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EVENT: My Meeting with the “Heart” of the Ghostbusters

The man, the myth, the paranormal exterminator.


“Listen… you smell something?”


That something might be the fresh aroma of a few new subscribers.  So now that there are more than five readers, I’ve decided it’s time to share some more personal and thoughtful insight into what makes me such a geek… Lucky you!


As most of you have (or should have) figured out by now, is that I live and die by the sci-fi comedy masterpiece, Ghostbusters.  Were you to cut me open, I would probably bleed ectoplasm – albeit the clear, slightly greenish mucus seen in the first movie – not the emotionally charged toaster-dance inducing purple goo of the sequel.


Admittedly, it has better moves than me.


One thing I do know is the stuff runs rampantly out of my nose whenever I’m sick.

Bodily fluids aside, it is safe to say that Ghostbusters is by far and away my favorite movie of all time, let alone just being #1 on my Sci-Fi flick list as well.  It was a love affair that started back in the summer of 1984, when the thoughts of college and scantily clad women weren’t even on my radar.  It’s probably worth mentioning I didn’t even know I had a radar back then.


Jersey look familiar yet?

Of the few things I vaguely remember from my early childhood, watching Ghostbusters on the big screen was one of those life-defining moments.


It set the stage for my love of all things paranormal and started me down the road of development into the huge Geek (Outlaw) that I am today.


Experts (aka professional geeks with large salaries) would also probably point out it’s a leading factor for my still being a bachelor – albeit an eligible one – living with a chi-wiener dog as my only companion.





Yes, this was some scary crap for a 6 year old in 1984.

Interestingly enough, I sometimes question my own obsession with the movie because I remember the librarian ghost and terror dogs scaring the living ecto-snot out of me while watching it on a screen 100 times my size at the time… and I guess today as well.  Even Mr. Stay Puft gave me nightmares for a short time upon initially seeing the movie back in ’84.


You will be happy to know that I quickly grew out of those marshmallow nightmares… which subsided about two weeks ago.


Still, I loved it, and proceeded to watch the paranormal exterminator movie more times than I care to remember, which is roughly 23,632 times… but who’s counting?  That’s one of the reasons I can quote every line of the film like Lindsay Lohan can recite the entire California penal code.


Of course, Ghostbusters is one of those amazing and rare pieces of cinema where every single line is a memorable quote.



Why do I tell you all this?  For starters, I’m lonely and I prefer talking about Ghostbusters then do something productive (i.e.: working, eating, and organizing my movie collection)  But mainly, you will now better understand my excitement when I learned that Dan Aykroyd was going to be making an appearance at a somewhat local Costco to promote his Crystal Head vodka.


*Side notes:

– Yes, his Canadian triple-filtered vodka is based on the same legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls used for the storyline of the latest Indy Jones production.

– Yes, the same Indy 4 that many found to be – for lack of better words – horse excrement.  (I personally found it entertaining, but that’s a post for a different day and mind set.)



He should have used the Indy 4 alien head design…

… it holds more Vodka.














Alas, when I heard the news back during the Halloween holiday of 2010, I immediately had to summon my NBFF (Nerd Best Friend Forever), Hot Nerd Girl.  Like the amazing NBFF and true nerd that she is, it took all of a simple 10 word e-mail to twist her arm into joining me.


Of course the fact the Costco was approximately 100 feet from her front door didn’t hurt in the convincement department either.


On top of this, I almost got her to wear my Venkman jumpsuit to the signing, but it proved to be just a tad too big for the petite HNG as it was easier for her to do the back stroke in it then actually walk three consecutive steps with it on.


There is a Hot Nerd Girl hidden somewhere in that jumpsuit. Can you spot her?


Being that Dan is no longer considered an A-list actor – by those whom are considered Y-List actors – I didn’t think the turnout would be anything warranting camping overnight.

While there was no Bieber-like line stretching into the next zip code, luckily we showed up 30 minutes in advance as I can honestly say that more than a fair share of people showed up to greet the “heart of the Ghostbusters” and the new overlord of Canadian-based spirits (get it?!).


Some original Ghostbusters storyboards…


Yes, while Peter Venkman introduces Ray Stantz as “the heart of the Ghostbusters” before the final battle with Zuul, the compliment rings true to Aykroyd in real life as well.  That is because Ghostbusters is his baby.


Originally, Aykroyd’s concept consisted of “Ghostmashers” that travel through time, space, and other unimaginable dimensions like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s shoe closet, to bust ghosts of incredible size (Mr. Stay Puft being among the original concepts).


Due to budget restrictions, the idea – and cost – was brought down to more realistic proportions and Ghostbusters was born.


Thank you for making my childhood a memorable one Mr. Aykroyd (Dr. Stantz). Oh yeah, you too Mr. Murray (Dr. Venkman).


Upon arriving, we waited approximately an hour (which felt like four days) in line with a large group of people – many of whom were dressed in Ghostbusters apparel – to meet the blue brother of 80’s comedy.


Others just happened to be there consuming the food samples for a full free meal and decided they had a few extra hours to spare in the warehouse store before the dinner samples rolled out later.


Among the attendees was a family right in front of us who was letting their son do a one man demolition derby of the electronics aisle.  The little hell raiser was also going on about how he was going to be the Hulk for Halloween.  Fitting. (Hulk SMASH $500 digital camera!)


I know Costco its bright inside and all, but…


Once we arrived to Dan with his vodka in hand – yes we buckled under the pressure from his ‘crew’ whom highly recommended we buy a bottle or highly recommended the alternative of exiting the line – Hot Nerd Girl and I seized the moment.


Sorry Dan… no touching the Hot Nerd Girl


Immediately, Dan noticed and swooned over my self-made Ghostbusters Ecto-1 hockey jersey that, you may have already noticed, is a Geek Outlaw wardrobe staple.  As a Canadian and father of the Ghostbusters, I could understand his interest.


Aykroyd and I working business deals.


By the way, when I say swooned, I’m not joking.  Before I was able to walk away from the signing table, Mr. Aykroyd himself asked me if I could mass produce the jersey for sale.  Of course I said what every normal, average-Joe Ghostbusters super-fan with a tiny low-production apparel start-up would have said; “Huh?”


After I regained mental consciousness, I said I could produce however many he wanted, along with an offer to clean his house and wash his cars.


To further necessitate a new change of underwear, Dan even asked me for my business card (which, unlike an extra pair of underwear, I luckily had on me). He even went on to suggest that I contact Sony licensing to try and work something out.


Ok, this is NOT what it looks like! (My business card is on the table)


Of course I couldn’t leave his presence without asking him about the on-again, off-again, on-again, but possibly off-again, but wait it’s back on-again status of Ghostbusters 3.  I’m not stupid of course, as I felt fairly confident that each of the other 3000 people and their moms at Costco were probably going to ask him about it during their 25 second meet & greet too.


Little does Dan know he is signing Geek Outlaw’s future wardrobe.


I received the pretty standard hopeful answer that he has personally been giving to the media for years now, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to let him know an uber-ghost-head with custom GB hockey apparel was hopeful as well.



The bottle is actually pretty sweet. (Dan’s signature on it isn’t too shabby either.)




After getting our pictures taken with Dr. Stantz and purchasing our over-priced – yet undoubtedly cool looking – bottles of maple leaf vodka, I was literally on cloud 32.  Dan Aykroyd, “Mr. Ghostbuster” himself, asked ME for MY business card!


DISCLAIMER: Exact, but not actual card handed to Dan.


Either this was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship, or I was going to be spending a lot of time trading cigarettes for Reese’s peanut butter cups in a federal detention center for copyright infringement of a Sony Pictures licensed movie property.


I REALLY hope that’s not his lawsuit face.


The whole experience kind of brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “Who ya gonna call?”… although that might also infer my future lawyer.


Still, all in all, those were without a doubt some of the most incredible minutes of my life.  Now about that Ghostbusters 3


Im not going to lie, that smile was stuck on my face for 15 straight days.



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  1. Andrew Simpson says:

    Hey buddy, just wondering where I can get a super sweet hockey jersey like that? Please Please Please let me know. I’d like to ship one to Australia 🙂

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