EVENT: C4 Central Coast Comic Con’s 2nd Annual Offering is Double the Size and Double the Fun

P1060427 (Large)

Two cars from Cars means the convention HAS to be twice as fun, right?


Over the past three years, my ongoing travels through the west coast comic convention circuit have made me a bit of a con-vet (not to be confused with convict, although some might argue there are more similarities between the two than most realize.) It’s quite literally a mashup of nicknames that I just came up with and confirmed wasn’t being used in this type of application after officially browsing through six pages of search data on the term.

As a self-proclaimed con-vet – because I doubt there is anyone else goofy and shameless enough to use the descriptor publicly – I’ve come to several conclusions when it comes to my own preferences on the pop culture events that are quickly becoming as common place as Starbucks coffee shops that are usually situated approximately every seven feet from each other.


P1060415 (Large)

“Did someone say, draw? No? Ok, false alarm, carry on.”


The C4 Central Coast Comic-Con is one of those aforementioned events, and a relatively new one in that it just celebrated its 2nd annual offering. On the plus side, there is quite a bit to like about C4 even though it’s still only in its toddler years. The small size of the convention floor – although expanded into two building this year – is a manageable experience in that you can easily make it through all of the artists, vendors and celebrity tables well within a day’s time. In addition, the large outdoor space allows for a parking lot full of replica movie cars supplied by Nate Truman’s Star Cars (StarCarCentral.com), food trucks, live music and a multitude of potential other activities as well.


Bumblebee Motor

Hey, as long as it’s signed by Michael Bay himself, you can at least take solace in the fact he won’t blow it up… immediately.


Even the panel quality was up this year, with a list of panels that included Kevin Sorbo and the TAPS West Coast paranormal team. Great strides were made in the panel scheduling department itself in that there was actually a list of panels and their times listed in an Excel like grid on the website in advance of the doors opening. Unfortunately, having a schedule with room assignments is a lot different than keeping it to it. The one panel I planned on attending was not only pushed off by almost two hours, but it got relocated into a different building altogether. The Outlaw’s sensitive ears also heard other rumblings of other panels that were moved and some that were even cancelled. Not good for those who have no other info but that from online and the program.


While they don;t have nuclear accelerators strapped to their backs, TAPS West Coast has a reputation for finding spooks and sending them on holiday.

TAPS West Coast


Nevertheless, besides the few panel snafus the second year of the C4 Central Comic-Con proved to be an even more enjoyable experience than the first for both the Outlaw and the Spunky Destructor. We have plans to chat about it further during our next installment of the Wild Wild Podcast, however until then here are some video and photo highlights of Ventura’s second comic-con homecoming event.



As luck would have it, I ran into Donald Tran at San Diego Comic Con while being herded through the narrow outer walkways of the main floor. Although arguable, luck didn;t have as much do to with it as did the towering custom balloon built masterpiece that was Optimus Prime towering several feet over his head.


Baloon Guy

Look ma, no hands!


Incredibly enough, I ran into Mr. Tran at this year’s C4, this time he had an entire booth worth of geek-inspired balloonery in his midst. Thanks to his SDCC creations, the positive word inspired him to hunker down and let everyone partake in his amazing artistry. Needless to say, it was one of the highlights of this year’s SDCC trip as well as this year’s C4 outing. He even cranked out a Ghostbusters logo for me in a matter of minutes, something he has never done before. Check out the video to see Donald in action!


He even does bar-mitvahs! No really, he does!

Balloon Animals

From Groot to Ghostbusters, the Tran-man can do no wrong!

P1060453 (Large)

Donald’s precious air army. The only thing they fear are bayonets and 100 degree heat.

Donald holding my wallet after a full day of purchases at C4 .

Donald Tran: Magic & Balloon Sculptures




Quick Robin, to the bat stage! And bring the dancing bat-bots!


P1060541 (Large)

Do the robot, do the robot! Oh wait…



These guys were in the line for corn-dogs.


P1060486 (Large)

Sneak peak at the new AMC spinoff series, “The Rocking Dead”.





P1060494 (Large)

Jeff Pina selling the Outlaw on his Pop Culture babies!

P1060627 (Large)

If the Outlaw ever has a nursery, these will be proudly displayed… once I get another set for my office.

Jeff Pina @ Sideways 8 Studios



P1060548 (Large)

Alan Johnson II proving that spray art can be epic… especially when Dinobots are involved.

P1060600 (Large)


Alan Johnson II @ Pileus Chaotic Art



P1060476 (Large)

“I am Outlaw.” (An Outlaw that couldn’t resist buying this 3D printed and custom painted dancing Groot.)

P1060619 (Large)

Convinced the little bastard dances every time I turn my head.

Bermant Designs – 3D Printing & Modeling



P1060535 (Large)

“Yup, that’s the one that got me.”

P1060625 (Large)

If dressing up as a green slimy gluttonous ghost on film isn’t art, then I don’t know what is.

Robin Shelby – Actress (& GB2 Slimer)



P1060413 (Large)

This fellow blogger from the UK drove all the way to the event on a motorcycle with his equipment on. (NOTE: He didn’t actually drive FROM the UK.)

P1060418 (Large)

Winter is coming… and it’s looking pretty damn good if I don;t say so myself.

P1060431 (Large)

Capt. Seekerman and I with two young ladies who may have just escaped the local psychiatric ward. (Not that I’m complaining or anything.)

Capt. Seekerman


P1060437 (Large)

The Southland Ghostbusters doing what they do best… attending events around the Southland.

Southland Ghostbusters


P1060442 (Large)

One of the rare instances where I was actually just staring at her eyes.

P1060445 (Large)

If you are wondering where the other two eggs are, well lets just say I hadn’t eaten all day.

P1060488 (Large)

The Smile-X Villain Co rocking out with their DC out.

Smile-X Villain Co


P1060471 (Large)

Is it obvious that I have a thing for redheads?

Arizona Avengers


P1060465 (Large)

Heroes in a Hot Shell… I can’t remember the rest of the words.

Karma La-La & Tricksy


P1060523 (Large)

This might be one of the single best costume I’ve seen… EVER! Ya, I just went there.

P1060526 (Large)

3/4 of the Podthingy podcast clan is better than zero quarters. (Geddy’s Moon author John Mulhall & Hot Nerd Girl to my left.)

John Mulhall: Geddy’s Moon

P1060530 (Large)

AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole fist-pumping at her photo-op with the Outlaw. (Or possibly getting ready to deliver a right hook.)

AZ Powergirl: Cara Nicole


P1060537 (Large)

The reviews are in on Geek Outlaw, and it’s unanimous…

P1060557 (Large)

If I had a garage big enough, I’d be the Jay Leno of geek vehicles (minus the chin).


This young lady was a huge fan of a particular superhero, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I was hoping her sunglasses would give it away.

Lorenzo Pics

Wild Wild Podcast co-host Spunky Destructor in seventh heaven with the block of muscle that is Lorenzo Lamas.




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