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EVENT: The 2013 C4 Central Coast Comic-Con pays a Visit to Geek Outlaw

2013 C4 Main NEW

After a full day at any comic-con, I usually look and feel like the gentleman featured off to the way right.


That’s right, you read the eye-grabbing title correctly.  A comic-con finally came to Geek Outlaw, that is if your definition of “came to” is noticing there was going to be a comic-con up the road from you because of a random Living-Social e-mail.


Truth be told, the fact that the C4 Central Coast Comic-Con held its first annual geek-fest in Ventura, Calif. just 20 minutes from my driveway, gave me the impression it was a con held exclusively for me.  Based on the attendance, anyone might have come to the same conclusion.



… and I know it!


Not surprisingly, I’m jesting on that last one as I have been known to tell a joke from time to time (whether they are good is an entirely different topic of discussion).  Jokes aside, I was actually impressed with the turn out for the C4-Con especially when one considers it was the inaugural year and the Ventura area in general is not one of high population like other more congested regions of California are.


As has become standard procedure, I attended the con with none other than Hot Nerd Girl herself, along with her photog and friend ESBMike.  I also brought my own photographer and Outlaw movie maven, Erika “Spunky Destructor.”  To her credit, she spent 98% of her day speaking with Geddy’s Moon writer John Mulhall and over the full length of our visit, took roughly two pictures.



Erika “Spunky Destructor” hard at work for Geek Outlaw.
(Luckily, I don’t have to pay out benefits yet.)


Overall, it was an appropriately small con with a cozy and neighborly feel.  That isn’t a bad thing though, as more and more I’m finding myself preferring the smaller con atmosphere, particularly following the mind-numbing experience that is SDCC.  The main floor was large but not overly massive, and there were plenty of vendors offering art, books, comics, toys, and unique trinkets to drain ones bank account of weekly food money.  (That said, looks like I will be fasting another few weeks.)  One of the more intriguing things that caught my eye was the high ratio of cos-players walking the floor.  If I had to guess, at least one in four geeks appeared be dressed to impress, which wasn’t too shabby for a first time con.


Before I keep rambling about minute details you could truly care less about, I’ll get straight to the picture pudding…




Awww, I felt it kick… or was that Rick?
(Who looks none to happy with my happy hands.)


Providing the same effect as green M&M’s, but in a real life cosplay form.

***(This green goddess is Angi Viper and can be found @



Not below the belt, but close enough for gov’t work.

***(This ripped gentleman does some killer Logan cosplay and can be found @ where part of his proceeds go to charity.)



The nerd of photo-bombing strikes again during one of my few chances at a foursome! (Damn, damn!)

***(From left to right to bottom, these cuties of cosplay are: Poison Scarlett Cosplay, Strange Like That and Miss Chrissy Lynn)



While he didn’t go blind, Tony did find out what happens when you use it just a little too much.


Something about seeing myself in a thousand tiny mirrors gave me a “fever” on “Saturday”.


WARNING:  Never trust a guy in a red and black suit that doesn’t let you stand next to the attractive ladies.


So is it still considered staring if I’m just trying to read the comics?
(The comic-strip beauty is local cosplayer and wardrobe artist, Melissa Fish.)


I’m sensing a little bit of jealousy by one Girl, that’s a Nerd and Hot…
(… but I won’t mention any names to protect the innocent.)


Helllooo Nurse!… errr, Kitty!… errr, extremely attractive lady in the form-fitting white dress!

***(The Legion of Nerds can be conveniently found at



Hot Nerd Girl proving adamantium claws are no match for the fists of a writer with modelesque hands.


Anyone else notice a theme with Hot Nerd Girl and making fists.
(Didn’t think so either, just checking.)


Can you tell which one’s good and which is bad without looking at the color of their light sabers?


Be honest, do you ever get depressed of not being the droid everyone is looking for?


What, no fists?


By far the most realistic looking (and sounding) Batman Animated villains I’ve ever come across.
Where is the Dark Knight when you need him?

This band of jokers can be found at and



…Oh, there he is!  To top it off, even he makes a better Batman than Affleck.
(If a WB exec is reading this, find this guy…. immediately.)


“Teenage Mutant Ninja Hot-Girl… cosplay in a half-skirt…”


I spy with my 20/15 vision eye, a geek that is very cute.


Thanks to my defective detective skills (and a comic-con the size of an outhouse) I managed to find the beautiful bounty hunter and snag a quick pic for posterity (and drooling).


“Alas, the Froyo you seek is that way… and it comes with your choice of toppings.”


Like a moth to a flame, No matter how small the con, I will always sniff out a fellow Ghostbuster fan.
It’s in my Geek-NA.





We spent approximately 3/4 of our day chatting with writer John Mulhall at his booth.
One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, oh and I heard his book Geddy’s Moon is pretty damn good too.
(A review will be coming soon…)

***(Get more info on John and his first novel Geddy’s Moon at, you guessed it,



That center face look familiar at all? It should.
With roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Almighty, The Fast and the Furious and The Walking Dead, Noel Gugliemi (Noel G.) is well entrenched in the world of geek entertainment.

***(Find out more on Noel G and his work at





“Michael, there are geeks all around us, this could turn into a very dangerous situation. Michael?”



Looking better at 30 years old than I did.


The car that set the stage for Garmin 30 years ago.
Although we are still waiting for a version that talks back.
(And “recalculating” doesn’t count.)


“Comic-cons? Where were going we don’t need comic-cons.”
(Thanks to Martin’s Movie Cars, you technically don’t!)


“When this baby hits 88mph, you are going to hear Outlaw squeal like a school girl,”


Luckily, the Outlaw’s license and registration is fully up-to-date…
… assuming the year is 1984.


“Great Scott! If we don’t get out of here now, we won’t beat traffic!”


Correct author, wrong movie, but a cherry ride.

***(80’s cars courtesy of Martin’s Movie Cars – )



A Trek captain with a cowboy hat is a an idea that’s long overdue.


…and THIS is what happens when you let a woman drive.
(Feminist hate mail arriving in my inbox in 3…2…1… relax Gloria Allred, it’s a joke.)


“Hello! Operator! Give me the number for Nine-One-One!”





Me Outlaw love original Dinobot art!
(And Gizmo was too hard to pass up as well.)

***(You can contact the artist Alan Johnson II via e-mail, or check out more of his work at



Who goes to a comic-con without buying a comic or two… or three?
(Not this Outlaw.)


One of the few minor downfalls of this first year offering were the panels, more specifically, trying to figure out if there were any.  For starters, the website itself was absent of any info and the graphics showing the attending guests seemed to require a decoder ring to view properly.  Nonetheless, the schedule of events were literally written with magic marker on poster board and then taped to the hall entrance well after the first panels took place.


If my words sound scathing, I swear they really aren’t.  I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt to the organizer – who went by the name of Matt – since he was the ONLY person on-site running and organizing the event due to some last minute employment issues with those that were supposed help out but never made it.  In light of his workplace no-shows, Matt was a consummate professional and took time out from running around like a chicken with his head cut off to make sure Hot Nerd Girl and I had everything we needed and even brought us press members drinks at one point during during the day.  Despite the panel communication snafu, all ran very smoothly.  I was very impressed, although it should be noted that anyone that can walk and chew gum simultaneously impresses me.



Despite some of the hiccups, this was probably the scariest thing I saw at the entire con.


Fortunately, the presence of actors like Noel G, writers like John Mulhall, and cars like KITT and the Back the Future Delorean, were on display to give the show an “official” feel.  In combination with the free beverages Matt delivered, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the C4-Con and wouldn’t hesitate to drive 15 miles up the highway to experience next year’s festivities, assuming of course they use a little bit thicker Sharpie markers on the signs.




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