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EVENT: King of the Nerds Season 3 Premiere Bash is Evidence the Entire Nerd Community is a Family… that Knows how to Party

Nerds Premiere Main

“There ain’t no party like a nerd-geek party, because a nerd-geek party don’t stop!” (Until 9pm and then it’s time to study.)


If you are still one of the few Alpha-Betas out there that think nerds don’t know how to throw a rager, then apparently you have yet to attend the New Orleans Marti-Geek festivities also known as San Diego Comic-Con. You’re probably also someone who’s never partied with three-seasons worth of cast members from TBS’s popular reality competition, King of the Nerds.


DSC00137 (Large)

When contestants vying for the crown of biggest-nerd-ever point and laugh at you, it might be time to rethink your wardrobe. (Season 3 contestants Jonathan Adler & Ben Tully.)


The latter was a rare honor bestowed upon Geek Outlaw by the TBS PR department in response to the recap I recently posted of my experience during the on-set behind-the-scenes tour for the third season of the series. I was recognized by a few executives at the premiere foray for the post and they went on to say they found the write-up very entertaining, specifically the parts where I raked myself over the goals. I told them it was just a matter of sticking to my strengths and thanked them for the kind words.


DSC00073 (Large)

Executive producers Rick Ringbakk and Craig Armstrong almost asked the Outlaw about being on season 4, until they realized they needed actual talent.


As for the party itself, the invite list consisted of show executive producers (x and y), show hosts Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine, along with cast members from all three seasons of the show. You heard me right, I found myself in a rather cozy office suite with some of the most prolific nerds this side of the northern hemisphere.


DSC00020 (Large)

United nerds stand… now which way to the open bar?


The décor of said party suite was littered with enough pop culture memorabilia and art to make any nerd feel at home. This included a highly detailed Captain America bust sandwiched between busts of the winners from the first two seasons. That statement sounds quite a deal more immature than I intended it to sound, so I provided the following photographic evidence to prove my mind isn’t truly dirty… well, not that dirty anyway.


DSC00084 (Large)

“Nice bust!”… “Thanks, I just had it painted.”


One of the more exciting proceedings of the evening happened to be the “Tweet War Room” which allowed all of the season 3 cast members to live tweet during the show’s premiere episode. It’s another level of interface that allows the fan community to connect on an even more personal level with their favorite competitors and is just another step in live television interaction. Call me old-fashioned (everybody else does anyway) but I remember the good ol’ days when watching television meant focusing on one screen, and not 17 at a time. Of course chewing gum and walking has never been my strong suit, so I digress…


DSC00113 (Large)

Now trending on Twitter: #Nerds who tweet and the other nerds who love them.


Speaking of the “Tweet War Room,” one of the more interesting takeaways I noted from the activity was the fact that every contestant got along quite swimmingly despite the often harsh zings hurled around by their on-screen counterparts. That doesn’t just go for this season’s participants either, as witnessed by the genuinely close interactions taking place amongst the first two season’s contestants as well. Surprisingly, two of the seemingly closest people were actually painted to be some of the more abrasive personalities from past seasons. Either time truly does heal all comments made about how one doesn’t want to spend another minute with a contestant in the same house, or their current behavior is further proof of the power of good editing. I’m going to go with a little of column A and B on this one. Seeing that the winner is already known by more than a few people in the room, it’s a true compliment to the dynamic nature of the show to see all the contestants getting along so swimmingly.


DSC00116 (Large)

The next step in human evolution: Necks that parallel the floor so we can better view our social media feeds.


That leads me to the absolute highlight of the evening. With his now-notorious battle cry of “Calling all nerds!” Armstrong set the stage for season 1 contestant Ivan Van Norman and season 2 winner Kayla LaFrance to thank all involved by handing out custom made coins to everyone from the contestants to the producers. In what was a bit of a tear jerking moment – although I partially blame the open bar – Mr. Van Norman also presented two even more unique Tri-Lambda coins to Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine. The entire presentation was extremely touching and you can catch it all on video via the following link:


Enough to make a grown nerd cry.


With regards to the season 3 premiere itself, I didn’t get a chance to watch it live at the party, but I was able to view the episode in full from the comfort of my own Spider-Man underoos at home. As I hinted in my preview, there are definitely some strong personalities in this bunch which should afford the audience some very entertaining television. Nevertheless, as I also mentioned in my last post, one element I most enjoy about King of the Nerds is the back and forth between Bobby Carradine and Curtis Armstrong as they pay homage to their classic Revenge of the Nerds characters. Hearing Carradine break out into his infamous Lewis-laugh never gets old. This season also introduces a bit of a story component to the quest for the throne, and the Terminator-esque time traveling bit has some laugh-out-loud moments.


DSC00106 (Large)

Just in case you were wondering, that “King of the Nerds” logo isn’t there for branding purposes.


For someone who isn’t a reality TV show guy in the least, there has always been something about King of the Nerds that is undoubtedly different and has managed to keep my interest the last two seasons as a result. However, having now interacted with all involved off-camera, the bond that is apparent between the show’s executives, producers, contestants and hosts demonstrates that King of the Nerds is more than just a reality TV series, it’s a community of people who aren’t ashamed to celebrate their passions: it’s a family. A family Geek Outlaw feels a part of just from watching, and one that anybody else can feel a part of too.


DSC00158 (Large)

Still trying to get Mr. Armstrong to draw up those adoption papers.


[Season 3 of King of the Nerds airs FRIDAYS at 9/8c on TBS]



BONUS PHOTOS: King of the Nerds Season 3 Premiere Party!


DSC00162 (Large)

For those readers who like me to spell things out for them more often.

DSC00132 (Large)

Master of ceremonies, guest of Podthingys and contestant on reality shows – is there anything Ivan Van Norman doesn’t do?

DSC00128 (Large)

Unfortunately, the party furniture budget got blown on Fritos and Slim Jims.


DSC00166 (Large)

I asked her for her number, but I don’t think she understood.

It’s not a press event without a gratuitous backdrop solo shot.

DSC00135 (Large)

Never accept a drink from an assassin… unless it’s free. Always take free drinks from oddly dressed strangers.

DSC00092 (Large)

Just what I always wanted… a shuffleboard table that requires a PhD to play!

DSC00095 (Large)

I asked for her number as well, but she was stone cold silent.

DSC00039 (Large)

I don’t often party with nerds, but when I do…

Three out of the five lovely ladies are either making eyes at me or Brad Pitt is making rabbit ears behind my head. (I’m willing to put money on the latter.)

Boldly holding what no hair clip has held before.

DSC00019 (Large)

It’s not a nerd party unless your $2 snacks are protected by $200 action figures.

DSC00127 (Large)

Putting the “nerd” in social media… assuming all those letters were actually in there to begin with.





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