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COSPLAY: Geek Outlaw channels Rick Grimes for a Walking Dead Cosplay Halloween Treat

RickGrimes-7 (Large)

Prison bus or park bench; same difference, right?


You asked for it, and now you are getting it.


That is, if by “asked for it” you mean a grand total of three blog followers that responded to my calendar contest, and by “getting it” one assumes those three (alleged) readers even see this post.  Supposing those lofty standards are met, then consider the task delivered.


RickGrimes-10 (Large)

Admiring my piece.
Although my gun is pretty nice too…


The aforementioned contest simply asked my loyal followers to throw some ideas out for costume ensembles they would like to see Geek Outlaw sashay around in for the camera.  Among the small – miniscule if you will – sample of responses, The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes tallied as the leading vote getter.


If that wasn’t enough of a sign, while at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, dozens of complete strangers approached the Outlaw, asking me if I was the less-famous and less-talented long lost brother of Andrew Lincoln.


RickGrimes-30 (Large)

“Stop or my sheriff will shoot!”


While I could corroborate the first two descriptors, to the disappointment of the comic-con patrons (and myself) I couldn’t claim Lincoln blood lines.  I didn’t see the connection, but the consensus seemed to claim it was a side-profile resemblance.


RickGrimes-21B (Large)

Still not sure if I see the resemblance… can you?


Realizing that I was quite literally standing in the “Capital of Cosplay”, inspiration – along with some alcohol – motivated my decision to dive into the world of costume-play sheriff’s hat first as one of the most popular comic-book and television characters of our current pop culture fame.  With Halloween and the Walking Dead season premiere just a few months away during this epiphany, I felt the timing was perfect in that the costume could also be used for October’s notorious holiday where women find a way to make any profession slutty and are perfectly ok with it (as am I).


RickGrimes-2 (Large)

Debating if I should go mentally insane tonight… decisions, decisions.


In that same breath, I understood immediately these would be tough boots to mimic.  Nonetheless, when my mind – and liver – commit to something, they see it through, no matter how potentially embarrassing the endeavor may be.


Lacking the height, hairline, and enchanting British accent of Mr. Lincoln himself,  I knew walking onto the set to retrieve Grimes’ authentic wardrobe might prove a tad difficult (along with being accompanied by several months in a real prison), so I did the next best thing.  I spent countless hours on the internet – so basically nothing out of the ordinary – meticulously researching every last detail of his apparel.  It was no small feat (or charge to my credit card), but thanks to the likes of eBay and some online law enforcement supply shops, I managed to piece together what may be some of the most screen accurate versions of Mr. Grimes this side of Atlanta.


RickGrimes-15 (Large)

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a… Geek Outlaw logo?”


With my long winded introduction out of the way, I’m going to let the photos do the rest of the talking.  Note for all you undead die-hards out there, I also provided black and white versions of the photos to pay homage to the Walking Dead’s comic origins.  Bon appetite!



Sheriff Rick:

RickGrimes-11 (Large)

I seem to always be very concerned about my gun…

RickGrimes-11B (Large)

… even in black and white.


RickGrimes-12 (Large)

Zombies are no match for a Colt Python 357…

RickGrimes-12B (Large)

… especially in black and white.

RickGrimes-16 (Large)

“As long as I have you, I’ll never be alone.”

RickGrimes-16B (Large)

A love story, now in black and white.

RickGrimes-18 (Large)

No one touches my hat except my defiant angst-filled undead-slaying son.

RickGrimes-18B (Large)

Is it just me or does black and white make one look even more angry?

RickGrimes-19 (Large)

“Shhh, they’ll never see me behind this narrow brick support beam.”

RickGrimes-19B (Large)

Devious, sans color.

RickGrimes-23 (Large) RickGrimes-23B (Large)

RickGrimes-26 (Large)

Take a good long hard look fellow Outlaws…

RickGrimes-27B (Large)

… and try to figure out what’s missing in this version (besides my hair the color).
That’s right, Geek Outlaw just went Highlights magazine on y’all.


Prison Rick:

RickGrimes-1 (Large)

I take my cosplay seriously…

RickGrimes-1B (Large)

… be it with or without color.

RickGrimes-7S (Large)

Photographic evidence the Outlaw can pull off the autumn/fall look without issue too.

RickGrimes-7B (Large)

Obviously I’m a tad biased, but this may very well be my favorite shot.

RickGrimes-8 (Large)

Hey, when you are short, you improvise.

RickGrimes-8B (Large)

Eat your heart out Mr. Lincoln.
(And no, I don’t mean zombies should literally eat your heart.)


Much like my original aversion to country music – where ones’ life truly does improve when you play the music backwards, I originally put my foot down to dressing up for reasons that didn’t involve obtaining mass quantities of candy or obtaining an in-person view of scantily clad law enforcement officers and health practitioners.  Using the fright-filled holiday as a secondary crutch, I am happy to report that I eased into my first attempt at cosplay without issue.   In fact, I had so much fun and was so satisfied with my Rick Grimes project, that I have no issues undertaking in more outlandish cosplay ventures in the future… most likely around next Halloween.


Although it should be noted that walking around in public at comic-cons for over a year in a  cowboy hat and a Ghostbusters hockey jersey with toys hanging from every limb of my body helped to make the transition an easy one.  Like I said, with a little creative ingenuity and a couple of stiff vodka wells drinks, I can do anything I put my mind (and liver) to.


RickGrimes-6 (Large)

“You’ve gotta ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, undead?”




  1. Lorenzo C. says:

    Hi there! Ran into your RICK GRIMES pics while looking at different cosplay postings. Your pics are awesome! I haven’t seen someone look more like Andrew Lincoln in cosplay than you. Do you do any character modeling or consider doing any character modeling on the side? I am a legit “starving” artist located in Corpus Christi, Texas and am looking for someone that resembles Rick for a personal artwork rendition I want to do. You probably not interested. But again your pics are great! Lorenzo.

    • Hey there Lorenzo! WOW! How did I miss this comment?! Stupid WordPress notifications! First and foremost I’m absolutely flattered. I’ve actually never considered any character modeling or anything even remotely close to that. I actually don’t even really cosplay, but I I did this particular photo shoot because everyone that walked by my in my Geek Outlaw getup said I was a ringer for Mr. Lincoln (again, flattering). I really enjoyed doing it, and hell, if I could make a couple bucks here and there at it… you wouldn’t have to twist my arm.

      Not sure if you are still interested, but if you are still looking for a Rick look-alike, let me know where I can reach you or better yet email me at and we can discuss further! 🙂

      Thanks again for all the kind words, I’m seriously blushing something fierce over here!

  2. Hi! Any chance you remember where you found rick’s prison shirt & brown shoes? They’re dead on. Looking for the same pieces. Thanks!

    • I found Rick’s boots on eBay, but I used it doing a search for a specific set. They are made by Justin Boots and are model 2253 in brown (they are what he used on set I think).

      The shirt is made by First Class, but I bought it at an online wholesaler of police uniforms, etc. The name of the place is Im pretty sure you can also get it at

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hey! How’s it going? I really enjoy looking at your pics and reading about your dedication to find the most accurate Rick Grimes stuff. I’ve done the same thing over the years but there is one peice that’s difficult, the Python. I have a Kokusai that’s a pretty much dead-on replica and it was expensive, but I’m wondering where and what your model Colt replica is? Let me know if you can, my email is Keep up the great work, all of us Walking Dead nuts love it!

  4. Where did you get that hat? been looking for a good rick hat…

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