn’t epic, then I’m not entirely sure what is anymore. (P.S. We also provided him with a version of his own and invited him to the wedding!)

Under Tom Wilson’s amazingly quaffed hair and handsome smile, lies the heart of an onscreen bully. (Aka Biff, Griff and Mad Dog.) P.S. He also received an Outlaw wedding invite.)

The face not even Mad Dog Tannen’s mother could love.


VIDEO: Back to the Future’s Tom Wilson opening up the BTTF Panel with an unforgettable serenade to the fans.

Why don’t you make like a tree and do a standup routine!





It’s good to be the King. (And being the Outlaw has its moments too.)

Always bet on Black. (But never bet on a guy in a hockey jersey with toys strapped to his body.)

Princess Venkman proving she ain’t afraid of no toy!

To ECCC and beyond! (Yeah, yeah, I know. You saw that one coming.)

Why do I get the impression Mr. Stay Puft wasn’t this little guy’s first choice of costumes?

“They’re the best, they’re the beautiful, they’re the only, they’re the original, Ghostbusters.”

I think R2-D2 found the princess mash-up he was looking for.

“They did the mash. They did the Monster Mash. And it was a comic con smash!”

Beauty and the Beast^2.

So many princess mash-ups, so little time.

Separated at Disney birth?

The family that fights class 5 floating apparitions together, stays together.

Even Marty McFly likes warm hugs (unless they are from a younger version of his mom.)

Who would have thought that a nice wholesome family get together would involve picking and eating magical mushrooms.

Timeicus Traveloso!

As long as their are geeks with resources and creativity, Coral will always live on… in the house.

I don’t know who is more scared of who. This little Eleven was either really in character, or really terrified of the Outlaw. (I’m going with the latter.)

Admit it. After Porgs, Ewoks really aren’t all that bad.

I found the droids I was looking for while traveling through the maze of ECCC.

Always willing to help out a little anatomically-correct super A.I. intelligent android in distress.

I said just a little off the sides.

If you ever wanted to know what it would look like if Han and Leia were spliced together…

Beauty and the Beauty.

If this costume making me feel hungry and turned on at the same time is wrong, I want to be right.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think these ladies may be up to no good.

“I’m not dead. In fact, I feel like going for a walk.”





So I might have a bit of a Dinobot obsession / fetish. Just saying. (The other two prints are still in development, or else you would see them here.)

As you’ve probably now concluded, artist Russ Richards made a killing off me.

The man personally responsible for an overwhelming majority my ECCC debt, Mr. Russ Richards.




No comic con trip is complete without spending some time and money on these beautiful metal laser-dot engraved pieces from Geekographs.

Geek-friend, artists, and Outlaw debt collector, Matt of Geekographs metal art.



We found the sad, yet hilarious pop-culture art we were looking for.

SuperEmoFriends artist JSalvador even keeps in his artistic theme when posing for photos. Most impressive.

(Signup for his New KickStarter project at the link above!)


If you were curious as to what I’ll be hanging in the lil’ Outlaws room (once we have one.)

Will Terry showing off his too-cute-for-comprehensible-words art.

WILL TERRY – Children’s Book Illustrator





Further proof everything can fit the mold of Calvin and Hobbes.

The man, the myth, the legend after the legend.


For those who like their Disney characters a tad more villainous.

And the Outlaw’s fiance is one of those people. Princess Outlaw smiling gleefully over her new print from Comfort and Adam.

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Princess Leia doing some gift shopping for her galactic loved ones at artist Sara Talmadge’s booth.

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Princess Jeia seen here again putting a force-choke on her wallet with honest Artist Abe.




If you’re a geekoholic and a chocoholic, then the Truffle Cottage just may be your new weakness.

Plastic? That’s never stopped me before! Who has time to remove the wrapper?



The Outlaw with Geek-Comrad-Arms and No’madd creator, Andrew Kafoury.

Maybe the most gorgeous comic this side of the Mason-Dixon (or at least the Pacific Northwest.)

NO’MADD – The Graphic Novel
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