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EVENT: John Williams Lights up the Night and the Lightsabers at the Hollywood Bowl


The show title was actually longer, but it was split up into a seven book series.


First Stan Lee, now John Williams.  Lovingly self-labeled as the “See them Live before its Too Late” tour, it looks as though my theme for 2013 is to witness some of the living legends of our geeky pop-culture in person before they go to that big cosmic comic book store in the sky (of which I hope has better prices than the establishments down here).


Before everyone gets up in arms, I have zero ill will towards either, nor have I had supernatural premonitions with regards to the future life events of the above-mentioned white-haired super-stars.  However, using the basic laws of math, science, and the ability to chew solid foods, it can be deduced by anyone with a preschool education that the opportunities to see such magnificent men live in the flesh are ever decreasing.



What he was born to do.


If the goal is to see them excel in their trade, then the above statement holds especially true for John Williams, who is the world’s most renowned living musical composer.  How can I make such a bold statement?  Through music, the man has single-handedly brought to life and given an unmistakable audible identity to some of the biggest pop-culture phenomena of several generations, including Star Wars, Superman, E.T., Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and more recently, Harry Potter.  (Bonus points if you noticed most of these works, minus Potter, are Spielberg productions.  I’m thinking they might be buddies, no?)



Presenting our future generation:
Finding new ways to use a an expensive replica light saber on a daily basis.


At 81 years young, the gentleman who originates from Queens, NY is still performing to sold-out crowds and should be tapped for new installments of Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and Star Wars (or it would prove to be a crime against humanity).



Cosplay at an outdoor orchestra concert?
Never underestimate the power of a geek.



Sometimes representing one fandom at a time just isn’t enough.
(Have you not seen my banner picture?!)



Remember, Geek Outlaw is family friendly… 90% of the time.
(Well, maybe more like 70%… ok, ok at least half!)


Those with an intimate knowledge of all things Geek Outlaw – all things NC-17 and under anyway – know of my rather vigorous fascination (another word for obsession) with movie scores and their ability to make or break a film.  Thus, when the prospect of seeing the legend conduct the also famed Los Angeles Philharmonic finally presented itself at his annual Hollywood Bowl concert appearance conducting a week ago, I decided nothing was going to stop me from seeing the legend live, not even an extraterrestrial archaeologist dinosaur using the powers of the dark side.



I was approximately 37 football fields away and a sweaty mess, but I was there.


Introducing the man responsible for all of those catchy themes stuck in your head.


On that “note,” I’m going to leave the rest of the “notes” to Mr. Williams himself and provide you with my live video from the event.  If you only have time to view a few videos, make sure to check out the Star Wars themes.  The light saber-wielding nerdom in the crowd made for a truly epic experience!



So menacing even his own mother leaned away.
(Or it was the long black robe in conjunction with the 110% humidity.)


WARNING:  I did partake in a few drinks pre-concert, so the boisterous cackling and annoying “Na na, na na” sing-a-long you hear during the beginning of a few videos is none other than Outlaw himself getting caught up in the moment.  Can you blame an Outlaw?  Oh yeah, and excuse the shakiness.

Maestro, please…



Leading the geeks to A New Hope at 81 years strong.

A New Hope lights up the Hollywood Bowl.



It all started with a few basic building blocks…

Leave it to Lego to explain the origins of the now iconic Imperial March.



Quick, somebody get me the number for 911, Nerds have invaded Hollywood!

And the Bowl Strikes Back.



“To do Indy 5, or not to do Indy 5? That is the question.”

I was hoping they would play the rest of the movie, but Outlaws can’t be choosers.



As you can see, the Jones boys also enjoyed the show.

Quite simply the best action-hero theme of all-time.  Yes, I said it.



Before there was Drebin, there was Clouseau.

If you love to laugh (although not as oddly as I do), then the Pink Panther tribute is must see geek TV.



The LA Phil “phones home”.

The theme of the original alien that introduced the Reeses Pieces diet plan.



“I’m king of the wizarding world!”

A John Williams tribute to movie magic takes “flight”.



“Pictures of this part, none there are. Video, watch you must.”

Some TV classics with Mr. Williams and the LA Phil.



Take a bow sir, you deserve it.

Hooray for Holly… errr, Williams-wood!


From beginning to end it was a truly magical evening of music, geekery and nostalgia with one of the most talented composers of the last century.  If there was any minute blemish on the evening, it was that not a single note of Williams’ score from Jurassic Park was on the docket, which is a personal favorite of mine.  I guess there is always next year, and from the look of it, many more years still to come.


Mr. Williams got upstaged by a Panther, and a pink one at that!
(I’ll give guest narrator Julie Andrews a pass… this time.)



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