EVENT: Geek Outlaw Engages the Crowd from Behind the Booth at the 2014 Long Beach Comic Con

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The only thing that separates Geek Outlaw, Mamma Jedi and Hot Nerd Girl from the geeky masses is a $40 plastic Costco table.


Much like there are two sides to every story, there are also two sides to every comic-con. For my example, I’m being quite literal in that there is the view in front of the exhibitor booth and the view behind it.

If you have read the posts – don’t be embarrassed to admit it, even my parents are – on my past adventures behind the booth at the LA Sci-Fi Con and the Long Beach Comic Expo, then you know that the being stationary at a comic convention is nothing new for the Outlaw.


P1060718 (Large)

“There is no Marvel, only DC.” The Southland Ghostbusters stocking up on comics… err, research materials for their next job.


Still, there is something inevitably enthralling about fellow geeks wandering up to your booth to view what you are offering to the nerd world versus being the lookie-loo on the opposite side of the display. To be fair, the Outlaw’s wardrobe already garners enough morbid curiosity that causes con-goers to scratch their collective heads and approach me to ask me if I need a referral to a good neurologist. The nice thing about having a booth is that now those in attendance don’t have to chase me down to inquire.

The 2014 Long Beach Comic-Con not only marked the third time NBFF Hot Nerd Girl and I have cordoned off some floor space to promote our writing abilities (or in my case the lack there of), but it also represented the largest of the bunch thus far. Of course, us writer folk can’t survive on just our words alone, so I definitely made sure to have some extra special swag made up for those looking for some tangible goodies beyond free stickers.


P1060659 (Large)

For the low low price of as much as you can afford, one of these custom Geek Outlaw flasks can be yours too! (No, really. Email me at GeekOutlaw@Outlook.com if you’d like to purchase one or four.)


Another task one must be up to when working events such as these is being able to repeat your story to hundreds of inquisitive attendees over and over and over… and over again. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new prospective Outlaws, especially when they have a genuine interest in picking up something new (aka: reading about me ripping on myself.) It’s the kind of odd indulgence that keeps the doctor referrals rolling in. On the subject of odd endeavors, the highlight of the entire weekend may have been when I crashed a geek wedding proposal live on the convention floor. Obviously my emotions got the best of me as i was inexplicably compelled to join the couples warm embrace (video footage coming soon – hopefully!)

In addition to the new readers, it also brings me great pleasure to continue seeing the close knit convention family that Tracy and I have come to know and love over the past several years of attending weekend geek bashes such as LBCC. This year, Hot Nerd Girl organized a small gathering of like-minded nerds (like-minded in that they like to drink) at the local Irish pub within walking distance of the main event.


Bar Photos

The before and after we destroy our livers photo. Can you tell which is which?


And if it wasn’t already apparent, here is the after after photo.


After all was said and done, the 2014 Long Beach Comic-Con proved to be another successful foray into the world behind the booth. Even if I manage to retain only one of the new Geek Outlaw registrations that signed up over the two-day show, it’s well worth the trip. Now, if I can just figure out which one of these email addresses is real…



P1060785 (Large)

Outlaw artist mainstay Mike Hicks gifting Hot Nerd Girl and myself with his color limited edition single-line versions of Dancing Groot and Venom.

A ton of Spider-Man hate all in one seamless line.

Mike Hicks


P1060783 (Large)

The couple that creates together, stays together… for now. This competitive couple earned a new fan in the Outlaw with their incredible work.


If you don;t find these puppy-eyed renditions of Groot and Spidey cute, then you just might be the devil incarnate.

Akane’s Chibi Art



What can I say, I’m a sucker for Peanuts parodies and Robin Williams tributes. (Brett Bennett)

Brett”s Art


P1060789 (Large)

Booth neighbor and Hero Chick artist extraordinaire gifting the Outlaw with his exclusive sketch.

My perfect woman in sketch form.

Hero Chick Artist – David Arroyo


P1060725 (Large)

Another highlight of my con occurred when mini-artist Caleb Travis Kent (aka Clark Kent) was kind enough to provide the Outlaw with a copy of his very own comic creation!

P1060727 (Large)

And of course I made sure to have him sign it so when he makes it big, I can make sure to hunt him down and beg for him to adopt me.

DSC00021 (Large)

Page one of Caleb’s “The Pedestrian” just begs for page two to be read. If you’d like a copy, feel free to email me at GeekOutlaw@outlook.com


P1060765 (Large)

Geddy’s Moon author and Podthingy host John Mulhall getting the word out to horror readers about his current and upcoming projects.

P1060706 (Large)

Sadly enough, there is more reality in this artist’s rendition than the entire Bay film alone.




My very first dancing Groot caught live on video!


Good lord that’s a big dancing baby! What has Rocket been feeding that thing?


The Real Guise Cosplayers trying to eliminate an immediate threat… a pack of TV studio execs.

Never trust a woman in a hoodie with a retractable knife who stares at you like she has a death wish.

P1060778 (Large)

And you wonder why I have a height complex.

P1060777 (Large)

This chicken fearing link stepped in as a last second photog when I needed it and he scored a Geek Outlaw bandana for his hard work.

P1060768 (Large)

“Riddle me this Outlaw… what has a cowboy hat, a plethora of toys strapped to it’s appendages and no fashion sense to speak of?”

Finally, the Outlaw found the perfect partner for his new mime company.

Not only is this a great costume, it reminded me it’s that time of year again to put my holiday purchases off until the last minute again.

The fashion force is with this gentlemen who created his Hawaiian Star Wars out of bed sheets. Needless to say, he also still sleeps in the shirt.

I spy with my little eye, something that looks like fellow Outlaw Andrea in costume from Pirates of the Caribbean.

P1060736 (Large)

Finally, a male friend who I can go clothes shopping with!

P1060737 (Large)

She originally asked if she could carve my jaw out, but I told her I’d prefer settling for a photo instead.

P1060741 (Large)

The adorable children of illustrator Ben Risbeck, upstaging the Outlaw on camera.

For the first time in my life I felt like an Oreo cookie. Mmmm… cookies….

P1060746 (Large)

As per the usual, it looks like Hollywood execs have put Godzilla on a diet for the upcoming sequel.

The lovely ship engineer who inspired the naming of my pup.

P1060749 (Large)

The two people singlehandedly responsible for saving the black leather industry. (Smile-X Co. Cosplay)

P1060751 (Large)

Even though we just met, I really wanted to ask this gentleman for a bear hug.

Are you taking notes DC?

P1060733 (Large)

If Bruce Wayne was part of the Hells Angels, it might have looked a little something like this.

There goes those wings again…


… and those wings won best in Sci-Fi show for Captain Seekerman at the 2014 Long Beach Comic-Con.

P1060704 (Large)

If you had any burning questions about plumbing or growing a mustache, there are your guys!

EXCLUSIVE: The only couple in the world not to have a serious conversation… ever.

P1060700 (Large)

Looks like someone has been hitting the corn dog stand one too many times…

I’m fairly certain they just realized they use the same tailor.

P1060691 (Large)

This brave little tyke thought Robot Chicken was the greatest thing since sliced poultry.

P1060689 (Large)

Eyes that could kill a thousand men just by looking at them (and probably score a couple of ladies too.)

P1060688 (Large)

This young Jedi was using the force in hopes of scoring a couple of the Outlaw’s priceless collectibles.

This Spidey on a budget from Rami’s first film was so impressive, I literally chased him halfway around the floor to grab a photo op with him.

Something tells me the crystals this guy was pedaling weren’t for my rock collection.

P1060682 (Large)

Rule #1 of Con Club, never pass up the chance to take a photo with a red head in a form fitting leather dress.

P1060674 (Large)

“Comic-Con gives you Wings!”

I noticed these unabashed little Guardians at the San Diego Comic-Con just a few short months ago.

“Pppplease Eddie! Take a picture with the Outlaw!”

P1060669 (Large)

It’s all fun an games until someone gets shot in the eye with a blaster.

All I’m saying, is ya might wanna wash that hat when you get a chance. There’s no telling where I’ve been lately.

P1060667 (Large)

It’s often said, the index finger is mightier than the retractable adamantium claws.

I mean really, do you blame him?

P1060651 (Large)

And of course it just wouldn’t be a California Con without a photo with the Southland Ghostbusters.

Some droids have all the luck.


The droid you were looking for signing off from Long Beach Comic Con 2014.




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