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EVENT: iam8bit’s The X-Files Art Gallery is Proof the Love for Mulder & Scully is Still Out There

X-Files Art Main

Life presenting art, representing sci-fi, imitating life.


For some, Valentine’s Day is a time of love, an artery clogging supply worth of chocolate and overpriced plant life which requires a credit check during the small holiday window. For others, it’s a 24 hour period of loneliness, despair, and devouring an oil-tanker’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked… and in many cases while half baked.

However, for this perpetually single Outlaw it’s a day to celebrate all of the things I love, including my “shiny” pup Kaylee, my loving family who has not disowned me (yet), and two fictional FBI agents whom continue to investigate cases of the paranormal despite every conspiracy theory ever concocted standing in their way.



Yes, I spent Valentine’s Day drooling over a mini-mural of Mulder’s office. Don’t judge me!


DSC02992 DSC02993 DSC02994




(Click above to enlarge more detailed photos of Mulder’s incredible Mini-Mural office.)


That’s right, my forever Valentines are special agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Yes, even Mulder… not that’ there’s anything wrong with that.  With The X-Files in the midst of a glorious revival mini-series after a 15-year hiatus, it only made sense for me to honor my adoration of the franchise in some fashion or another. What better way than to do it than through art! (And by do it, I’m referencing the ‘honor’ reference. At this point in my life, anything else would require a willing partner signing a contract promising not to sue due to length of session.)



Peer pressure is no joke. I’m at a pack and a conspiracy a day.


Thanks to the iam8bit Art Studio in Los Angeles, CA, I got lucky. (Again, not what you think.) It just so happened the little studio tucked away on the infamous boulevard of Sunset was showcasing a gallery of art to coincide with the FBI comeback kids return to prime time television. Titled “Conspiracies, Monsters and Mythology”, the limited two-week exhibition displayed dozens of artists’ own unique pieces inspired by the iconic sci-fi show.




In another twist of good fortune, I was lucky enough to convince a fellow X-Files loyalist to not only attend with me on the event’s final day, but also drive us both to the gallery seeing as one of cupid’s arrows went astray earlier in the weekend and ended up puncturing the radiator in my truck, in turn leaving me with zero transportation outside of my roller blades for three full days. Love is an expensive emotion to say the least.



A young Fox shining a light on some “X”ceptional pieces of work.


The huge new dent to my bank account notwithstanding, the trip to see The X-Files creative side through the fanbase’s more artistic perspective was worth the free price of admission. Although it could be argued the art I purchased for myself and the official X-Files coloring book I bought for my mom made up for the absence of cover charge.



Posing with my newly acquired “The Things We’ve Seen” Mulder Mind print. Can you see the resemblance?


Coloring Book ALL

Where keeping between the lines is a matter of extraterrestrial life or death.


Even though yet another Valentine’s passed for this Outlaw while solo, it goes without saying “I want to believe” the Outlawette is out there. Until then however, I’ll always have Mulder and Scully… in printed 18 x24 format anyway.



“Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Two FBI special agents walk into a forest…”


Visit iam8bit’s online store to check out all the work that was on display and purchase what still remains of the limited edition X-Files art still out there:



Except this masterpiece. Sadly, it wasn’t available for sale nor did it fit under my jersey.





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