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EVENT 2016: Lilac City Comicon is Geek Outlaw’s New “Home-Con Sweet Home”

IMG_8321 (Large)

As a Jack-of-all-Trades, I’m not just a geek, but a huge dork as well.


Either hell froze over or pigs have mastered the art of aviation, because the Outlaw is on the verge of a life change most would consider a presidential run short of insane. I’m officially picking up stakes and leaving the almost annoyingly consistent sunny 75 degree year round warmth of Southern California, for the (gasp!) the Hoth-esque winters of Northern Idaho. I know, I already took a CT Scan but it came back showing nothing… which pretty much explains how I came to the relocation decision in the first place.

Partially exaggerated joking aside, my new region of residence is an absolutely amazing sight to behold. With more pine trees and lakes than clueless Hollywood studio executives in Los Angeles, the Inland Pacific Northwest is truly an outdoor lover’s playground.


CDA Fishing (Large)

“Here we observe the elusive Geekus Outlawicus in his natural habitat. He is hunting for both food and mate, coming up empty handed on both fronts.”


As luck (and my uncanny ability to schedule in advance) would have it, while on a very recent trip to finalize my new housing situation, I was able to attend the 2016 Lilac City Comicon. Originally known as the Spokane Comicon, the 10-year old show is a one day event which, has grown enough in size to be held at the spacious Spokane Convention Center.

While technically not within the confines of my new home state, the convention was just a hop, skip and a 30 minute drive from my new abode within the potato producing state. I first found out about the convention thanks to the likes of the Spokane Ghostbusters. I met the group for the first time about a month ago during my inaugural visit to Emerald City Comic-Con 2016, and was incredibly honored they were fans of the Outlaw well before we’d even met in person.


DSC03628 (Large)

The Spokane Ghostbusters keeping it all in the family. (Which makes me the black sheep.)

The Spokane Ghostbusters


As for the convention itself, it was indeed a smaller affair, but that’s how this Outlaw has always enjoyed his conventions. While events like San Diego Comic-Con are a spectacle worth checking out once during your lifetime, the smaller venue cons allow for easier viewing and a more intimate conversation on the main floor without feeling like a sheep being herded during a costumed apocalypse.

Lilac City Comicon very much reminded me of Long Beach Comic-Con during its earlier days. Some in the OC area might even argue the Long Beach convention in the fall has grown a tad too big for their liking. Lilac City has a way to go before getting to that point, however it was still a fun little gathering of nerds nonetheless, and I definitely see myself being a regular attendee (and possibly even a booth holder) in the years to come.


IMG_8320 (Large)

“It’s a sign alright, comic cons are doing big business.”


And with that, I will leave you with the rest of my photo-centric coverage from the 2016 Lilac City Comicon; my new home-con away from home.



DSC03637 (Large)

The good news, I gave these two a reason to end their Civil War. The bad news, well…

IMG_8327 (Large)

I do one hell of a Mulder impression. The resemblance is uncanny, no?

IMG_8329 (Large)

Going 20,000 leagues under the con.

IMG_8325 (Large)

“Get away from her you female Alien cosplayer!”

IMG_8323 (Large)

Checking out the scores of the NHL playoff games.

DSC03649 (Large)

Not the first spandex sandwich the Outlaw has been in the middle of.

DSC03648 (Large)

Apparently there is a height minimum to get your Avengers card. Ant-Man lucked out…

DSC03645 (Large)

Forget Mother of Dragons, I wonder if she’s willing to become the Mother of mini-Outlaws.

Alaska Mauve: Model & Cosplayer


DSC03644 (Large)

This Captain Jack successfully out-Depped Johnny Depp.

DSC03643 (Large)

Never attend a Comic Con on an empty stomach… or complete lack of stomach.

DSC03639 (Large)

I wasn’t worthy to take a photo with these two, but these ladies were gracious enough to participate anyway.

DSC03638 (Large)

“If someone asks you if your cosplaying as a God, you say YES!”

DSC03636 (Large)

There’s nothing horrible about looking like Nathan Fillion’s stunt double.

DSC03635 (Large)

If Deadpool and Iron Man had a lovechild. (His superpower would be sarcasm.)

DSC03633 (Large)

Chris Pratt is so big these days, he even makes a T-Rex look small.

DSC03632 (Large)

Mr. Stark was impressed with the Outlaw, although not impressed enough to write him a blank check.

DSC03629 (Large)

Convention Tip #32: Never interrupt a bounty hunter while shopping.

DSC03627 (Large)

Two con-goers you don’t want to get on the bad side of.

DSC03651 (Large)

I’d like to spell out the words “Thank you” Sesame Street style to my friend and fellow Outlaw Ariel, for providing her photography services at Lilac City Comicon.




Even iconic characters need to stay well nourished.

IMG_8339 (Large)

Artist Joshua Couey created Mr. Stay Puff exclusively for the Outlaw on commission n 30 minutes (or less.)

Joshua Covey



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