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EVENT: Just Add Geeks – WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Grows in Lock Step with Attendance (Part 2)

P1010605 (Large)

First rule of Cosplay Club, there are no rules… except rules 2-632 which Hot Nerd Girl created.


Being a self-described veteran (in my own mind) of the West Coast comic-book convention circuit, I can personally attest to the claim that more patrons attending a comic-con does not necessarily translate into an equal amount of additional con-goers donning the threads—and common household supplies—to emulate their favorite pop culture icons.

Evidence Sample A of this is the big boy con of them all in San Diego. Of the 100,000-plus attendees who gather at the week-long nerd-fest, only a small sliver of them actually dress up in anything other than a Spider-Man t-shirt and cargo shorts or spandex shorts. For every Catwoman or Poison Ivy you see, there are another 7,000 people dressed in four-day old clothes taking photos of said costumed fans.


P1010789 (Large)

You gotta hand it to him, his claim is pretty bulletproof.


On the other hand, smaller shows, like SDCC’s younger sibling WonderCon, continue to prove that the majority of geeks and nerds prefer to play dress up at smaller shows where the ratio of costumed heroes is much higher to those who partake in a more comfortable wardrobe. Comfort may actually be the main reason many in San Diego prefer the casual clothing route seeing as the massive amount of walking and the potential to get trampled by an unending barrage of nerd herds makes them think twice before transforming into an alter ego whose wardrobe consists of more than blue jeans and a tank top.


P1010720 (Large)

Because even sinister organizations need a slice of pizza every now and again.


That may have been what impressed me so much about this year’s WonderCon. For an event that seemingly doubled in size in only one year (see Part 1 of my WonderCon coverage), the amount of those participating in the costume festivities felt as if it doubled as well. Not only was the quantity noticeably up, but so was the quality. If anything, WonderCon is quickly making a name for itself as the West Coast convention to attend for the growing list of folks who have a better chance of hitting the Mega Millions lottery than the SDCC ticket lottery.

On that note, I now present the best of cosplay from WonderCon 2014 (at least the best I was able to talk into being showcased on the blog):


 The Bat, The Cat, and That 70’s DC Show

P1010804 (Large)

Batman vs Travolta. Are you listening Warner Bros?

Never trust a woman in leather or cap ‘n bells. (Unless they offer you candy in an unmarked white van with tinted windows. Then it’s okay.)

P1010663 (Large)

Never have I been so turned on while getting smashed by a 7′-long rubber mallet.

P1010614 (Large)

Believe it or not, I play hockey with this guy’s co-worker (No, I don’t mean Robin.)

P1010522 (Large)

Freeze! Or I’ll… freeze you!



A “Marvel-ous” Weekend Indeed

I couldn’t look anymore awkward if I tried. On second thought…

Notice how oblivious Hot Nerd Girl and I am to the fact Mr. Stark is about rip my head off.

The Outlaw and Mr. Rogers protecting WonderCon from barfing gnomes and Wonderland wanderers.

P1010816 (Large)

Garfield who?



Star Wars, Spaceballs and Lucas, Oh My!

P1010669 (Large)

At this point am I the only one who would prefer another Spaceballs movie over another Star Wars flick?

P1010658 (Large)

“I see your helmet is bigger than mine.”

P1010347 (Large)

It’s nice to see the Dark Lord focusing his time on animal welfare.

P1010486 (Large)

3 inches from me and he still can’t aim the gun directly at me.

P1010501 (Large)

“It’s an Outlaw!”

First ever George Lucas cosplay… or is it?  (Also pictured is Gregarious Geek Chris Monfiletto and the always detective-like Hot Nerd Girl.)

It’s hard to be an imposing leader when your nickname is “Chicken Legs.”

P1010648 (Large)

I’m not going to lie, it’s the first time I’ve ever been attracted to an Ewok. (Ok, ok… the second.)

P1010689 (Large)

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like a malt beverage right about now?



We came, we saw, we paid respects to Ramis!

P1010747 (Large) These are my people, err… Busters.

P1010392 (Large)

Getting social with the Bay Area Ghostbusters.

P1010676 (Large)

“So yeah… shouldn’t you buy me dinner first?”


Steampunkers Heating up the Con Floor

P1010800 (Large)

No, that’s not a life size Steampunk doll, but rather real life Steampunk geek Marie Keesheau.

This pic was so “steamy” the Outlaw had to have a towel on hand for excessive perspiration.

Capt. Seekerman (far right) and crew demonstrating all hands on deck with the Outlaw.

P1010692 (Large)

“WonderCon gives you motorized glowing wings!”



Animation (& Video Game) Domination… DOH!

P1010438 (Large)

We just saw the line for the bathroom… and it was awesome!

“I don’t want to look like a weirdo. I’ll just go with the muumuu.”

P1010377 (Large)

Never in my life have I wanted so badly to be an annoying animated rabbit.

“Beam us up Scotty… and prepare a room for five.”

I thought I’d never be attracted to women with more facial hair than myself, but here we are.

Everyone can relax, I found a new mushroom supplier.

P1010380 (Large)

Ms. Croft after only two hours on the WonderCon floor.

P1010723 (Large)

“Autobots, transform and roll out to the food court.”

P1010796 (Large)

Finally, I’m not the ugliest guy in the photo!



When in Disney, do as the Disneyans do

P1010786 (Large)

More princesses than you’ll find at a Jewish deli. (And yes, I’m Jewish, so I have Kosher license to tell that joke.)

P1010794 (Large)

Before you jump to conclusions, I was not staring at Ariel’s butt, I just liked her use of Sebastian. Okay, maybe I was staring at her butt a little … maybe fixated is a better word?

P1010523 (Large)

She looked at my stuff and thought it was neat, so I decided to make her part of our blog.

P1010754 (Large)

Well, Howdy part-nerd and part-toy.



Last but Not Least, the Rest of the Best

As cute and intimidating (respectively) as the originals.  Plus, how could I not take a photo next to my puppy’s namesake?

P1010651 (Large)

I felt bad for this guy and gave him a dollar until he informed me he drove a Lexus.  I asked for my dollar back.

Colonel Stars and Stripes (aka Bay Area Ghostbuster in disguise) getting ready to kick my a$$.

P1010587 (Large)

See any similarities between us? That’s right, we both like stuff and things.

Proof that paleness is contagious.

Tell me, my dear Mama Jedi Watson, did Sherlock always have an iPhone at his disposal?

Cosplayer & Model Bernadette Bentley proving that outlaws and warrior princesses can get along.

“Hello? McFly? Why don’t you make like a tree and pose for Geek Outlaw.”

Either that’s a rocket on his back, or he’s happy to see that girl’s not photo-bombing his picture.

Presenting the first kid who won’t be embarrassed when his parents share his baby album with his future wife.

“If it bleeds, we can donate it’s vital fluids to the Red Cross.”

P1010362 (Large)

Heck, even meth kingpins need a little downtime to play Words With Friends on occasion.



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