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EVENT: Geek Outlaw Transforms and Rolls Out to the 2013 BotCon


So I’m curious, is it bad karma to leave Optimus hanging on a fist bump?


Ever have one of those moments where one second you feel like one of the most passionate individuals to traverse the plant with regards to a specific subject matter, and in the next instant you feel like manufacturing your own custom dunce cap, except you conveniently forgot how to spell the word “dunce”?


I had just one of those out-of-body type experiences as I walked onto the floor of the 2013 Transformers BotCon on June 29th in San Diego, CA. (Supposedly home to another infamous convention… or so I’ve heard.)



Yeah, but will the free drink coupons still be valid?


Having been a Transformers junkie ever since I was 6-years-old when my parents presented me with my very first Optimus Prime – the original G1 version (aka first generation) that I still own today – I have followed the “Robots in Disguise” fairly religiously for the better part of the last 30 years.


Suffice it to say, “fairly religiously” translates to “casual hobbyist” in this day and age where failing to follow and understand every facet of the 17 comic book realities, the 43 varying toy lines, 189 cartoon series, and the movie verse of a specific franchise makes one a relative rookie.  Dare I say, for a few minutes after stepping into convention hall, I felt like I had a life. Alas, it was a fleeting moment.



Forget 40 years, with a collection like this, your virginity may end up suffering a life sentence.


Not that there’s anything WRONG with being a master of a geek domain, on the contrary I find myself jealous of those with sponge like minds who can absorb – and more importantly retain – the minute details of things like what car wash Optimus Prime went to in issue #174 of the series Transformers Get Waxed.  I just wish I had the time and the memory to keep details like that from getting pushed out by other trivial details such as remembering to eat and take a shower once a week.



Giving the Outlaw an all access security pass?
The organizers are brave, I’ll give them that much.


The main vendor and artist room wasn’t the biggest convention floor, I’d ever seen, but seeing how this was my first fandom specific con, it was one of the most impressive conglomerations of Transformers toys – new and old – that I have ever seen compiled under one roof in my entire life.  I felt like I was 6-years-old again, thought to be honest that isn’t a stretch based on the fact I still feel (and sometimes act) like a 13-year-old a significant portion of my day.



For a minute, I thought I died and went to Autobot heaven.
(At least I was told all Autobots go to heaven…)


Due to the size of the floor, and the repetitious nature of the panel schedules daily, I was able to soak in everything I wanted to (and everything offered for that matter) in a half-a-days’ time.  Since the realization that I’m a more mainstream Transformers fan these days, the big Hasbro and IDW panels I attended didn’t reveal anything that caused me to faint or rethink my purpose on the planet, but with all of the intriguing new toy and comic announcements coinciding with the 30th Anniversary over the next year, they did manage to make me ponder the question; “what the hell have I been doing with the last 30 years of my life.”


With my obligatory 2 cents out of the way, I will now roll out the rest of my blog with my photographic visual captures from the event. (Also referred to as my digital camera photos.)



The Humans in Disguise:


There are more to these incredibly detailed outfits that would make Bay do a double take, than meets the eye…



… and there he is!



Underneath that beautiful Prime Cliff Jumper costume is a beautiful woman.
(Yes, you heard me right. There is a woman under all that… and a cute one no less.)



Right after I turned my head, she tried to take over my blog.
(Yes, I said she again… and another good looking young lady might I add.)



Fellow Outlaw whose name I will provide ont his caption once I find where I wrote it down.
(I’ve met at least one loyal Outlaw at every con I’ve been to since starting the blog a year ago… not too shabby for a guy in a Ghostbuster jersey and cowboy hat.)




The Artists and my New Souvenirs:



Me love Dinobots, and me love anyone that draws them.
So me love IDW More Than Meets the Eyes artist Alex Milne.
(You know, the platonic fanboy kind of love.)





Being it was mere days until 4th of July, Transformer artist Casey W. Coller’s stoic Optimus Prime with U.S. flag appealed to my patriotic side.





What can I say, I have a soft spot for massive unwieldy dinosaurs that turn into massive unwieldy robots. Artist Dan Khanna does as well.





Pass up an exclusive print of a IDW Dinobot comic by Mr. Matere for $4?
I might be weird, but I ain’t crazy.





Did you really think I would leave the floor without buying some sort of Transformer?
Meet Leader Class Ironhide, my favorite form the Bay Movie-verse… for obvious reasons.



I think I was the only person over the course of a 4 day Transformer collection to buy a Spider-Man figure.
(Hey, at $5, my spider-sense was tingling.)



The Panels:


Nothing like a 30th anniversary of a toy you used to play with growing up to make you feel geriatric.



If you have yet to learn I have an obsession with these guys, you haven’t been attending Outlaw class.



A glimpse of what IDW Comics has done with one of the worlds most popular franchises.



The IDW Panel: Can you spot the “Outlaw in Disguise”?



As one of my most beloved Transformers growing up, this was quite possibly the most exciting announcement of both panels combined.



Yes, there is a Transformers Hall of Fame. This was one of those “I’m glad I get outside once-in-a-while kind of moments”.





More Toys:


At over 2 feet tall, the new Metroplex is the largest Transformer Hasbro has ever produced, and the first one that is actually taller than me.




I kid you not when I say these custom painted Transformers start at around $2000 and go up from there.
(For those times when paying your mortgage or sending your kid to college just doesn’t seem like the wisest of options.)






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