EVENT: 2012 Long Beach Comic-Con Gets Visited by an Outlaw

My first show as the lone Outlaw.


With my admittance to the 2012 Long Beach Comic Con on November 4th 2012, I’m proud to say that I officially attended three Comic-Cons in a little over a span of six months.  How I remain an eligible bachelor continues to remain one of the great mysteries of the planet that nobody talks about… or should.


(*NOTE: This was also my first convention attending as a member of the press.  Ladies, you can start lining up on the right…)


Wonder-Con and San Diego Comic-Con were the first two conventions I attended and both were noticeably larger in size.  That especially holds true for the SDCC, which in certain cases required public transit – and a bladder the size of Texas – just to navigate from an auditorium to the restroom.


“Attention: Please report to the main concourse of the Death Star for a group hug.”


Long Beach Comic-Con on the other hand was definitely a more manageable – and in many ways – more enjoyable experience.  Yes, I know SDCC is THE con for all nerds who enjoy seeing their favorite stars while wearing spandex that doesn’t quite hide all things promiscuous (which isn’t a bad thing… for some).


You my dear, may wear as much tight fitting apparel as you like…


However, the LBCC definitely allowed for an intimate experience of a different kind.  Being that the Long Beach Comic-Con is geared more towards comics (crazy concept, right?) it allowed for time to actually meet and talk with many talented artists while also taking in some unique new offerings being offered in the category of what nerds scientifically refer to as, graphic novels.


Enough chatter… buckle up and follow the slide show that is Geek Outlaw’s trip to the LBCC:



Pre-Con Mingling

Before the doors officially opened, I did my best impression of a professional press core member – (as professional as a guy in a Ghostbusters jersey and cowboy hat can be) and scoured the area for the best cosplay.


Yup, I’m at the right convention center.


Finally, I found others shorter (and hairier) than myself.


Believe it or not, those are no ordinary ewoks… beneath the layers of fuzz lie two talented up-and-coming sibling mini celebrities!  Hugging me on the left is Hannah Eisenmann who most recently starred in the Halloween episode of Criminal Minds.  The furry one on the right is Stone Eisenmann, whom is best know for his current portrayal of the young Nick Miller in one of my new favorite shows, New Girl!  (Pics minus the costumes below.)


The hilarious Stone Eisenmann (young Nick Miller on New Girl) sans the fur.


The ever adorable Hannah Eisenmann (Criminal Minds 10/31/12) without the deadly spear.


I was thinking I might need an extra can of Raid at that moment.


Time to play, “One of these is not like the other”.


Thanks to Agent J, I literally forgot I even took this picture.


If cutting up precious comics turns makes you ill, turn away now!


Another group of munchkins that decided to wear their Halloween costumes for a few extra days.


Sure the head looks a tad big, but he figured Stark’s ego has to fit in there too.



So nice I had to post his pic twice. Truly a stellar costume.


Strolling the swirly blue and grey carpet with the deadly queen of one-liners.


“Does my Shag-uar make you randy baby? No.. alright then, jolly good”


I nearly burst out of my shell when I saw the most amazing replica of the best pizza Part Van ever!



The Artists

I’m not kidding you when I say I literally geeked out on art at LBCC.  I walked out of the joint with count ’em, six pieces of new art (plus a set if original comic books).  While my wallet went home lighter, my wall will be heavier with some great new pieces of original artwork.


Matt Stevens – Nerd Adjacent Productions (Metal Fan Art)

“Bite my shiny metal… artwork?”.  Produced by creating millions of little holes on a metal surface, Matt Stevens has created “shiny” pieces of beauty.  Available in all sizes, Matt has created some diorama-like masterpieces of many of sci-fi’s most popular properties such as: Star Wars, Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long, Dr. Who, Fringe and more!

It’s no wonder this was my first and most expensive purchase! DAMN YOU MATT!

Pictures don’t do this metal work justice.


My new Fringe piece de résistance. (Translated: I bought this incredible Fringe art.)


The new ‘Tin-Man’ with the Outlaw.



The Yuan Twins – Declan and Chang Comic Book

I wasn’t quite sure if they knew me or not, but they sure acted like it, and these friendly brothers sucked me into their new comic book series with a Tennessee flavor called Elvis and Billy Dee… scratch that, Declan and Chang.  The former name had to be scratched after a not-so-positive call from Graceland, so the title changed for issue #2.  Luckily, I got in on the ground floor of the now collectible issue wrong – wrong title and all.  (Review coming soon!)

One’s a little bit country, the other’s a little bit… dominatrix?


Really? Twins? I don’t see it.



Alan Vagabond Hubbard – Artist

Quite possibly my favorite pickup of the show, this piece immediately caught my eye, and as you can tell for good reason.  Alan pretty much drew my perfect superhero dream girl with his rendition of Wonder Woman gone western, and for that alone I’m now forever in his debt.  He had some other great comic-based western pieces, too, but this was the must purchase of the show for me.

I might try to work with Alan to see if he can comic-ize Geek Outlaw… now how cool would THAT be!

I ‘Wonder’ if Alan knew he drew me the perfect ‘Woman’?


Could a Geek Outlaw comic likeness be in the works?  Me thinks Alan could deliver.





Jin Kim – Artist

The Transformers collage was the only thing at Jin’s table (or the only thing I noticed), and it was the only thing that needed to be there.  This beautiful piece included all of my favorite shape-shifting robots from the generation one series, and at $10 this was a no-brainier. 

I nearly geeked my pants at this epic collection of my favorite robots in disguise. (After he said it was only $10, I officially did.)


The man behind the Transformational artwork.





David Wong – Artist

First and foremost, David Wong is pretty damn funny… and he’s not too shabby of an artist either.  From the moment he started chatting me up, I knew I was in trouble. (He’s a pretty shrewd sales man too.)  Luckily, he had some not-to-be-passed-up pieces with regards to my own personal taste.  The following two items will definitely be making it onto the wall of the Outlaw gallery.

The symbolic symbonites of Spider-Man, Maximum Carnage and The Simpsons go Lucas… err, Disney now.


The art you see in this picture is all Wong.. get it? (I know, I’m going to hell.)





Deal of the Day!

Unfortunately, I lost the information to the artist who sketched the following little doozie.  Fortunately, he was one of the nicest guys I met, and like myself, a HUGE Rocketeer fan. (Thus why the following artwork caught my eye).  The unnamed artist sold me the original one of a kind sketch for the low-low price of $5.  Hell, a cup of coffee costs more these days.  Hands down the steal of the show (and the only hand drawn piece I bought no-less).

The best $5 investment I ever made.


MISSING: Have you seen this artist? If so, please contact geekoutlaw@outlook.com




Ground Zero:

Outside of artistic human beings, there were also lots of artistic and downright epic displays on the show floor.  I captured a few shots of those for your nerdy eyes only…


Believe it or not, both items (and more were owned by the parents of the two ewoks above).


If you build them (of Legos) they will come…


An X-Wing built like a brick… houuuse.


Lego Batman the Video Game art represented in.. well, Legos. (That impressive Pac-Man game is also ALL Legos).


BEST SHOW SIGN: I seriously had to do a triple take on this one.


Having a Martini with the dirtiest dog I know.




In what possibly ended up being one of the best moments of the show, I was stopped in my tracks by a young gentleman whom excitedly asked, “Hey, aren’t you the Geek Outlaw?!” After quickly determining this was someone I didn’t owe any money to, I happily confirmed my identity to him.  He and his fellow Comic-Con mate Kasey then followed that up with a showering of kind words and how much they loved my blog.


The fact I ran into some of my fellow Outlaws while at a convention is one thing, but how genuinely happy they were to run into me and their excitement about my blog was akin to an out-of-body experience.


As I told them, I love Geek Outlaw because it gives me the opportunity to connect and communicate with people whom geek out about all the same things I do, while also opening my eyes to new nerdy things I would have never known about prior.  Meeting Chris and Kasey at the Con was extra icing on a an already cholesterol-raising fudge cake that was the 2012 LBCC.


Quite possibly Geek Outlaw’s 3 most die hard (and only) fans.


After all was said and done, I walked out of the 2012 Long Beach Comic-Con an exhausted, less wealthy, but happy man.  While not the size and grandiose of an SDCC, it proved to be a better experience in being able to chat with some of the artists and actually do some decent shopping without getting trampled by an AT-AT.


I guess what they say is true, “third con’s the charm.”


Cowabunga Part-nerds!




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