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EVENT: Stan Lee Ensures 1st Annual Amazing! Las Vegas Comic-Con is Amazing


What’s wrong with this picture? (If you guessed that it’s that I’m not giving Stan Lee a kiss, you’d be correct.)


Contrary to popular belief, nerds and geeks do not melt in their homemade costumes if you stick them in the middle of the Nevada desert (although the smell is a different story).  In fact, when you offer up pop-culture legend Stan Lee, popular comic book artist Jim Lee, and cheap casino drinks all under one roof – they will come in droves.


I along with Hot Nerd girl and her Momma Jedi were among the drove that threw caution to the wind – and lack there of – to attend the first annual Amazing! Las Vegas Comic-Con being held at the South Point Casino and Convention Center June 14th – 16th.  Little did I know, there was also a rodeo convention taking place which led to some laughs, odd looks, and confused patrons wondering exactly which event I was supposed to be attending.  I contemplated going for the 2-for-1 deal, but regrettably my time was limited.



Geek Outlaw AND Hot Nerd Girl in Las Vegas for a Comic-Con at the same time? Backdrop is starting to make sense now, right?


Of significant note, this event marked the first out-of-state comic-con that either I or Hot Nerd Girl have attended outside the beautiful confines of the Golden State.  We initially learned about the event through a Living Social deal, and after a quick group e-mail pow-wow, we decided what could be more fun than a road trip to Sin City to break our out-of-state comic-con seal.  Oh yeah, and there was also the whole Stan Lee Experience thing.


Following a quick e-mail that granted us some press passes, we proceeded to empty our savings accounts to purchase what was referred to as the Stan Lee Experience, which included a photo, an autograph on any item of your choice, and exclusive access to a private Q & A panel being held by the man himself.  Seeing as the web-slinger is my favorite comic book hero to ever grace color-framed content, this whole thing was a no-brainer for me.



You are looking at a $200 piece of 2″ x 4″ paper.
Needless to say I super-glued it to my chest.


Granted that decision was helped by the knowledge Mr. Stan Lee is currently celebrating his 90th year on the planet, and despite the fact he looks 60 and acts like he’s 13, the opportunity to meet and interact with him while he is still able to was an opportunity that I didn’t want to risk passing up.  While I wish Mr. Lee could live to meet my eventual children, unless he has inherited some sort of Thor-esque anti-aging pill, I decided to strike while the Iron Man creator was hot.


So close to the real thing in sound and size, I had to film it sideways to fit him in the frame.


So how did it all go you may ask?  Minus a few bumps in the road with regards to line confusion and photo pickup, everything went smoothly, almost surprisingly smooth.  Granted the size of this con was much smaller than the behemoth that is SDCC and at least half the size of WonderCon.  The Amazing! con is the second comic-con – Arizona was the first – for the up and coming Jimmy Jay of ComicConMen.  The goal is to provide a smaller and more intimate con experience versus some of the venues mentioned above.  For myself, that was actually preferable, especially in this case since I was able to accomplish everything in the time allotted, which included my superb photo and autograph sessions with Stan the man.


The entire Stan Lee Experience panel in all of it’s shakey-cam glory.
(My question is at the 13 minute mark exactly.)


Keeping on the subject of Mr. Lee, the guy is purely positive, happy, and astonishingly alert guy for his age.  Each interaction with him, while shorter than Paris Hilton’s acting career, was a genuinely pleasant and fun few seconds.  I even managed to provide him with some Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl sticker swag (See video below).  Hey, ya never know who the next Marvel superhero may be.


He may use them as toilet paper, but hey, at least he may use them.


Both HNG and I were lucky enough to ask questions of Mr. Stan Lee during his super secret panel, and despite the seriousness of my question, he managed to find a way to tease me about trying to sell him my cowboy hat… at least I think he was teasing (again, see the video above).  If that wasn’t enough Lee for one day, we also got a first-hand look at current DC super-artist Jim Lee draw up a virtual storm during his exclusive panel.  For those who like a little Quinn with their Harley, it’s truly a fascinating watch.  (Unfortunately, Ang Lee wasn’t available to complete the Lee trifecta.)


Mr. Lee loves his Harley.


Ok, ok… I know what you are thinking, enough with the chit chat already and move on to what we came here for.  Alright, hold on to your horses because it’s time to get it on like…


Need I say more?



The Stan Lee Experience:


If there is such a thing as a “Geek Peak,” I’m pretty sure I hit it on this one.


90-years young and smiling like a 10-year-old.


Mr. Lee doing an famous Spidey pose.(Not really, but I’d like to think so.)


His smile is truly addicting, as witnessed by his personal hearing aide and question translator.


Before Geek Outlaw asked Mr. Lee a question…


… and after Geek Outlaw asked Mr. Lee a question.


Proof that Stan Lee signed a copy of our bromantic portrait (see above).



Costumes, Outlaws, and Slots (yes, I wrote SLOTS.)


Spidey AND Hot Nerd Girl?! If I was the Dark Knight, I’d be a bit envious too.


These there were rubbing oil all over each other. I did mention we were in Vegas, right?


Seeing as Jim Lee’s hands are worth more than the New York Yankees, I figured I’d get a photo of them in action for posterity.


I have no clue what she was wearing, but I could give you a detailed description of what she wasn’t.


Don’t you just hate it when someone shows up wearing the same thing as you?


“Duff man has some added equipment and is now Duff Woman… OH YEAH!”


Who’s the boss?
The guy with the extra three feet and 100 pounds at his disposal.


That photo-bomber is lucky I like her…
(…and being hot doesn’t hurt either.)


This comedian was quite the character… which one, I have no idea.


Stop me if you heard this one already. A stone angel, a Mach 13, a doctor and an outlaw walk into the bar…


I don’t remember much about this Evil Dead play reenactment troupe outside of the incredibly good-looking blonde and wondering what exactly the Dark Knight had to do with the Bruce Campbell flick..


Bounty hunters are people too… people who like free Outlaw swag.


I was really hoping they were siblings in real life as well… Thorette had some incredible eyes.


Either Hot Nerd Girl stepped in a pile of Ewok excitement, or she is pointing at her colorful Superman Converse.


Finally, someone who can do the Chicken Dance and the Robot at the same time!


Apparently there is a new form of child abuse; getting caught in a public photograph with Geek Outlaw.


Some incredibly nice line partners from the Stan Lee photo shoot.
I stayed calm and didn’t make them (too) angry.


If I hadn’t blown my future child’s college fund the on Stan Lee Experience, I would have donated a few dollars to Vegas and, well… Stan Lee.


Impressive AND patriotic… a double threat kind of geek.


LESSON # 67: Never inform anyone in Vegas that the casino is out of alcohol.


A nerdy quest game combined with killing your liver?
Just take my beer money now! No, wait…


Jessica Nigri and sister taking the time for a photo-op with the Outlaw… after being sufficiently bribed.


Thor, shmore! The Outlaw may not be immortal, but he’s got a great cowboy hat.


Any girl willing to permanently inscribe the Ecto-1 onto perfectly good flesh has potential to be the future Mrs. Outlaw.


“Paging the red-headed owner of this tattoo. Please report to the Little White Chapel immediately. I repeat…”


Fellow Outlaw and Clark Kent doppelganger, Vic Rivera.


Ever since the passing of Nerd-ative Action, comic-cons have become much more diverse.


Hay is for horses… that never showed up.


More than a few cowboys thought I was a rodeo clown, and technically, I couldn’t deny the claim.



The Wallet Drainers

At the end of the day, the weekend turned out to be a great success as I was even able to wind my way through the entire floor and even managed to spend more money that I didn’t have (hey, if the gov’t can, so can I) on some more cool Ghostbusters artwork from to complete the whole set I started back at the 2012 WonderCon (with the Venkman print).



“I came, I saw, I bought the other three!”


“Badges? Geek Outlaw don’t need no stinkin’ badges… well, maybe just these ones.”


A third film may never get produced, but at least I now have a cool pin to prove they thought about it.



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