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EVENT: The Outlaw Invades D23 2017 and Disneyland with a Disney Princess Who is Strong with the Force

D23 rolled out the red carpet for the Outlaw this year. (Is what I would’ve said if I was actually able to walk on it.)


When I first entered the magical halls of the Anaheim Convention Center for Disney’s D23 Expo back in 2015, I wasn’t quite sure if I’d be back again for the festivities in 2017. Fast forward two years, and not only did the Outlaw make it back, he also managed to squeeze in a world wind trip to Disneyland and California Adventure; and with two beautiful Disney Princesses no less! Alright, it was technically one with a hybrid Princess Jasmine-Leia cosplay costume, but do you blame me for indulging in the fantasy for a few seconds?

The young lady you are about to see hamming it up in the photos below (per my instruction) is the Outlaw’s new main squeeze and PartnerD in geekery. For the sake of protecting the innocent, for this post I shall call her Ashley, which by coincidence, happens to be her real first name.


Introducing Princess Jeia; complete with fake laser gun and stuffed tiger.


Without getting into the whole mushy-gushy vomit-inducing backstory of how our relationship blossomed, the only thing that I will say about the young lady is that she is quite possibly one of the most enthusiastic Disney fans I’ve ever met. Not to mention her geek-cred in general is also nothing to sneeze at. (How that metaphor came into existence still baffles the mind, but since Sneezy is a Disney character, I figured I’d throw it in as an Easter Egg of sorts. Plus, I like the way it rolls off the tongue.)


That D23 backdrop stand really brings out the blue in my Sonic.


I digress. I only tell you all of the above because Ashley, in conjunction with the fact she was about to celebrate a milestone Birthday, were major factors in my return to D23 and the happiest place on earth. It had been more than a decade since my last visit to the iconic theme park. Of course, my desire to ride the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride and D23 being scheduled a week before San Diego Comic-Con played significant roles as well. (Luckily, Ashley hasn’t joined the army of three followers whom read my posts, so the secret should remain safe on the Internet well after the Sun explodes and destroys our solar system.)


Look ma, I rode Guardians of the Galaxy with no hands!


On that positive note, please enjoy the photos from the Outlaw’s fun-filled, mouse-ear wearing weekend!


D23 EXPO 2017:

I met an old work buddy while at D23 this year.


Stop, or my Jeia will shoot!

Prius, schmeius! Heres the true eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Just keep eating, just keep eating jellybeans.

I only have two words for all my fellow Outlaws, “You’re welcome!”

Not sure why, but Im feeling like a third wheel all of the sudden.

I am AT-AT Groot, Groot.

Your over-sized friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man with a secret voice box.

Whose got a thumb and 40 toys hanging from his guns? This guy!

Speak softly and carry a big hook.

There was no way I was going to “miss” taking this photo!

And the award for the “Worst Male Survivor to get Stranded on a Boat Out at Sea With” goes to…

A match made in cosplay heaven.

“Get your damn meat hooks off her Mr… ummm, Hook.”

A Princess and her Han.

“You shall not use zoom.”

A whole new world of cosplay hybrids.

“Why Grandma, what large pointy wings you have.”

A most impressive Jafar Vader.




No one does nighttime like Disney… well, except maybe Vegas. But no one else.


Just call me the Al Bundy of Disneyland.

Ashleys favorite princess… ever.

The one, the only…. you know, that castle with the princess person in it.

The Outlaw pre-hernia and post-hernia.

Can you spot the Outlaw? (Hint: It’s the guy who didn’t want to shell out $39 for the actual photos.)

Time once more to play “Spot the Cheapskate!”

Third time’s the charm. Can you find the penny pincher?

Ashley? Ashley who?





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