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EVENT: The Outlaw Adds Another Convention to his Arsenal with the 2014 Long Beach Comic Expo

LBCE Main 740

Time for Hot Nerd Girl to remove the mask of that Outlaw… on second thought, just keep it on.


It seems like only three short months ago Hot Nerd Girl and I traded in our press passes for an exhibitor booth for the very first time at the Los Angeles Sci-Fi and Comic Book Convention (this may have something to do with the fact it actually was just three months ago). Nevertheless, we both enjoyed the experience so much and deemed it such a success, we agreed it was time to take the next step. That step was the Long Beach Comic Expo held this past May 31st – June 1st.

It proved to be a bigger step for a few reasons, the most notable being the Long Beach Expo is a two day convention whereas the LA Sci-Fi Con only spans slightly longer than half a day. In addition, where the LBCE is setup more like a traditional comic-con with panels and a plethora of artists, the LA show is strictly more of a collectibles show for those looking to grab a good deal on a comic or hard to find figure for their 40-Year Old Virgin collection (which is why I fit in there so well.) However, as I mentioned in my coverage of that event, Hot Nerd Girl and I were non-stop busy from start to finish.


“I’m king of the nerds!” No, really… I’m standing with Ivan and Xavier from the TBS reality show King of the Nerds (Seasons 1 & 2 respectively.)


Despite only having one other show under our blogger belts, both my NerdBff and I looked like we were seasoned veterans of the circuit (well, at least she did anyway!) Minus the unfortunate shape of the hall itself which prevented us from meeting a larger percentage of the crowd than we would have liked, the entire weekend went off without a hitch. It was great to see some fellow outlaws in attendance (part of the ConFam as Hot Nerd Girl has lovingly labeled them) and it was an absolute pleasure to meet and greet with some new members of the Outlaw community as well. That is assuming they haven’t already unsubscribed before this post goes live (but would you blame them?).


DSC00216 (Large)

Getting steamy with fellow “Punks” and Outlaws: Capt. Seekerman, Madame Keesheau and their friend Kyle who suspiciously looks like he’s about to throw me a left hook.


With that, I will now turn the reigns of this blog over to the images and keep the words to a minimum—which I try to keep par for the course for my convention coverage.  Scroll down and enjoy… only if you’re into that kind of thing of course.



With all of the amazing art on display at comic-conventions these days, it’s near impossible to prevent my wallet from flying out of my pants to expel its contents onto the laps of a few brilliant artists.  This show was no exception as witnessed below.

“No one calls me yellow… except when I’m in Springfield! Doh!”


Mike Morris (The Simpsons animator for the past 8 years) is the man responsible for sketching me as my favorite ‘toon… ever. WooHoo!



DSC00252 (Large)

This sketch of my all-time favorite retro-hero was done in less than 30 minutes…

DSC00223 (Large)

… by this guy who goes by Rocom (who also happens to be a musician AND producer).


DSC00189 (Large)

“Big” thanks to Broken Trinity Secrets of the Orb author Kaleigh Kailani for making the Outlaw feel like he could play in the NBA.



Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s technically called cosplay, but that word still deeply disturbs me for some odd reason.  However, it doesn’t mean the costumes and their creators do.  Scroll down even further to witness all the amazing costumes on parade at the expo.

Just like the real thing… but with smaller dragons.

DSC00246 (Large)

Speaking of dragons, this little guy was extremely lifelike. He actually moved and burned 3 of my fingers off for getting too close to his mother.

An Outlaw bowing to his Khaleesi. Well, not TECHNICALLY his…

DSC00247 (Large)

… it was HIS Khaleesi. Seeing as how he was dressed like a certain assassin, I decided pictures would suffice.

DSC00192 (Large)

… and I tried my hand with another Khaleesi, literally. If you don’t succeed, kneel and kneel again.

DSC00208 (Large)

“There is no Hayden, only Outlaw.” (Huge thanks to the Southland Ghostbusters and the very sexy Zuul for taking the time to pose with the man behind the jersey.)

We were actually aiming for each other. (Get it?)

DSC00187 (Large)

Watch where you’re pointing that thing. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a bandana.

Hey, don’t blame Microsoft… they had to get him into smartphones somehow.

The Dude goes to the Dark Side and brings Tank Girl, some White Russians and an extremely white Geek Outlaw with him.



Insert your “green with envy” joke here:

DSC00203 (Large)

Just a couple of cowboy hat wearin’ Outlaws hanging out talking about stuff… and things.

It’s a robot… and a chicken… and it’s playing poker!

DSC00241 (Large)

Like she was peeled straight from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man issue #601. I’m pretty sure I forgot where I was for at least an hour following this.

DSC00236 (Large)

Now if Bay went this direction with Shredder, I’d already have my tickets in hand for his take on the turtle power.

DSC00235 (Large)

As always, the Outlaw is a cut above the rest. (Come ON, it’s funny!)

DSC00229 (Large)

Getting catty with Selina and Bruce (who had technical difficulties with his always incredible Dark Knight threads.)

DSC00197 (Large)

It’s not often you get a chance to get a picture with Glenn right before he’s about to hit an Outlaw outta the park.

This guy was so fast, he had a Geek Outlaw sticker on him before I could register his email for the site!

Not as incredibly smoking hot as the first Shredder, but a dead ringer from the 80’s ‘toon that stole away half my childhood and toy allowance.



The following individuals weren’t in any special costumes, but they still deserve honorable mention for making the Outlaw appreciate the important things in life.

Not only was this gentlemen wearing a sweet tee, he served our country admirably overseas in several tours of duty with the US Marine Corps. Thank you again for your service, fellow Outlaw.


DSC00220 (Large)

This young western-loving gentleman–who unfortunately suffers from a physical disability–receives the title of “First ever purchaser of the Geek Outlaw Howdy PartnerD bandana” award.

Wear it proudly, my fellow Outlaw!






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