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EVENT: Geek Pagentry on Display at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con


Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl proving that geeks and style can co-exist.
(Well, maybe in her case.)


Asking a geek, nerd, or any other socially awkward individual to dress up as one of their beloved fictional characters is like asking Charlie Sheen if he wants an adult beverage for breakfast.  If the answer surprises you, then you have much to learn about Geek culture.


The largest yearly migration of geeks known to mankind again descended upon San Diego this summer and with them they brought their passion of dressing up like anything from zombie versions of the Care Bears to confused renditions of Spock wielding a Jedi light saber and My Little Pony dolls.



I’m still trying to figure out who these guys were… and so were they.


In short, think Halloween on steroids.  I don’t say that because everyone has a costume, but more so because a large percentage of geeks that do dress the part big.  Trust me when I tell you that most cosplayers – as they are affectionately referred to in the realm of the nerd world – put some major time and money into their creations, so much so that they even eclipse the real deal.


My point was confirmed when Hugh Jackman (best known for his portrayal of the clawed mutant Wolverine) admitted to the crowd at the X-Men Future’s Past Panel that not only was he walking the floor as his popular X-Men character in full getup, but only one person stopped him to take a picture.  If that wasn’t enough, the one individual commented on how his costume looked good, but he was much too tall to for which the accuracy of Wolverine needed.  Hey, we geeks are a particular bunch, even when it comes to the stars who play our heroes on screen.


Wolverine Short

“Nah ah, Wolverine is supposed to be this high!”


To be sure, even I’m guilty of falling victim to not noticing a certain celebrity someone in full regalia, although he noticed me.  While walking through the outer hallway, I noticed a gentleman in a Loki costume, that was indeed spot-on.  Furthermore, the man in the gold and green outfit looked like a dead ringer for the Tom Hiddleston version of the character down to the last skin cell on his face.  After what seemed like an unending stare-down as I strolled by, I was later told that Mr. Hiddleston was indeed in full costume for the Thor 2 panel that had ended not to long after I walked by.



“Hey YOU in the Ghostbusters jersey and X-Files cowboy hat!
How you doin?”


I was tempted to go up and compliment him on the suit, but my mind was focused on checking the Lost and Found for the 846th time to see if my camera had shown up.  Yes, Geek Outlaw’s professional point-and-shoot was lost and/or stolen which left me to the rest of my devices, which was my not so great cell phone shooter.  I’m more so bummed that I had about a dozen great shots of fellow cosplayers on there that will probably never see the light of day… unless of course the person in possession of my camera happens to be a fellow Outlaw.  If so, please contact me at


On that happy note, I will stop by chattering and let the pictures – and to a lesser extent – my musing caption do the rest of the talking.  Enjoy PartNerds !


The (Cos) Players:



So realistic, you’d think it was the real thing.
(I wasn’t sticking around to find out.)


I know SD Comic-Con is insanely crowded, but no need to lose your head over it.
(Don’t forget to tip your server…)


Here’s to hoping this beautiful viking maiden hasn’t heard of Lorena and John Bobbit.


So nice I had to show Hot Nerd Girl twice.
(Even though it contradicts her suitors last name.)


Claudia Wells admiring her past self and wishing she had her own flux-carrying Delorean.
(But don’t we all?)


“I got the whole world – and three blondes – in my hands, I got the whole wide world…”


“Holy double brick-builder Batman! There’s just a little guy in all that Lego awesomeness.”


Going where no Outlaw has gone before… with the exception of last year.


How to spot those that don’t make finding a seat at one of the Comic-Con panels their first priority.


“Hellllllllllllllooooooo Outlaw!”
(Only because I could tell she was getting tired of hearing nurse.)


Q: What do you get when you add one outlaw plus one outlaw.
A: One bad-ass picture.


The best part? He let me shoot him out of a cannon after the picture.


Quite possibly my favorite of the entire weekend.
It brought me back to my childhood and made me feel short all at once!

The Fanfare:


I’m a sucker for a hero in a star-spangled uniform.


“If it makes money, we can milk it.”


Hmmm, I wonder what these fleshy individuals this this prison like setting are here for…


… ahh, that’s what it is. So anyone ever heard of this Walking Dead show?


What can I say, he wanted to wear the hat.


Is CGI going backwards or is the Shire and it’s inhabitants looking a little blocky these days?


“Hey, chicks love it. It’s a sSaggy wagon.”

New Batman Lego

“I… AM… Made of blocks!”

The (Cos) Nightlife:


The first stop on our Friday night out.
(Sadly, the bar didn’t live up to it’s name.)


Best friend and Outlaw wing-man Jerry donning the infamous hat and whip once more.


Jerry letting everyone know what we think of the Vancouver Canucks green whatchmacallits that wearing green tights is so 2012.


During our evening out, Jerry found Captain Jack.
(He found a guy dressed like him outside the bar as well.)


Hard to see since the night is dark and there are two Dark Knights, but I’m pretty certain one of them is wearing a Batman Snuggie.


“You… light up my life…”
(Ok, ok… I’ll stop singing… for now.)


Anyone who things the webslinger doesn’t like to party, obviously hasn’t been to Comic-Con.


This handsome devil got at least 10 comments of my likeness to Andrew Lincoln and his alter-ego Rick Grimes. I don’t see it, but maybe this Outlaw has a new cosplay options down the road…?




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