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EVENT: Geek Outlaw finds his Identity (Comics) & his Podthingy at the 2015 Long Beach Comic Expo


One big happy photo-shopped family. From L to R: Lars Canty (Identity Comics), John Mulhall (Geddy’s Moon), Blayne Alexander (Idiot Stare), Tracy (Hot Nerd Girl) and some vagrant that decided to wander into the photo.


EVENT: Geek Outlaw finds his Identity (Comics) and his Podthingy at the 2015 Long Beach Comic Expo

I’m starting to wonder if the Outlaw should pick up stakes and move his band of collectibles down to Orange County, CA. It would seem to make sense seeing as I should be a certified member of OPEC based on how much gas I’ve purchased driving back and forth to the area every 4 days for a comic book convention.

The latest trip down to the land of OC was the product of Geek Outlaw’s second booth stint at the Long Beach Comic Expo. Like every other comic convention with exhibitors peddling collectibles at 700 times their actual value, the LBCE has grown exponentially over its predecessor. The feat here is even more impressive considering the 2014 Expo was held in a virtual shoebox compared to the main event space in which this year’s con was held.

Being this was the first convention of the year for your friendly neighborhood Outlaw, it was also a weekend of firsts for the Geek Outlaw booth. After a significant financial investment ($25 plus an I.O.U. of my first born) and an incomprehensible amount of time devoted to market research (roughly 15 minutes) the Outlaw debuted his new logo branding on all sorts of affordably-priced apparel.


DSC00457 (Large)

T-shirts, tank tops…

DSC00455 (Large)

… and hats. Oh my!

 (Interested in some new Outlaw threads? For a limited time, all shirts are $10 and hats are $20! Email me at for info on sizes, styles and colors!)


The weekend also marked the first physical appearance of my anthology for sale in public, with me standing there no less. I graciously signed copies – in turn decreasing the value of the book by 50% – for all two of my adoring fans.


The first suckers… err, loyal Outlaws of the expo to purchase the book containing my short sci-fi story.


Another highlight ‘first’ of this year’s show was my booth merger with Identity Comics. Identity publisher, artist and creative mastermind Lars Canty was so adamant about joining forces with the Outlaw, he offered to cover all my expenses for the booth and the trip. If there is a word in the English language the Outlaw loves more than Ghostbusters, it’s free. Of course it wasn’t a random joining of forces as the Outlaw became a contributing writer for Identity Comics with Verge #2 and will be lending his written verbiage to the independent comic company’s new series, Concrete Shoes.


DSC00413 (Large)

The guy behind the guy behind the booth table. Lars Canty, creator and publisher of Identity Comics.


However, the most exciting news of the weekend may have been the first-ever public appearance of Podthingy together at one booth at a comic convention. Author John Mulhall, Idiot Stare lead singer Blayne Alexander and fellow writer Hot Nerd Girl, were all gathered in one spot for the convention going public. It will hopefully be the first of many appearances, so keep your eyes and ears at attention.


DSC00353 (Large)

Hiding in the shadows as always. (Trust me, it’s for the best.)


If that wasn’t enough, yours truly also took part in his first audio and video interviews at a comic convention. Fanboy Comics – another employer of mine which I happily contribute to – did a little one-on-one with me at the Outlaw’s booth which can be heard via this link.

In addition, Kaleigh Kalani with Sharp Productions invited me to partake in a very entertaining quiz about the iconic Star Trek character Spock in honor of the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy. You can see me in all my goofiness at the following YouTube link:



On the Leonard Nimoy note, a huge thank you to the organizers of the Long Beach Comic Expo for honoring the legendary actor with a special moment of silence with the added Vulcan Salute during the first day of the event. It was an incredible moment and truly surreal in the most amazing way possible.


Spock Tribute

It was only logical. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy.


As is the way of things, I’ve droned on long enough. I know you all would rather see the artists and the costumed geniuses of the show, so without further ado I will present everyone with the most memorable sights of the 2015 Long Beach Comic Expo.



“Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.”

I came, I saw, I bought her art!

Dawn Wolf


What could be better than getting free Deadpool comics at a comic convention?

…getting them directly from the talented Marvel, DC and current Deadpool artist Scott Koblish of course! (And signed no less!)

 Scott Koblish
Link to Marvel Profile
Twitter = @Koblish


When you go to any comic-con, trust no one…

…unless of course it’s pop-culture’s most notorious sci-fi hippie, the loveable Lone Gunman from the X-Files, Dean Haglund!


Like the short run of the show itself, this rare comic is available directly from his site

 Dean Haglund
Twitter = @DHaglund



That’s what friends are for. (King of the Nerds taking out some stress on the punching bag known as the Outlaw, and then taking a breather to pose with his better half.)

Ivan Van Norman
Twitter = @Hydra_Lord



Turtles Collage

Seeing as I crashed this couple’s marriage proposal, I felt obligated as the geek-godfather to bless the adorable mini-turtlette with a free Outlaw tee. (Mind you I charged them for the book.)

Spider-Man Collage

With a new shiny co-deal with Marvel, Spideys of all shapes, ages, colors and sizes came out of the woodwork.

And wherever Spidey goes, his ladies follow suit. Remember, with great power, comes great girlfriends.

A future Mrs. Outlaw? (She obviously wasn’t thrilled about the idea.)

Yet another future Mrs. Outlaw. (I’m going to need another job.)

Kids ask the darndest things!

It took me awhile to see the connection between these two, but I finally got it. They both have long brown hair.

The first customer of my custom Ecto-1 license plate hats. He even paid for it himself!

DSC00415 (Large)

Luigi, check. Princess Peach, check. Weird guy in the sadistic Spy vs Spy outfit, check please.

“I swear Rick, it’s not mine. Put the gun down…”

The crime fighters who color coordinate together, stay together.

If I wasn’t going to hell before, my imagination at this very moment pretty much ensured a one-way ticket.

“Sir, don’t be alarmed, but that shade of red doesn’t entirely go with that black suit.

Proof that the best things come in small sparkly purple and pink spandex packages.

If being cute was a crime, this little Star-Lord would have gotten 5 to 10. (I would have been let off scott-free.)

Make way for Willie! (And get off our lawn!)

“When you wish upon a chimichanga, it makes no difference who you are…”

What sound does the Star Fox make?

The Southland Ghostbusters are ready to believe you… as long as there’s a steady paycheck in it.

I’m not sure why, but when this was taken I had the odd desire to dance to disco while eating a banana.

Some short guys have all the luck.

It’s the well-dressed ones with multiple eyes pieces and magnifying glasses you gotta watch.

“Kato, you fool! Why did you agree to take a photo with this foolish cowboy?”

Apparently “Going Green” to a Victorian Steampunker means something entirely different.

The lovely young lady is also a HUGE Simpsons fan, and I was able to introduce her to former Simpsons animator Mike Morris who was stationed directly across the way.

Believe it or not, this new member of the Outlaw community actually requested a pic… with me in it! (I know, go figure, right?)








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