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EVENT: The Spokane Ghostbusters “Bust Some Heads… in a Spiritual Sense” for the 1984 Classic’s Re-Release on GHOSTBUSTERS DAY



“We came, we saw, we ate six gallons of popcorn.”


When the Spokane Ghostbusters invited Geek Outlaw (aka moi) to see Ghostbusters in theaters this past weekend, the first thought that “popped in there” was Sony became so eager to put their reboot disaster of biblical proportions behind them, they decided to move up the release date an entire month without anyone noticing.



“Has anyone in here seen a reboot?”


Needless to say, the entire premise evoked a bag of mixed emotions, but mostly that of sheer horror. Almost as bad as the terror one feels when after grabbing the last few Oreos in the bag only to find the cream had been licked out from the middle, leaving only dry cardboard cookie ends.



“It’s a trap!” (See what I did there?)


My fears were swiftly subdued when the group reminded me twas the classic 1984 version of the film they’d be attending at the local AMC River Square Theater in Spokane, WA. (And in full costume no less!) The rerelease was part of Sony’s attempt to create a corporate “Ghostbusters Day” on June 8th in honor of the anniversary marking the original films release back in 1984.


“Where do these stairs go?”… “They go up… to theaters 9 – 13.”


The re-release was also been timed to help coincide with the remake’s inevitable U.S. release on July 15th. The move was, and most likely will be,  Sony Picture’s best move since announcing the remaking of their iconic property.
“No movie theater is too big, no fee is too big…”


On a side note, is anyone else psychologically demoralized we now have to decipher which Ghostbusters flick we are referring to during conversation all thanks to the higher ups (director Paul Feig included) deciding in their infinite wisdom to not even attempt to differentiate this new universe from the old?



Get used to it folks, the year is now the new asterisk in the movie title database.


Instead, they chose to let the reboot try and re-slot itself as a newer replacement for the classic. That in and of itself is what has caused the mass hysteria about this new version of the film, not some over-exaggerated anti XX chromosome movement. Alas, I digress as I fully vented my frustrations on the interwebs with my past blog (located here).



GASP! Guess this young woman didn’t get Paul Feigs memo saying women couldn’t dress up as Ghostbusters before his version of the film.


The Spokane chapter of paranormal exterminators suited up to rid the theater of spooks, poltergeists, and reboot posters to the delight of movie goers lucky enough to be wandering the halls of the building.



Praying the movie poster behind us would fit in the trap.


One of the huge takeaways for me had to do with the fact many young children were well aware of who the Ghostbusters were and had thoroughly enjoyed the 1984 edition.



Looks like one lucky family just scored their new Christmas card for 2016.


It was additional confirmation – within my often cluttered cranium – this franchise was never in need of a remake to attract the lowbrow humor a segment of audiences enjoy, but rather stand out from the crowd by expanding upon the established universe and adhering to the comedic tones which made the first movies so popular.



Who doesn’t like posing next to an unlicensed nuclear accelerator. Lord knows they give off less radiation than our cell phones.


Once the theater was deemed clear of spiritual turbulence (and other patrons popcorn), the Outlaw stayed to take in another viewing of the near-perfect piece of cinema while it still held the title of being the solitary Ghostbusters film to be part of our culture’s movie going lexicon. Despite the impending catastrophe… err, release of the remake, and any other carbon copies attempted to be made down the road, nothing will ever top or replace the original. 1984 gave us the best, the beautiful, the only, Ghostbusters.



I tried to touch the ceiling but came up a little short… literally.



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