COMIC BOOK PREVIEW: “Chronointel” takes you Back to the Future Three Weeks at a Time Thanks to Never Static Pictures

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“Damn, damn. Where is that UPS guy?!”


Comic books , like my original preferences on what I deem comfortable underwear, have evolved quite a bit since their modern day inception. The first comics from the 1930’s were more of the humorous Sunday funnies variety (hence the word comic) and slowly but surely developed into the masked men and caped crusaders we know and love today.

However within the last decade or so, there has been a definite shift from superheroes who view leotards as formal fashion wear and have 14 packs instead of stomachs to graphic stories that deal with normal tribulations such as deciding what smartphone to purchase or undead uprisings.

This unprecedented period of enlightenment has delivered us some great stories such as “The Walking Dead, alas it has also brought down upon us “Superman meets Jerry Lewis (which was only marginally more ridiculous than “Superman meets the Quick Bunny”.)


Superman Comics

Bet you thought I was thought I was lying, right? Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you.


A great many talented independent comic creators are abound these days thanks to the internet and social media, thus all the more reason it’s exciting to find one of those gems in the rough that truly shines brighter – or at least at a much different hue – than the rest. One of those shiny objects goes by the name of Jason Beckwith and his company Never Static Pictures. Beckwith, a cinematographer and motion capture artist by day, has waded into the waters of creating with his first series called “Taking Eden”. You know you’ve stumbled onto a solid series when the tag line of his main web page subtly states, “’Taking Eden is a comic for grown ups which contains profanity, violence, brief nudity and drug use.” If your like me and that was enough to grab your attention, you can grab a free preview of the series’ origin story here: “Taking Eden” Preview


Jason Berkwith

The man, the myth, the guy with zero free time on his hands; Jason Beckwith.


When I first met Jason back at the Long Beach Comic Expo this past May, year of our geek 2014, we quickly bonded over the fact that our booths were tucked neatly away in the corner of the floor space, somewhere near the convention center janitorial services and skid row. More importantly, Jason introduced me to his graphic babies, and even provided a limited edition first issue copy of his new political thriller series, The Tool.



No, despite rumors to the contrary, this series was NOT named after me!


Fast Forward half a year and three conventions later, and the Outlaw realized that time must have been literally sucked through a vacuum because he had yet to provide his thoughts in writing about any of the Never Static Pictures books. To Beckwith’s credit, he doubled-down on the Outlaw (hey, some people are a glutton for punishment) and provided a first issue copy of his third series, “Chronointel: Messages from the Future. He explained the series as time travel story with a twist, and being the paradoxal person that I am, I was immediately sold. Not to mention the mere mention of the title had me singing the Sting tune Message in a Bottle. (Fortunately for the con attendees, it wasn’t loud enough for anyone besides some stray dogs to hear.)

Without giving too much away, the story of “Chronointel revolves around a war vet whose past has haunted him to the point of suicide. However, before he can literally pull the trigger, a stranger (or is he?) shows up at this door and offers him a chance to move forward and help protect innocent lives via the assistance of messages from the future (hence the title.) As is explained in the first issue, it’s an extremely unique concept that sets itself up for some potentially great stories. That said, my feebly slow mind needed to reread some of the dialogue to understand the logistics.



It’s about “time” someone came up with a creative new time travel story… minus the time travel. (See what I did there?)


There is quite a bit to like about this book if you are a sci-fi fan of any genre, including; likeable characters, beautiful artwork (courtesy of Nino Harn Cajayon & Gonzalo Duarte), a mysterious story arc, and an unlimited wealth of sub-stories. The inclusion of some Easter egg style nods of Back to the Future was the double fudge icing on the cake for me.

Inherently, as with any time travel tale, the prospective pratfalls of the “chicken or the egg” timeline concerns will always be always looming in the background just waiting for some eagle-eyed reader to try and rip apart. It’s just the nature of the beast. Nevertheless, as long as Beckwith and company can keep the loopholes miniscule and to a minimum, I foresee a very entertaining new comic series that will be an ongoing part of my own future.

I recommend this book without any reservations, and if you want to get your hands on a first print of “Chronointel” – or any of Never Static Pictures’ other series –  don’t hesitate to reach out to Jason over at TakingEden.com (inquiries@takingeden.com).


Taking Eden

Like the family you never had but always wanted… to read about.


(NOTE: You can also catch Jason at most of the largest comic-cons taking place on the West Coast, including this weekend’s Long Beach Comic-Con where he’ll be located at booth 1205. Coincidentally enough, the Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl booth will be just a few feet down the row at booth 1202, so make sure to stop on get your free swag from all of us.)



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