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EVENT: Ghostbusters goes Artistic on its 30th Anniversary with Gallery 1988’s Traveling Exhibit

Up until recently, my idea of art lied somewhere between the mashed potatoes I meticulously sculpted into what I thought resembled the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the reminisce of my beard trimmings which I carefully rearranged into the outline of an Ewok on my bathroom counter.


Geek Outlaw Rear

To LA Weekly’s credit, they captured Geek Outlaw’s better side.

[Photo courtesy of LA Weekly]


Nonetheless, that all changed a few years ago when I started my tenure on the comic convention circuit where my eyes were opened to the vast array of creative endeavors revolving around all of my current and past favorite pop culture properties. The whole journey has also opened up my wallet in ways I could have never—this still manages to bring me to tears to this day.


P1010958 (Large)

An event where window shopping isn’t even an option.


Seriously, I’ve opened my bank account to so many incredible pieces of original Ghostbusters, X-Files, Spider-Man and Transformers fine art that it would make more sense to open my own framing store rather than take everything to a local framing retailer. That doesn’t even count the extra 19 bedrooms I’m going to need to properly display each piece once it’s been immortalized behind overpriced glass and wood.

Hence you can understand my slight trepidation, yet overwhelming excitement when I heard that Gallery 1988 would be putting on a traveling Ghostbusters art show in honor of the film’s 30th Anniversary since its release.


P1030058 (Large)

G is for Geek Outlaw (or not, but it sounded good, right?).


Seeing as the first showing in New York was about 2400 miles out of my way, I settled on visiting the second leg of the trip held at Gallery 1988’s studio in Los Angeles, CA from May 17th – June 1st. Upon driving by the studio on the opening day of the Ghostbusters event, I was utterly shocked to see a line close to a quarter-mile long and six people wide wrapped around Melrose Ave waiting to get into the exhibit. It was a sight that brought a smile to my face, and I’m sure the gallery owners as well.


P1030047 (Large)

I hate it when someone leaks my appearance schedule.


To be fair, at about 10 feet wide and 75 feet deep, the gallery itself required you step outside just to change your mind. However, if you are a Ghostbusters fan, once inside the cramped quarters, the experience was akin to being a kid in a very expensive candy shop where you don’t actually eat your spoils.


P1030020 (Large)

If you were ever curious what it was like viewing and purchasing art in an elevator shaft, wonder no more.


From glow-in-the-dark terror dog prints to Twinkie homages, if it was in Ghostbusters, it was on display in every conceivable artistic styling one could dream of.  While my mind was dreaming of needing a house with an additional bedroom, my wallet was pleading with me to either lock it away permanently or permanently disable it ala Theon Greyjoy.  Fortunately, we struck a compromise and I walked away with just two prints of artist DKNG’s simplistic front-facing portrayal of the Ecto-1.  Both complement each other nicely while also allowing for themed decoration during the holidays.


Christmas (and Christmas colors) came early this year for the Outlaw.


Since my words can’t really tell a thousand pictures, I will go ahead and let my photos speak for themselves:

P1030025 (Large)

Fellow Outlaw / SDCC panel compadre Morgan and I taking a quick ectoplasmic sample from everyone’s favorite onion head.

“You’ve only got 75 more to go… but this piece is one of the sweetest.”

Like four peas in a slime pod.

P1010969 (Large)

I was prepared to buy this in a heartbeat… until the $3000 price tag stopped my heart from beating.

P1030029 (Large)

“Yup… that’s the one that got me.”

We came, we saw, we drew its ass!”

“Good artist… Maybe I got a Milkbone?”

P1030015 (Large)


Hey, who am I to turn down a threesome!

P1030009 (Large)

There’s nothing wrong with educational art… assuming you are edumacated.

Before there was Godzilla, there was marshmallows.

“Limited edition art… yes, have some.”

If you could compress the entire film of Ghostbusters into one image, you might get a little something like this.

P1010997 (Large)

“No thanks, I’ll take the next one…”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… why did the paranormal exterminators cross the road?

“There is no reprint, only the original canvas.”

P1010994 (Large)

“Are you the art master?”

Can you guess the flavor?

What’s an art gallery without wearable art?

P1010989 (Large)

“You’re right. No sane person would draw a picture of stacked books like this.”

P1010988 (Large)

“What about the picture of the Twinkie?”

P1010986 (Large)

“Ok… so… she’s a dog.”

If he comes with a hot fudge brownie sundae… I’m in!

I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared of an image of marshmallows in my entire life.

P1010963 (Large)

“Who ya gonna call?”

P1010973 (Large)

A trio of spooky pieces suitable for any ghosthead’s wall.

P1010980 (Large)

So many watercolors… so little Outlaw wall space.

Ooooo… pretty colors!

P1010976 (Large)

Some of the more… errr… interesting pieces on display.

P1010975 (Large)

For those feeling nostalgic about their nostalgia.

P1010971 (Large)

If I had more money and a wall to hang it on, the red version would have been mine.

For those who want a night light that gives them nightmares, there is this light-based piece.

P1010968 (Large)

Speaking of nightmare-inducing art…


Geek Outlaw Front

That is one slimy dude… and that green thing is pretty odd looking too.

[Photo courtesy of LA Weekly –]


[***NEXT EVENT DATES: The next Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters event will be held in Chicago this weekend, June 20th – 22nd. The final leg of the trip will wrap up – appropriately enough – in San Diego on the main floor of Comic-Con International during July 23rd – 27th.]


“I’m going to party like it’s 1988…”



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