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EVENT 2016: There’s No Place Like Seattle as the Outlaw’s First Visit to Emerald City Comicon is a Magical One

DSC03368 (Large)

There was something “strange” about this doctor, I just couldn’t quite put my crooked finger on it.


Having decided to transport the one-man press wrecking crew known as Geek Outlaw beyond the Southern California comic convention scene for 2016, the first factor I took into consideration was choosing destinations with great weather. I decided on Seattle anyway.

And why not? Home to the renowned Space Needle and $15 coffee, I figured it would be well worth waterproofing my X-Files cowboy to visit the superhero-sized Emerald City Comicon for 2016. Considered one of the crown-jewels of the national comic-con circuit, Emerald City drew in an impressive 80,000 geeks and nerds to the annual gathering in 2015.

Along with San Diego, New York, Chicago, DragonCon and WonderCon, the Wizard of Oz themed gathering in the Pacific Northwest is one of the biggest pop culture events in North America, and for good reason.


DSC03372 (Large)

You know heads will roll after this guy was able to get through the press cracks for Emerald City 2016.


For starters, the line to enter the main exhibit floor is queued within the large hall also rigged to be the “main stage”. Early arrivers are entertained by a local radio station blaring upbeat tunes and spitting out cheesy superhero jokes which achieved its purpose of keeping “the waiting dead” from complaining about… well, the wait to get inside. It was a creative offering I’ve yet to experience at any other convention, and wouldn’t be opposed to it being more readily implemented. The only quirk I noticed however was how the DJ host sounded oddly like one might hear at an adult only gentlemens club (not that I ever been in one… for an extended period of time.) I was half expecting the host to yell out, “Harley Quinn to the main stage. Harley Quinn to the main stage.”


Time to rock out with your boombox out.


As for the rest of the convention, I was also impressed… for the most part. For starters, the organization of lines for panels and the staff handling them were top notch for a convention of this magnitude. I’d like to put extra emphasis on the staff here as every person I spoke with was knowledgeable and dare I say… helpful (GASP!) Compared to some other large events I’ve attended where the hired help is often handled by 17 different companies, it was a breath of fresh air – minus the occasional whiffs of geek BO –  to deal with so many people who knew where to go along with processes and procedures.

On the not-so-hot side, I wasn’t especially fond of how artists and exhibitors were located in at least three different locations. I say at least because I happened upon one by pure accident. As someone who has had a booth myself, I felt bad for some of the artists and exhibitors who were tucked away on what was other a floor designated for panel rooms. In addition to having two artists ally areas in entirely separated sites, I also wasn’t found of the extra middle lane crossing through the oncoming traffic traveling down the regular aisles. I realize it was meant to alleviate traffic, but from a firsthand perspective, it seemed to have quite the opposite effect.


DSC03365 (Large)

I call this look “Geek Magnum”.


DSC03331 (Large)

Friends and fellow Outlaws, siblings Phil and Stephanie, filled in as deputy photographers / entourage for yours truly. A huge thanks once again to the Dynamic Duo who made the content you see below possible.


Regardless of my minor quibbles, I thoroughly enjoyed my inaugural trip to the Emerald City and the pilgrimage was made even more worthwhile by the fact I ran into several Geek Outlaw community members at the show! I’m always honored to meet fellow Outlaws who enjoy the content and want to chat or snap a photo with a guy dressed like he was dipped in Elmer’s Glue and rolled down the aisle of a Toys R Us store. In fact, one of the most memorable fan moments occurred on the floor of ECCC when a gentleman named Jerry approached me and asked, “Are you THE Geek Outlaw.” I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered he knew who I was, or worried there might be other numbskulls like me wrapped in action figures while wandering aimlessly across the western United States. Either way, it was a humbling moment I’ll take with me until beer and old age have finally had their way with the last of my grey matter.

Enough about this geeky goofball however, and on to what all three of my fans are really here for… the cosplay! As expected, the creativeness was on display in heroic fashion and did not disappoint. So please follow the yellow brick blog and click your boots three times while saying “There’s no place like Geek Outlaw” as I present some of the highlights of Emerald City Comicon 2016.


THE COSPLAY:  “Harleys and Deadpools and Ewoks, Oh My!


DSC03293 (Large)

I was honored to be the first person to ever take a photo with this gentleman of thrones during his first ever comic convention!

DSC03361 (Large)

The Spokane Ghostbusters giving the Geek Outlaw a thumbs up to Geek Outlaw at ECCC 2016.

DSC03358 (Large)

The Outlaw giving thanks for his freedom and sparkly Captain America shields.

DSC03356 (Large)

The truth is somewhere inside Mulder’s hair piece.

DSC03355 (Large)

It’s not the size of your sword, but the amount of your enemy’s blood dripping off it.

DSC03347 (Large)

“I will get you my BB… 8”

DSC03333 (Large)

Looking at pretty homicidal maniacs is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

DSC03337 (Large)

The Force made me blink.

DSC03323 (Large)

Is it just me, or are you sensing a trend here?

DSC03362 (Large)

You know you’ve got issues when a 3-year-old looks at you like your crazy.

DSC03359 (Large)

World record holder for longest time to go without a haircut.

DSC03342 (Large)

We know who wears the pants in this relationship. (Hint: It’s not the guy wearing the cowboy hat.)

DSC03340 (Large)

I don’t know why I have the urge to call this a red velvet cookie sandwich.

DSC03338 (Large)

“Excuse me, you can’t park that here.”

DSC03327 (Large)

This patriotic gentleman fashioned his own scaly armor by hand.

DSC03322 (Large)

“His name is Inigo Montoya, and you killed his stuffed teddy bear.”

DSC03345 (Large)

“Why don’t you make like a tree, and take a photo with the Outlaw.”

DSC03321 (Large)

I’ve never wanted to be a male ewok so bad in my life.

DSC03316 (Large)

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out who is the least mature individual in this photo.

DSC03315 (Large)

If someone lied to you about there being free cookies at the convention, you wouldn’t want to show your face in public either.

DSC03320 (Large)

“No one steps into a comic-con in my town dressed like that without taking a photo with me.”

DSC03310 (Large)

Running out of paper towels in the restroom is the absolute worst.

DSC03314 (Large)

Oddly, my wallet felt significantly lighter after taking this photo.

DSC03311 (Large)

“I… am… short.”

DSC03297 (Large)

Steampunk wings (aka the Bermuda Triangle of the comic convention universe.)

DSC03308 (Large)

I was trying to figure out something to say, but alas I was speechless.

DSC03299 (Large)

Ok, I’ll admit it, I took a photo with another Deadpool first, so shoot me! (P.S. It’s a figure of speech.)

DSC03294 (Large)

I found the robotic cosplayers I was looking for.




THE ARTISTS: “I Will Buy You My Prettys!”


DSC03388 (Large)

“Shiny.” Geekographs unique metal artwork is created by graphing together millions of tiny little dots.

DSC03329 (Large)

Geekograph owner and artist Matt, presenting the Outlaw with his fourth piece, and by far his favorite.



DSC03380 (Large)

If there is any better combination of things than Spider-Man and dinosaurs, I’ve yet to find it.

DSC03385 (Large)

One of Spider-Man artist Randy Emberlin’s most iconic covers (left) along with one that never saw the light of day (right).

DSC03306 (Large)

I learned that Randy Emberlin was the talented artist responsible for sucking me into one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all-time, “Maximum Carnage.”

Randy Emberlin


DSC03376 (Large)

If you can’t appreciate Optimus Prime rocking out to Blaster, than you probably aren’t a true connoisseur of fine art.

DSC03325 (Large)

Artist Corey Lewis parting with a print of Prime partying. (Try saying that 10 times fast.)

Corey Lewis




DSC03354 (Large)

Presenting Jelly Bean-Bean-8. (So cute I could just eat him up… literally.)

DSC03309 (Large)

Everything is awesome and moving with this Lego BB-8 complete with lights and sounds. (Checkout the YouTube video above to see him in motion.)

DSC03335 (Large)

Funko broke the mold (and scales) with this BB-8 POP! figure that stood close to 6 feet tall.



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