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EVENT: 2013 Comikaze is a Costumed Cosplayer’s Fantasy Come True

DSC00613 (Large)

The dynamic duo doing what we do best: standing in front of large white plastic backdrops printed with comic-con logos.


That was the first thing that came to mind as I walked the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center with NBFF and con-mate Hot Nerd Girl for the 2013 Comikaze Comic-Con.


As comic conventions quickly become more accepted by main stream crowds, it also seems those deciding to attend as one of their favorite personalities from pop culture is also becoming more of the norm.  That, or the population in general has started taking fashion cues from the sidewalk entertainment down in Venice Beach, California.


DSC00611 (Large)

This group just threw their costumes together, and luckily it all “fell into place”.


Whatever the case may be, it’s almost awe-inspiring to see so many geeks participating in the convention costume comradery.  Nevertheless, with so many people walking around in outlandishly creative costumes, it’s starting to make Geek Outlaw’s getup look like evening formal wear.


With regard to convention itself, Hot Nerd and I were in agreement that Comikaze ended up being one of the more enjoyable cons, more specifically as it related to the floor going experience.  The LA Convention Center is no small facility, and the organizers seemed to do a great job of filling a large portion of the floor space with artists, writers and vendors, while also allowing for ample space to walk down the aisles, and navigate to any booth without issue.


DSC00571 (Large)

Wider aisles for the whole pimped out family…

DSC00572 (Large)

…even for the handi-capable Droids you are looking for.


I made this non-scientific based assessment based on what felt like an excellent turnout for the event.  Although, one must take into consideration that this was the first year Comikaze was expanded to a three day show, and we were only able to attend on Saturday.  From our conversations with vendors like friend and Geddy’s Moon author John Mulhall, Friday was a bit slower than they would have liked.  So slow in fact, some wondered if they were in the middle of Los Angeles, or the middle of Tortilla Flat, AZ.


DSC00672 (Large)

Set course for Tortilla Flatts, AZ. I heard they have good salsa.


Panels wise, Hot Nerd Girl mutually concluded there wasn’t anything of much interest.  As aspiring writers though, we both did decide upon a small panel hosted by the Winner Twins, a dyslexic set of 18-year-old siblings who have apparently written 3-4 books since the ripe young age of 12.  The 45 minute long session was an exercise in patience as we listened to the two teenage girls – whom seemed to have injected themselves with Red Bull before the panel – explain their creative writing process.  It’s the same writing process they teach to first graders, and for the first time in 30 years, I felt like one.


DSC00621 (Large)

The only “Winners” of this panel were those that snuck out in time to get a root canal.


The biggest takeaway from the panel was, if two dyslexic teenyboppers with the blood-sugar level of a small industrialized nation could write novels and get published, so could I.


DSC00618 (Large)

View the gentleman’s face on the left for a full recap of the panel.


Seeing as this was event was billed as Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, the man himself was there in full force showing off his new balls.  Now before you start slamming Mr. Lee’s Twitter account asking him about his purportedly enhanced genital, let me explain.  Stan has released a new Pokemon-like kids game called Ball Wars that incorporates some of Marvel’s current stock of superhero properties.


StanLee Ball

Not only is Stan still having a ball, now he IS a ball!


On a related note, Comickaze sets up their “main” stage on the “main” floor, in turn creating a standing room only areas sans and seats.  It’s an interesting concept that lets one take in some of the larger panels without leaving the comfort of the shopping area.  On the flip side, should any major crisis or event take place (such as Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner streaking through the Food Court), the pandemonium could be devastating.


Personally, I was just happy to see the 90-year-old still acting as spry as youngster 1/10th his age.  I’m still thoroughly convinced Mr. Lee will outlive the common cockroach to become the only surviving life form on the planet.


DSC00578 (Large)

His secret?
Lots and lots and lots of money.


The surprise, and overall highlight of the expo had to be the presence of my favorite movie automobile of all-time, the one and only Ecto-1.  It wasn;t just any old Ecto either, on display was the original Ecto 1 used in the first Ghostbusters film.  She was restored, cleaned up, and looking as beautiful as ever.  Had I not already drove my truck downtown, I would have happily taken the souped up hearse to my humble abode.


DSC00641 (Large)

“I came, I saw, I squealed like a school girl.”


As previously mentioned however, for this Outlaw, Comikaze was all about the Cosplay, thus I will now quite flapping my fingers and commence with the visuals.


The Costumes:

DSC00676 (Large)

I could think of worse situations to be in…

DSC00673 (Large)

What can I say, I have a soft spot for red heads… especially those dressed in leather suits that leave little to my imagination.

DSC00669 (Large)

Alright I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for red heads IN red suits too.

DSC00667 (Large)

First hand proof the merger is well underway.

DSC00665 (Large)

One of my favorite Storm Troopers ever… mostly because I towered over the poor little guy.

DSC00662 (Large)

One of the best Boy Wonders I’ve ever seen or folded arms with.

DSC00656 (Large)

You’ll have to excuse Mr. Keaton, he’s still a little biter about not getting a shot with Halle Berry.

DSC00654 (Large)

And just like that, I felt like I was with family… an extremely geeky, well dressed family with an excellent taste in movies.

DSC00648 (Large)

It’s the “Shane” Gang. Get it? Please tell me you get it.

DSC00633 (Large)

Round 2, TIME!

DSC00629 (Large)

What happens when your diet consists of only blueberries.

DSC00628 (Large)

I never pass up the opportunity take a photo with a buster.

DSC00569 (Large)

His suit was so real, I felt like I just stepped out of a hot tub time machine from the 90’s.

DSC00574 (Large)

Hi Yo cuteness, away!
(Seriously some of the most adorable two cosply kiddos that have crossed my path .)

DSC00575 (Large)

As you can see, the Outlaw didn’t get the memo.

DSC00584 (Large)

Notice the female in this picture is the only one make the fists. Hmmm…

DSC00591 (Large)

Hot Nerd Girl was excited because they said she could try the Carbonite machine next.

DSC00592 (Large)

If you read The Walking Dead comic, your mind was just blown… or pummeled by Lucile.

DSC00596 (Large)

Transform and roll out… to the food court. Just watching this guy move around in that thing made me hungry.

DSC00598 (Large)

Morning Star creator Grimi Burleigh photo-bombing with a couple of ghost-heads.

DSC00601 (Large)

Hey, I said red heads, I don’t discriminate… against those with yellow-vented eye gear.

DSC00604 (Large)

Chatting it up with my peeps (aka: people).



The Art & Artists


DSC00670 (Large)

Life imitating art, imitating life, imitating art, making fun of Ben Affleck.

DSC00600 (Large)

Morning Star creator Grimi Burleigh and the Outlaw having their semi-annual con-reunion.

DSC00588 (Large)

Graphic Lab tees company owner Rob, standing with the Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl while holding our complimentary geek shirts!
(Check them out at

Go to to check out all of their current designs!

DSC00587 (Large)

Award winning custom pumpkin creator, Alex Wer “The Pumpkin Geek”, defending his carved collection.

DSC00586 (Large)

Pumpkins that make you wish it was Halloween year round.
(Kind of like it is at the Kardashians house.)



The Car – (Yes, THE Car!)


DSC00646 (Large)

Like Dr. Jones kneeling before the idol, only geekier.

DSC00637 (Large)

It’s the car I I was meant to own.
(So who’s buying it for me?)

DSC00640 (Large)

Beauty is in the eye of the Outlaw, and this my friends, is a thing of beauty.

DSC00642 (Large)

I figured a couple shots without me blocking your view might be appropriate.

DSC00647 (Large)

As many of my followers already know, I can appreciate a nice rear end.

DSC00681 (Large)

Based on my experience this year, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.
(Assuming California hasn’t fallen into the ocean by then.)





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