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EVENT: Geek Outlaw & Hot Nerd Girl go behind the booth for the 2014 LA Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention

IMG_4531 fb (Large)

“You wouldn’t shoot an unarmed man wearing toy figures would you?”
(FYI, she might.)


For the better part of the past two years, I have been toiling away at comic conventions with my NerdBff, Hot Nerd Girl, handing out free swag and extolling the virtues of Geek Outlaw for anyone who would listen, but mainly to those who I annoyed the ever loving patience out of until they heard me out.  I’ll be the first to admit, it’s quite the ordeal to suffer through for a free sticker, but the allure behind getting anything free in this economy is often too powerful to pass up.

It is with great fanfare that I’m happy to proclaim that after 24 months of chasing you down the aisles and begging for your readership, I decided to plead with you, the nerd masses, from the other side of the aisle.  It was time to plead for your readership from the comfort of my own comic-con booth.


DSC01549 (Large)

Heck, I’m even willing to plead with first-graders.


Even despite my mediocre looks, beer belly, and three loyal followers, I felt it important not to go this venture alone.  Thus I conned, errr convinced NBFF Hot Nerd Girl that starting to hit the show circuit with our own booth displays might be a worthwhile undertaking for both of our communities.  After twisting her arm several times until Sunday, I got my extremely attractive friend on board and the stage was set for what could have been a make or break event.

One thing we didn’t do was approach this event half-heartedly.  In spite of us relatively small size, Hot Nerd Girl and I invest a few bucks in high quality banners, banner stands, photos and other free giveaways to make our booth one of, if not THE most professional space in the whole location.  We figured if we’re going to go down in flames, at least we’d look good doing so.  Although technically, the booth would look good doing so as would Hot Nerd Girl.  I on the other hand, would just go down in a heap of 80’s toys.  But, I digress…


DSC01546 NEW (Large)

The difference between us and every other booth, we make this look good.


With that grand build up, I’m sure you want to know how it went, or you’d like the last 90 seconds of your life back from reading this post.  While I can’t help you with the latter without a Flux Capacitor infused Delorean, what I can tell you is, the Outlaw/Nerd Girl booth went well, even better than expected when one considers our main reason for being there, to talk to nerds and geeks like you!


DSC01550 (Large)

This young lady actually MADE this Simpsons button down for her man.
(How come all the good ones are taken?)


From the minute the doors open to the second vendors started packing up, Hot Nerd Girl and I spent countless hours with convention-goers, artists, and vendors alike.  We even managed to sign up a few new would-be fans along the way with over 60 new in person sign-ups.  When considering the size off the event and our location, close to half the traffic stopped by our booth to see what the NerdBFF writing duo was all about.


DSC01552 (Large)

When a lovely young lady asks if they can wear your hat, “you say YES!”


Some of the highlights of the show included HNG and I doing a dual interview with USC radio along with meeting the organizers of a new geek-based event called Sci-Fest being held in May of this year.  David Dean Bottrell and his lovely partner were there to promote the event which is being described as the first annual LA Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival.  What that is, I have no clue, but you can check it out at, and who knows I may end up going just because it has sci in the title.


DSC01551 (Large)

Matching t-shirts can mean only one thing, it has to be good!


Unfortunately, due to the healthy flow of curious individuals to our table, neither HNG nor I were able to sneak away for a long enough period to check out the rest of the show.  Just being able to make it to the men’s room without soiling myself was a major victory.  That loss of floor time also meant less photos of the event, but luckily we also met professional photographer Sonny Meas ( to take some candid shots of the two booth mates in action as seen directly below as well as in the header photo.


IMG_4525 fb (Large)

Don’t laugh, I do my best work when I’m half asleep.


Luckily, we were planted right next to Georges Jeanty (, one of the cover artists for Dark Horse’s new Serenity comic book series that takes place immediately following the events of the movie.


DSC01562 (Large)

“Like a leaf on the comic-con.”


DSC01579 (Large)

Some signed first issue swag from Georges himself. Could some of this be part of a future Outlaw rewards contest? Stay tuned…


Keeping on the subject of artists, another talented individual also happened to be located caddy corner to our booth, and that individual goes by the name of Jake Bright.  Mr. Bright went above and beyond the call of duty by offering to draw up both Hot Nerd Girl and I in a high quality comic book caricature like fashion.  The results were nothing less than incredible.  You can check out more of his work by clicking his name link above or at if you so please.


DSC01565 (Large)

Mr. Bright in a photo that ironically could have used some more brightness.


DSC01580 (Large)

The only down side of this sketch is that it looks better than the real thing.


The biggest question is, will we do it again?  At this point, we paid enough money on the display material, it would make zero sense not to try our luck again at another con.  Truth be told, Hot Nerd Girl and I already have plans to have a table presence at this year’s first Long Beach Comic-Con taking place May 31st – June 1st, 2014, so start booking your accommodations now!


DSC01545 (Large)

We have no clue what we’re doing, but at least she looks good trying. I on the other hand…


While personally there is something to be said for being able to mosey up and down the aisles and meet people as I walk around the show floors, at some of the smaller cons I can see how having a home base makes it a little easier on this Outlaw’s dogs.  How successful this booth based convention tour ends up being truly hinges on how many people within the fellow geek community stop by to grab their free stuff.  The alternative is to make me chase after you, and you don’t wasn’t to see me chase after you… especially in boots and spurs.


IMG_4529 fb (Large)

What I look like when I miss lunch.





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