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EVENT: 2013 WonderCon Is All Growns Up

DSC00556 (Large)
The Three Ageekos!


“Our little con is all growns… it’s growns up, it’s growns up and it’s growns up.”


That semi-butchered Vince Vaughn quote from one of the all-time best male bonding movies (Swingers), was one of a few thoughts swimming through my mind as Hot Nerd Girl and I tried making our way through the throngs of convention goers at this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, CA.


Some of the droids we were looking for that caused major traffic, plus a few others picking up the trash.



For historical reference, if one were to rewind the clock almost exactly one year ago, the 2012 show represented my inaugural WonderCon appearance, and more notably, my very first comic convention ever.  Keeping on the topic of firsts (and not THAT type of first since I’m still waiting on that one), 2012 was also the first time this specific convention was held in Anaheim, CA.  That’s because WonderCon was in fact booted from its prior home in Northern California due to renovations of the Bay Area convention building itself.


IMG_7634 (Large)
“Whooooa… look at all the pretty lights…”


Fast forward back to the 2013 event from this past weekend, and it was apparent that the WonderCon had it’s teenage growth spurt.  (Side note: I’m still waiting on mine.)


For starters, the floor itself was expanded to at least double the size of the 2012 layout which housed a noticeably larger array of bigger name entertainment booths, seemingly taking a page from the behemoth of all cons just two hours down the road.


DSC00545 (Large)
Wonder what kind of zero interest deals they have going on these bad boys?


Throw in to the equation that the attendance felt like it was at least double last year’s number and I started having flashbacks of my body being involuntarily herded through the masses in random directions as was the case with the SDCC.


DSC00531 (Large)
Luckily an unlicensed nuclear accelerator has a way of clearing out the crowds.


In lieu of the added massiveness, I did find myself in several more panels this go around which kept this Outlaw off the streets… so-to-speak.   Fortunately, unlike it’s San Diego big brother, WonderCon panels didn’t require waiting for hours-on-end in lines guarded by an elite division of the Navy Seals.  Entering each panel and finding a seat wasn’t an issue in the slightest, even seconds before the panel started.



Three of the panels I made my way to were actually geared towards writers, one that even featured Dean Koontz.  Why is this you ask?  I’m glad you inquired!  Well, in addition to the reveal of Geek Outlaw’s upgraded threads (as seen in any picture with me), this past week I started down the road to what will be my first novel!  Yes, you read that right, I have decided to turn one of those insanely outlandish ideas in this peculiar noggin of mine into a full length sci-fi novel.  Alas, I’ve already shared too much, but I promise to keep you guys apprised of details as I’m able to share.


From Fan to Creator: Goal-Setting for Creative Types:

Douglas Neff


DSC00483 (Large)
My goal here, win a $600 tablet… THEN write a book with it.


With my new found passion and goal of getting my (hopefully) ingenious concept to paper, this was a no-brainer for my first panel of the day.  Mr. Neff supplied a worksheet and set out on achieving ‘golden coins’ – ala Mario style – in order to help motivate the inspiring young creators in the room.  Overall, it was definitely motivational, but not ground breaking.  The basics were to get organized, get some support, and set time aside to create.  Don’t have to tell me twice!


Geeking Out with the League of Extraordinary Ladies:

Autumn Massey, Dina Kampmeyer, Emily Heyer, Geek Girl Diva, Jenn Fujikawa, Sarah Kuhn, Stephanie Thorpe and Theresa Wollenstein


IMG_8284 (Large)
Unfortunately, I prefer my ladies with less green skin and horns (Not to be confused with horny).



I’m not going to lie, I went into this panel thinking there would be a bevy of beautiful geekettes ready to throw themselves at the Outlaw in a fit of passion.  Unfortunately, I set my expectations a wee too high. (Wee too high = Outside the Earth’s atmosphere.  While their motives were genuine in bringing geeky ladies together, I was wondering why I was in there since sitting to the right of me was a Hot Nerd Girl who already did what they did, and infinitely better.  I’m sensing a possible joining of forces?


Ladies don’t get much more extraordinary than her!



Falling Skies:

Drew Roy (Hal), Sarah Carter (Maggie), and Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes), and executive producer Remi Aubuchon



DSC00451 (Large)
You’d think the show just got cancelled… and I assure you it didn’t.


Entertainment wise, the big fish of the day – for me – was the Falling Skies panel which included the younger faction of survivors of the alien invasion cast (listed above).  Getting a change to see Sarah Carter all cleaned up and looking like the Outlaw’s next future ex-wife was the highlight for me.  While there were obviously no major reveals, three separate clips from the upcoming season 3 were entertaining and kept the faithful at bay… for a few minutes anyway.  Did I mention Sarah Carter was looking quite nice?


DSC00453 (Large)
You see that? She’s looking right at the Outlaw! You can see that, right?She’s looking at me, right?



Spotlight on Dean Koontz:

Dean Koontz  – (Duh!)


DSC00466 (Large)
Funny, creepy, weird and completely uninformative… the total package!


Truth be told, this was probably the most disappointing panel of the day.  Not because it wasn’t entertaining mind you, but because I was actually expecting some enlightening words of wisdom from the best-selling fiction author that would help me with my own new novel.  Instead, Mr. Koontz shared a bunch of crazy stories from his childhood and bookstores.  There were some funny moments, but nothing to help me write a novel, dammit!  Oh well, at least everyone in attendance got a free copy of his latest book, Odd Thomas.



Roddenberry Presents:

Rod Roddenberry (CEO, Roddenberry Entertainment), Trevor Roth (head of development, Days Missing) and Tory Mell (writer/producer, White Room: 02B3)


IMG_8309 (Large)
The rag tag and humorous crew of the S.S. Roddenbury.


Roddenbury presents (company owned by Gene Roddenbury’s son, Rod) quite handily took the award for most energetic panel of the day.  In fact, I was searching the room for stashed narcotics at one point.  One of the most innovative undertakings Roddenbury announced for release was White Room, which utilizes a new 360 degree camera technology that might just be the future of how we watch entertainment.  It will be presented in one of 700 unique dome theaters around the country.


Depending on where you reside, it may be a bit of a ‘trek’ for viewing a 15 minute short movie.  The good news is, there will be an app that lets you view the movie in a 360 type atmosphere just by moving your portable device around… admittedly, I was impressed.


Moderator making himself and the crowd dizzy with the 360 app demonstration.



Geeks Get Published – and Paid!

S. G. Browne(Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament), Katrina Hill (Action Movie Freak), Alan Kistler (Doctor Who: A History), Alex Langley (The Geek Handbook), and Dr. Travis Langley (Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight)


IMG_8329 (Large)
“Stop me if you’ve heard this one… so five writers walk into a bar…”


Easily the most informative panel of the long day, my third and final attempt at attending an educational writing panel finally hit pay dirt.  All of the participants shared their experiences and advice in getting published.  Their top three tips:

1 – You need to love to write and not expect to make millions doing it (at least not overnight).
2 – Get your arse into a chair and type until your hands fall off.
3 – Get a literary agent.


After all was said and done, author Alan Kistler – attracted by Hot Nerd Girl’s Dr. Who wardrobe choice – spoke with us for at least 20 minutes after the panel, answering questions and providing more insight into the world of writing.  I found everything very useful in going forward with my project. (Did I mention I’m writing a novel?)


IMG_7675 (Large)
Apparently someone shaved my right eyebrow while sleeping during the Koontz panel. (Oh, and did I mention I’m wri… )



Panels aside, as everyone well knows, it’s not a con without the elaborate cosplay.  Regardless of my limited time on the floor this year, finding excellent costumes was like shooting Jabba the Hut in a swimming pool.  On that note, I’m going to go ahead and shut my mouth (arguably your favorite part of my posts) and let the pictures do the talking… except for the captions.
IMG_7655 (Large)
Wow, Disney really runs their princesses ragged across the street!
IMG_7678 (Large)
This is more of carplay than cosplay, but given the subject matter, I’ll let it fly.
IMG_7646 (Large)
Talkin’ to busters makes me feel good!
DSC00546 (Large)
“I’m gonna Wreck it!… right after I take a picture of course.”
DSC00557 (Large)
“Excuse me sir, do you happen to have any grey plutonium?”
DSC00542 (Large)
Fellow Outlaw William Prince!
DSC00534 (Large)
“Walllllllll-eee likes Ouuuuuut-laaaw.”
DSC00527 (Large)
Get ready everyone, free marshmallow sundae sauce for everyone!
DSC00525 (Large)
“I think I’ll call him mini-Who.””Who?””Mini-Who.””Who?…”
DSC00523 (Large)
“Honey, I shrunk the Stay-Puft.”
DSC00520 (Large)
Behold, the most expensive stroller on the planet!(Not to mention Chris Farley is alive and pointing at me!)
DSC00513 (Large)
Disney princesses need a break now and again too. I offered my lap, but…
DSC00514 (Large)
What a block head! No really… he’s a Lego blockhead!
DSC00488 (Large)
Dead tired from a long day and also bummed he will have to wait a full six months to be decapitated in season 4.
DSC00440 (Large)
The family that pretends to fight crime together, stays together.
DSC00439 (Large)
Even WonderCon parking lot security was beefed up this year!
DSC00448 (Large)
Did I mention this X-Files loving Lara Croft accompanied me to the Falling Skies panel AND sat next to me? Yup, sometimes it’s good to be the Outlaw.
DSC00475 (Large)
“YOOO JOE… please tell me the second movies is better!…. Please?!”
DSC00510 (Large)
I wish this element was on the periodic table when I went to school.
IMG_7653 (Large)
And the rear view just for good measure…
DSC00444 (Large)
Don’t mess with the photo bomb ninja! (I’ll get you one of these days Hot Nerd Girl!)
DSC00445 (Large)
With none other than the infamous comic-con Thor-ette herself, Tori Darling! (Oh, and Hot Nerd Girl… rough life, I know.)
DSC00441 (Large)
It’s like a dream come true where my Genesis came to life and Tails became a very attractive young lady! Wait, that’s another dream…




DSC00504 (Large)
“No con for you!”A signed ladel for my parents from the Soup Nazi (Larry Thomas) himself… and yes, I’m Jewish.
DSC00499 (Large)
Peter Mayhew, the voice of Chewy for 4 of 6 Sta Wars flicks. We both have a lot in common in that we play hairy characters… although I’m all natural.
DSC00508 (Large)
HNG and GO follower Daniel working the Kips World art booth. Shiny!
DSC00491 (Large)
Spending more mula with Matt Stevens at Metal art work courtesy of Nerd Adjacent productions.(X-Files Matt… X-files!)
R2 in all his metallic glory.


Overall, it was a fun, educational and exhausting day.  While I would have proffered WonderCon more comfortable had size and attendance been along the lines of the 2012 mark, I do understand that more people means more dollar bills, which in turn means even higher quality panels and booths.  Still, as with SDCC, I felt there was too much to do in too little time.


DSC00484 (Large)
Although I did make some time to play the slots…


Granted, much of my dismay had to do with my expectation of this being closer to last year’s less traffic laden experience.  Don’t get me wrong though, should WonderCon return to Anaheim again next year, Geek Outlaw shall return too.  Keeping that in mind, I’ll be doing so with a 3-day pass, a hotel room, and a ticket to the other happiest place on earth down the street where it also doesn’t matter how ‘growns up’ you are.


IMG_8323 (Large)
In a strange twist, we ran into some Storm Troopers at this year’s WonderCon.




  1. 4itchyTasty1 says:

    the “female tails” is actually a Sonic comic book character named Sally Acorn. look up a picture of the character, the girl is pretty accurate.

    • 4itchyTasty1 – DOH!  That may explain the lack of tails on her costume.  Goes to show you how much I pay attention when I see a girl dressed in tights.  Thanks for clearing that up 4itchyTasty1.  Next question, that IS Sonic, right?

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