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EVENT: Geek Outlaw “Suits” Up for the 2014 Writers of the Future Awards Show

DSC01833 (Large)

NerdBFFs like you’ve never seen them before… in formal wear.


It’s not often that I forego my now infamous Geek Outlaw garb (a patched together Ghostbusters hockey jersey and Kohl’s clearance black jeans) for more formal attire. However, last month I did just that as I, Hot Nerd Girl and my podcast co-host Erika “Spunky Destructor” attended the 30th anniversary of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Award show on April 13th, 2014.


DSC01900 (Large)

The other beautiful young lady (to my left) helped make the evening possible for me and my NBFF.


Now before I traverse any further, I’m going to address the huge religious polka-dotted elephant in the room which is L. Ron Hubbard’s not so secret link to the ideology that causes celebrities to hide in proverbial closets and jump on talk show couches. With that said, all members of our party were assured this event was based on a legitimate contest that celebrates the works of up-and-coming writers (and illustrators) in the science fiction genre. After thinking about the proposition to cover the red carpet for the event, I took them at their word as I’m a trusting individual. Let me rephrase: a trusting individual who has serious issues turning down an after party with free drinks and dessert appetizers.


DSC01839 (Large)

It came from outer space… or possibly the apartment across the street.


While the red carpet itself was roughly about as long as a doormat in comparison to an awards show like the Oscars, the setup was very well setup and it was almost an out-of-body experience seeing “Geek Outlaw” written on an index card indicating my spot within the press area. If you haven’t yet figured it out, I tend to be more on the humble and modest side when it comes to these types of things.


DSC01971 (Large)

What Hot Nerd Girl thinks about the whole Geek Outlaw being “humble and modest” thing.


While I can’t speak for Hot Nerd Girl or Spunky Destructor—since my voice doesn’t go that high—for my money, the press experience ended up being the highlight of the evening. Being able to speak with the likes of Leland Melvin (Astronaut), June Scobee Rodgers (wife of Challenger astronaut Dick Scobee) Scott Orson Card (author of Ender’s Game), Kevin Anderson (author of Dune and X-Files fiction) and Robert J. Sawyer (author of Flash Forward) was undeniably a tremendous experience.


DSC01892 (Large)

“Ending” my interview with a Orson Scott Card.


On that mouthful of a teaser, I’m going to turn it over to the video interviews and let them do the rest of the talking for this piece (most of it anyway). I invite you to enjoy the sights and sounds that are the red carpet fanfare of the 30th Writers of the Future Awards show!


DSC01960 (Large)

“Look ma, no legs!”


June Scobee Rodgers
(Wife to late Challenger astronaut Dick Scobee)


Leland D Melvin
(Astronaut and former wide-receiver draftee of the Detroit Lion)


Orson Scott Card
(Author of Ender’s Game)


Robert J Sawyer
(Author of Flash Forward)


Kevin J Anderson
(Author of Dune and X-Files fiction)


After the entertaining, yet lengthy (but what awards ceremony isn’t?), ceremony came to a conclusion, we all had an opportunity to get our gratis copy of this year’s anthology signed by all of the winners who were honored during the event just minutes prior.  This was all well and good, but my main goal of the after party was hunting down the voice of Bart Simpson—Nancy Cartwright—in the flesh, as she was one of the presenters of the evening who managed to narrowly escape the gravitational pull of my cowboy hat and Simpsons tie.

“Why you little!”


We were however successful in nabbing a little face time and a photo opportunity with well known writer Tim Powers, whose 1988 novel On Stranger Tides was optioned for Disney’s fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film.


DSC02034 (Large)

And of course, guess who is chopped liver again…


The entire event proved to be not only entertaining, but a huge learning experience for me regarding the world of awards shows and press coverage.  The big question is: would I ever want to do these types of events in the future?  My initial answer is a resounding yes, although that’s assuming there is an open bar for the media pre-red carpet.  Even though this was a small event, there were a few times I felt hard pressed to try and capture all of the interviews I wanted to—hence my missing the presence of Mrs. Cartwright.  Despite not getting to meet the voice of Springfield’s 4th grade bad-boy, I was still able to locate several servers handing out heavenly chocolate pastries like there was no tomorrow.  And for that, I’d do it all over again.


DSC01866 (Large)

Right after I asked Leland if they can eat pastries in space.



The 2014  Top Award Winners:

Golden Pen Award: Memories Bleed Beneath the Mask by Randy Henderson

DSC02029 (Large)

“I’m so happy, I could write!”


Golden Brush Award: Trevor Smith

DSC02023 (Large)

Draw partner! No literally… draw something for me will ya?


(Huge thanks to John Goodwin and Andrea of Galaxy Press for the invite and to Steve Moyer for helping to get everything situated for our arrival!)




  1. Rob Viens says:

    I had no idea Flash Forward was a novel either. Definitely going to have to check that out. Another sci-fi series that was canceled just when it was getting really good.

  2. This seems like an awesome event. I went to the site of Writers of the Future contest and that is pretty sweet too — it is great to see more people writing science fiction. It would have been totally cool to meet up with the voice of Bart Simpson, I agree — but it looks like there were some other pretty amazing people there that you got a chance to see and talk to like Orson Scott Card! Maybe next time!

    • Surprisingly, it was actually a great event! I too was a bit bummed by not getting a chance to speak with Bart (Doh!) but like you said, I’m sure I’ll get my chance at some point… hopefully!

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