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EVENT: 2014 WonderCon gets Super Sized… Again (Part 1)

P1010342 (Large)

Uh huh… get it? “Con” Man. Wait… I don’t get it…


I’m not sure which is a more impressive statistic: the notion that WonderCon 2014 represented my third consecutive year attending the convention or the fact I can still remember events that took place more than 48 hours ago.  From what I can recall, Comic-Con International’s annual event in Anaheim, California does hold a special place in my heart since it marks the anniversary of my first comic convention ever: WonderCon 2012.

Those who read my post on last year’s event may accuse me of sounding like a broken record, but yet again, WonderCon grew in size to what seemed like almost double its prior showing. This growth didn’t just reflect an expansion in the size of the physical space, but also a significant gain in attendance and a noticeable increase in the quality of the festivities on hand.

The entire production and spectacle level was so elevated, there were more than a few occasions where I thought I was actually in San Diego caught in the madness of WonderCon’s bigger, more insane brother.  Be it the overall layout of the main floor, to the rows upon rows of artists and vendors, to the lines of crowds waiting to get free swag, the Outlaw couldn’t help but have flashbacks to the overwhelming Mardi Gras atmosphere that is SDCC.


P1010382 (Large)

“Nerds and geeks shopping together! Mass hysteria!”


Even the celebrity signings were kicked up a notch with nerd heavy-hitters like Chris Hardwick causing geek loads of un-showered fans to twist a winding line halfway through the convention’s main hall.


P1010815 (Large)

The King of the Nerds posing with his minions as his Lego counterpart scopes the crowd for some hot bricks.


The only things still not-quite-up-to-par with its San Diego brethren were the panels.  The exclusive footage and super-star lined tables aren’t yet a staple of the WonderCon hallways, but even that facet of the event seems to be improving.  Twentieth Century Fox was on hand to provide further footage for its summer stable of movies which included sequels to their X-Men, Planet of the Apes and How to Train a Dragon franchises.  Even TNT’s cult show Falling Skies managed to fill a room of about 2000 to capacity as new footage and trailers were revealed to squealing fans’ (including myself) delight.


P1010444 (Large)

Sarah Cater scoping out the Outlaw for the second year in a row. Can you blame her? (Don’t answer that.)


Due to the sheer size of this year’s convention, Hot Nerd Girl, her Momma Jedi and the Outlaw himself decided to stay in town for all three days of the nerd-based madness; a first for WonderCon!  In another first, Geek Outlaw scored himself a press badge for the event, which is hopefully the beginning of a long beautiful relationship with Comic-Con International and all of their shows {Cough, cough, SDCC, hack, couch, sneeze.}  With three full days of snapping photos like a poorly dressed tourist in a land far, far away, I captured so many quality images I’m going to be splitting up my WonderCon coverage into two separate posts, which—as you correctly guessed because you are a Geek Outlaw reader—is another first in my long illustrious career of covering this convention.

Speaking of coverage, let me jump right into the highlights of Geek Outlaw’s outing at WonderCon 2014:




–          The Bay Area Ghostbusters crowned (aka patched) me as an official member of their charity group!

P1010809 (Large)

The honorary Bay Area Ghostbusters patch will soon be added to the Outlaw attire. Give me a few months and I’m going to start looking like a NASCAR driver.



–          With the help of Hot Nerd Girl, I conducted my first “official” press interview with David Buckley (Musical Composer of The Good Wife, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Batman Arkham Knight)

P1010559 (Large)

Hot Nerd Girl and Geek Outlaw listening intently to composer David Buckley’s charming English accent.


Debut Interview! (Go easy on me, Outlaws)



–          Had an impromptu meeting with one of my bosses (one I actually like).  Of course it’s always a pleasure to chat with my managing editor from Fanboy Comics, Barbra Dillon.

P1010697 (Large)

Finally, someone shorter than me!



–          Received some psychological help from noted psychology professor and author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, Dr. Travis Langley.

P1010518 (Large)

Dr. Langley striking the Outlaw pose better than the Outlaw himself.



–          Chatted geek culture with author/actor Alan Sizzler Kistler.

P1010520 (Large)

Author, actor, podcaster and geek consultant–and that’s what he does before breakfast. I’d hate to see the size of this guy’s business card.





–          Recorded the first four episodes of a new podcast I’m joining with author John Mulhall, rock-god Blayne Alexander and the always beautiful Hot Nerd Girl. It will be called… get-ready for it… Podthingy.

Podthingy Tease

If this is any indication of how Podthingy will turn out, be afraid, be very afraid. (But still make sure to listen.)



–          Yes, you read it right.  Agents Mulder and Scully will now be immortalized in a board game from IDW.  Don’t ask me why I think this is important enough to mention, but it is.  Move over Chutes and Ladders, Outlaw has a new favorite game…

P1010744 (Large)

Do I get abducted and probed by an Alien once I pass ‘Go’?





 Falling Skies Season 4
(Left to right: Seychelle Gabriel, Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Carter, Doug Jones)

P1010440 (Large)

Now all the Falling Skies ladies are staring at the Outlaw. You should take a picture Sarah, they last longer


Game On! Music and Sound in Video Games
(Left to right: Gwen Riley, Charles Deenen, Russell Brower, Inon Zur, David Buckley, Thomas Mikusz)

P1010544 (Large)



Psychology of Cult TV Shows
(Left to right: Josue Cardona, Dr. Janina Scarlet, Dr. Travis Langley, Elizabeth Ann)

P1010515 (Large)

More ladies looking at the Outlaw. (It’s gotta be the toys.)


 Surviving Well
(Left to right: LeAnna Herrera, Cecil Castellucci, Genese Davis, Gretchen McNeil, John Mulhall and Marjorie Liu not pictured)

P1010782 (Large)

Geddy’s Moon author John Mulhall ‘surviving well’ as the lone holder of testosterone among a sea of estrogen.

P1010772 (Large)

Mr. Mulhall explaining his main key to writing success: “Whatever Geek Outlaw does, don’t do it.”


If I can ‘survive’ this intriguing hour-long panel, so can you.




Ethan Castillo
(Artist, gamer, nerd and 4th grader!  Yes, he’s ONLY 9-years-old! –

P1010824 (Large)

Did I mention this was created by someone who has been alive for less than a decade?

P1010708 (Large)

Mind = Blown!


Proof he’s the real deal.


Mike Hicks
(Master of the one-line art that never leaves the paper and never crosses! –

P1010493 (Large)

The resemblance is uncanny. You know, like those mutant types.

Proof that Geek Outlaw is indeed a one trick (and one line) pony.

P1010497 (Large)

One last farewell pic before Geek Outlaw separated one-line Cap from his creator.



Jed Thomas
(Artist and illustrator on wood and all things that come from wood! –

P1010820 (Large)

An original sketch on wood. Jed loves Robocop which means I love Jed… in a friendly sketch-artist-kind-of-way of course

P1010749 (Large)

So talented, apparel companies makes hats with HIS name on them.



Tentacle Kitty
(A new web series that mixes the cuteness of pussy… cats, with the creepiness of the Kraken.  It’s like peanut butter and potato chips, don’t knock it till you try it –

P1010645 (Large)

John and his tentacled better half showing off their web-series and products with Hot Nerd Girl and her cat-allergic NerdBFF.


COMING SOON in Part 2:  The Cosplay of WonderCon 2014…

P1010812 (Large)

Give her credit: how she still manages to bowl in this outfit is truly impressive.



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