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EVENT: The 2013 Long Beach Comic & Horror-Con is Scary Good Holiday Fun

DSC00912 (Large)

Why do I have the feeling I’m not going to like the gift I get from most of these guys?

(Above: The crew from Pieced Together Cosplay.)


“Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” Those classic lyrics mirror my own sentiments on how I’m starting to feel as I quickly approach the tail end of my second year traveling the west coast comic convention circuit. Familiar faces were abound as Hot Nerd Girl and I recently attended the 5th annual Long Beach Comic and Horror Con down in none other than Long Beach, CA.


DSC00884 (Large)

“We’re too geek for our shirts…as we do our little pose on the catwalk.”


The trip to the LBC (as the cool kids call it) marked my second consecutive visit to the geek fest, and for those that read my review of the 2012 gala, may remember it was also one of my favorite conventions to attend based on the smaller size that allowed for a more comfortable and intimate experience with the artists and vendors. Using my somewhat limited powers of deduction, I’ve noticed with most cons that I’ve attended from one year to the next, have all grown significantly. The only possible exception might be the SDCC, which is so enormous already, it may start requiring a month tenure per year at the San Diego convention center.


Growth wise, this year’s Long Beach event also grew in size, but not overwhelmingly so. There were definitely more booths, and as a result the floor was definitely opened up to accommodate. That being said, the space was allocated in such a way where things still felt roomy and aisle ways were easy to navigate (which can be problematic when you have full-fledged Transformers and Storm Troopers roaming the walkways as well. ) Attendance seemed more robust as well, as all the pathways seemed to maintain plenty of traffic despite the larger room.


DSC00855 (Large)

New Outlaw attitude, same lousy aim.


In another turn of events, this was the first somewhat show local show – not counting San Diego – where I made the hour-long drive in my truck for both days of the event. I made the trek twice (see what I did there) because I really wanted to attend the writers panel being hosted by friend and Geddy’s Moon author, John Mulhall.


DSC00932 (Large)

Let’s give a big hand to Geek Outlaw who spent a paycheck’s worth of gas money to be here and film this today.”

(From left to right: John Mulhall, Nancy Holder, Joshua Silverman and John Palisano.)


It was well worth the second hour long trip to the convention center as the panel proved very informational and I ended up meeting some great new individuals as a result. The oil companies also benefited from the second trip in my 15mpg truck, so it was a win-win for all.


The Future of Fiction Panel hosted by John Mulhall – (Part 1)


The Future of Fiction Panel hosted by John Mulhall – (Part 2)


As is the norm, the highlight of these cons is not my incessant mumbling about the size and scope of the event, but the visuals of the geeks that filled it. I will conveniently use that last sentence as a transition to share with you all of the creative cosplay and incredible art that drained my wallet by weekend’s end.


The Players:

DSC00938 (Large)

Because one good Loki dip…

DSC00940 (Large)

… deserves another.

DSC00804 (Large)

Just a couple of Outlaws posing for the ladies.

DSC00937 (Large)

I guess I didn’t get the memo, blue is the new black.

DSC00933 (Large)

A face only a mother can love.
(And yes, I was referring to myself.)

DSC00923 (Large)

The truth is out there… and it’s that blue is also the new green

DSC00920 (Large)

I’m not sure what’s sharper, Logan’s claws or the creases in his bicep.

DSC00918 (Large)

“I think I will call him mini-green.”

DSC00914 (Large)

Welcome to Obamacare!

DSC00805 (Large)

There are two amazing things about this picture.
(Hot Nerd Girl and Geek Outlaw are not either of them.)

(Above: That lovely cosplay hero in white is none other than VegasPG.)



DSC00806 (Large)

“Older gentleman with the British accent, you are our only hope.”


DSC00808 (Large)

Meeting up with fellow Ghostheads is a staple of con life and these guys were very impressive.

DSC00819 (Large)

Being the Outlaw gentleman that I am, I never say no to a pretty smile.
(Free swag doesn’t hurt either.)

DSC00821 (Large)

If you cut me open in this picture, I’d probably bleed red, white and blue.

DSC00856 (Large)

Lil Cap thoroughly impressed the Outlaw with his knowledge of the movie Real Steel and the Six Shooter figure hanging from my belt.

DSC00853 (Large)

The Outlaw with two new micro fans, Lil’ Cap and Michael Ealy’s long lost love child.

DSC00851 (Large)

Apparently they now serve human flesh at comic-con concession stands.
(Still better than the hot dogs.)

DSC00811 (Large)

Happy to take a photo with anyone who wears my likeness on their shirt.
Wait, what do you mean that’s not me?

DSC00816 (Large)

“Indiana Joanna and the Temple of Con.”

DSC00849 (Large)

Looks like someone got the color dress code memo.

DSC00848 (Large)

The one Trooper who doesn’t “miss” a beat.

DSC00839 (Large)

Either I’m getting weaker as I get older, or Ewoks are getting heavier.

DSC00826 (Large)

I don’t usually sleep this well with so many super-villains around, but look how innocent they are!

DSC00824 (Large)

So if Tony Stark is Iron Man, and Stark is standing next to Hot Nerd Girl, who is the bucket of bolts standing next to me?

DSC00861 (Large)

It’s good to be the geek!… At least for the 10 seconds it took to take this picture.

DSC00866 (Large)

This lifelike Bay-former transforms into an actual Power Wheels.

DSC00908 (Large)

Typical CEO, covering him self in solid gold and riding around in a new Droid scooter the second the Empire goes public.

DSC00906 (Large)

“Ok, so an Alien, a Predator and a human walk into a bar…”

DSC00904 (Large)

It’s the quiet, tiny, cute, green ones with a question mark cane you gotta watch.

DSC00903 (Large)

Be careful where you eat your pizza at the con.

DSC00881 (Large)

After thanking me for the compliment on his T-1000 costume, this gentlemen promptly gave me a ticket for double parking.

DSC00879 (Large)

That’s right, Trinity is totally checking me out., or she is sizing me up for a new coffin.

DSC00833 (Large)

“Kato you fool! Aim at the guy with the cowboy hat!”

DSC00820 (Large)

Yup, no chickens around here, you may proceed alone.

DSC00809 (Large)

Heath Ledger lives.
On another note, maybe Ben Affleck can do the con circuit, and this guy can fill in for the next movie.



The Artists (I bought):


DSC00835 (Large)

I see three scoundrels in this photo (not counting William O’Neill).

DSC00942 (Large)

No matter which way you look at it, this is one incredible piece of art.

(Above: Illustrator and writer William O’Neill.)


DSC00815 (Large)

Joey Lee Cabral proves there is nothing wrong with watered down art.

DSC00948 (Large)

Call me a patriot, but these two seemed to go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

(Above: Artist Joey Lee Cabral.)


DSC00875 (Large)

If there was “one line” I could say about Mike Hicks, it would be; absolutely incredible!

DSC00946 (Large)

Look closely fellow Outlaws, this was all done using only one line.
Yeah, I know right?

 (Above: Artist & Art Enthusiast Mike Hicks.)


DSC00870 (Large)

Artist Eric Limas knows that transforming dinosaurs are the key to my wallet.

DSC00945 (Large)

Note to Michael Bay: THIS is how’s it’s done.

 (Above: Artist Eric Limas)


DSC00828 (Large)

Original Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup artwork?
Shut up and take my money Chris Thorne!
(Yes, I bought all three he had left.)

DSC00947 (Large)

Le piece de resistance!
(That means it was my favorite purchase from the show… at least that’s what I think it means.)

 (Above: Artist Chris Thorne)


The Cars:


DSC00793 (Large)

Sandwiched between my two favorite cars ever.
(It’s the threesome I’ve always dreamed about.)

DSC00799 (Large)

It ain’t Aykroyd, but beggars can’t be choosers.

DSC00800 (Large)

A tale of two K.I.T.T.s…
(Still trying hard to forget the tale on the right ever really happened.)

DSC00886 (Large)

For all those 5th graders who laughed at me for dressing up on the playground back when I was 13… suck it (in the nicest way possible).

DSC00794 (Large)

Damn, damn… I really need to buy a watch.

DSC00803 (Large)

Now you see us…


DSC00802 (Large)

… now you don’t.
(FYI, BEST… Batmobile… EVER)

DSC00796 (Large)

Life finds a way… even in a geeky and nerdy round about sort of way.


As was the case last year, I had an absolute blast at the Long Beach event, I met a slew of amazing new people, and touched base with many geek friends I’ve made since attending my con a little over a year ago. It’s in that sense I’ve recently come to learn that no matter how big or small, the comic-con universe is like one big geeky family where you get to spend some quality time with people you truly connect with…. “You wanna go where people know, people are all the same. You wanna go where everybody knows your name.” (Or they remember your Ghostbusters hockey jersey.)


DSC00807 (Large)

Who would have guessed that paranormal exterminators like free stickers too?




  1. Love you site!! By the way, im Dana Scully in that pic 🙂 First time cosplayer! Hope to see you around soon.

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