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EVENT: Stan Lee’s 2015 Comikaze Expo Grows and Shrinks in Scary Fashion

DSC02292 (Large)

Eat your heart out Vanna!


The train has left the station folks. Comic conventions are not only here to stay, they’re taking over convention centers around the globe faster than Miley Cyrus can take off her clothes in public.

No longer relegated to hiding in the shadows, geeks and nerds have not only taken over the domain of science, but they’ve taken over the world of entertainment as well. The amount of conventions aren’t just crowing, but like clockwork, the crowd size continues to grow on an annual basis as well.


DSC02334 (Large)

Geeks; single-handedly keeping the makeup and raw materials industries afloat.


Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is one of those ever ballooning events. Having already secured legendary status in the pop-culture world for bringing us iconic figures like Spider-Man, The Hulk, Wolverine and Mary Jane (yes, gorgeous redheads don’t need superpowers to be iconic in my warped cranium), the 92-year-old with the glasses has thrown his hat into the ring of comic conventions.

Now in its fifth year, Stan’s creatively self-titled show has made a name for itself as the largest convention to grace the Los Angeles metropolitan area. (That all may change when WonderCon makes a side trip from Anaheim to the LA Convention Center in 2016.) As has been the case with every pop-culture I’ve attended on my west coast circuit over the years, the rate at which Comikaze has expanded would tingle anyone’s Spidey sense.


DSC02319 (Large)

More arachnids than you can spray a can of Raid at.


To provide some perspective, attendance has increased at a click of 10,000 per year from 2011 to 2014. I wouldn’t be surprised. It felt like that streak would carry over once again this year too, but unfortunately not for the better. In what might be one of the worst design layouts of any large convention I’ve been to thus far, the organizers of this year’s Comikaze thought it a novel idea to space the aisles so narrow that even the likes of Jack Skellington or Kate Moss would have a hard time squeezing down them.

Supposedly, according to an unverified source who I will only mention via initials (author and Podthingy host John Mulhall), Comikaze was overbooked and actually needed to setup up shop in an additional wing of the massive convention center. I never made it over that there since I spent most of my time physically wedged between artist alley tables. IN spite of that, the Outlaw still managed to have fun and pick up a nice (although not for my wallet) Ghostbusters limited edition artist print.


DSC02357 (Large)

Huge thanks to Hero Complex Gallery for putting my wallet in a deeper drought than California.


On the other hand, one of the not-so coincidentally enjoyable things about Comikaze has less to do about what it offers and more to do about it’s timing. That’s because the expo takes place on the last weekend of October, which is also in-and-around the home of Halloween (aka National Cosplay Day.) The date alone almost guarantees a higher percentage of attendees will dress up more than other similar pop-culture events. This was most noticeable in the child department, and booths were smart enough to put out candy for the little ones to warm up their trick-or-treat skills before the big night. (It also kept the Outlaw’s sugar and cholesterol levels up as I moseyed through the main hall.

Alas, with each passing convention I attend it honestly feels as though a bucket of water was dumped on the crowd from the same show a year prior. The convention crowds are quite literally multiplying at a profound rate. Fortunately for Stan Lee and the LA Convention Center, all the costumed attendees cleared the building before they were able to eat after midnight. Next year, let’s hope they make the aisles wide enough so more than just one Mogwai at a time can walk down them without getting trampled.

But enough of my petty and insignificant commentary, I now present what all three of my readers came here for…



DSC02348 (Large)

The most sinister thing about this photo is the angle my photographer decided to use.

DSC02368 (Large)

Think nightmare thoughts, think nightmare thoughts…

DSC02369 (Large)

I’m ready for my close up Ms. Kruger. On second thought…

DSC02367 (Large)

Sadly, I didn’t get the animal ears or revealing ninja memo.

DSC02364 (Large)

When my night light goes out, I know the first person I’ll be calling… The Gregarious Geek!

DSC02363 (Large)

A fellow Outlaw and fellow patriot serving his convention proudly.

DSC02365 (Large)

Screw the mother title, how does one apply to become Boyfriend of Dragons?

DSC02360 (Large)

You notice what all 3 of us have in common? Hint, it’s what we’re wearing on the lower half of our bodies.

DSC02358 (Large)

In a convention far far away… (I’m serious, with traffic I’d be better off flying the 40 miles to Downtown LA.)

DSC02345 (Large)

Welcome to our PSA on how to form arthritis of the hands.

DSC02347 (Large)

This is just a statue, and one that unfortunately wouldn’t fit in my camera bag.

DSC02349 (Large)

Visine, it gets the everything out.

DSC02350 (Large)

This little Pooh wanted nothing to do with the big poo trying to hand him a sticker.

DSC02351 (Large)

It’s official, my dying wish is to be wrapped in leather when I’m buried.

DSC02352 (Large)

The multi-talented AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole signing her comic AND mugging for the camera simultaneously.

DSC02354 (Large)

“Decpticons, inflate and attack!”

DSC02355 (Large)

LA Kings In-Arena Host Carrlyn Bathe making the Outlaw wonder if I should be worry about falling asleep tonight.

DSC02344 (Large)

Anyone else sending I should start taking out an insurance policy on my neck?

DSC02342 (Large)

Not many people can pull off fall and summer, but kudos to this fashionable Goblin for pulling it off.

DSC02341 (Large)

“Alllrighty then!” This Ace Ventura was so spot on, he had me looking for Ray Finkle, and a clean pair of shorts.

DSC02339 (Large)

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times, those ketchup packets are a pin to open!

DSC02337 (Large)

I was hoping this moment would be Frozen in time. Batgirl, not so much.

I swear, i don’t know who took your booze Captain [hiccup]

DSC02332 (Large)

I finally crossed the streams (aka paths) with fellow blogger Ghostbusters die-hard Nerdtastic Girl.

DSC02331 (Large)

Rick (aka Jerry & Outlaw photographer best friend) with Glen before all that “stuff” think happened, happened.

DSC02335 (Large)

I was about to get down and propose to this “Venemous” beauty… twice.

DSC02328 (Large)

The only thing that could have made this Jurassic World costume better would have been actual Margaritas in those glasses…. for me.

DSC02325 (Large)

Whatever happened to good Samaritans who helped sherrifs out when being attacked by Wolves?

DSC02323 (Large)

Hey now, watch where you point that thing. It’s all fun and games until the Outlaw loses an organ.

DSC02322 (Large)

When your gun is bigger than your body, you might want to think about finding smaller enemies.

DSC02321 (Large)

Finally, a Taqueria truck my size! (This brilliant mini-Deadpool and mobile food truck can be found on Instagram at AnthinusMaximus.)

DSC02317 (Large)

Bloob (not to be confused with boobs) was worried he blinked during this photo.

DSC02314 (Large)

Rule #1 of Geek Outlaw Club: Never hand the Outlaw dynamite… especially when he’s smiling.

DSC02312 (Large)

“Damn, I wish I would have restocked those kryptonite burritos.”

DSC02307 (Large)

What do you mean there’s an exposed spine in this photo?

DSC02306 (Large)

“I… am… Elton.”

DSC02302 (Large)

Am I going crazy, or do women like to point incredibly sharo objects at me?

DSC02305 (Large)

I’m still awaiting the real sequel everyone is clamoring for: “The Schwartz Awakens”.

DSC02300 (Large)

91 Reasons podcaster, fellow Outlaw and Back to the Future Fan, Jeff Tucker trying his best to scare the camera in street clothes.

DSC02299 (Large)

For the first time in my life, I actually felt chainsaw envy.

DSC02298 (Large)

While I didn’t have any bananas on hand for this little Minion, she still decided to take a photo with the Outlaw.

DSC02293 (Large)

This self-made dress was truly impressive. Especially since I barely know how to use scotch tape and chew gum at the same time.

DSC02296 (Large)

What can I say, the Outlaw has a thing for redheads. Specifically the variety with fins.

Glenn or Nicholas

Zombies, you either love’em or hate’em. (Still hoping I love this one.)



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