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COMIC BOOK PREVIEW: Geek Outlaw gets Hired as the CPO of Identy Comics with Verge #2

“We are livin’ in a variant world, and I am a variant girl…”


It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to write for a comic book, so when Identity Comics owner Lars Canty approached me with an opportunity to write for his new graphic novel, the first jubilant words to spring from my gullet were: “are you desperate?”

After confirming he still maintained some semblance of mental sanity, Canty informed me the gig would be that of a Chief Publicity Officer (which I technically coined myself). In essence, he wants me to help build excitement for Identity’s books in the same spirit of Geek Outlaw’s writing style. While my childhood hopes of writing an actual story for a comic were put on a temporary hold, I was relieved to know that Canty hadn’t yet gone off the intellectual reservation.


Canty and the Outlaw

Discussing compensation with Verge creator Lars Canty. It was a very short conversation. Very, very short.


Nevertheless, when the owner of a creative media entity entrusts me with any content viewable by the public’s pupils, I consider it an absolute honor and will always try my best to not make a fool of myself or the publication… as much as humanly possible.

I’m also not someone who tackles any random project thrown my way – especially when it’s free – which basically means I have to like the product I’m associated with. For those who listened to my podcast review of Verge #1 with Canty, you’ll know I enjoyed the comic enough to be a part of issue two. Did I mention I’m working for free?


P1060872 (Large)

First rule of marketing: always repeat your product name three times. Second rule of marketing: always repeat your product name three times. Third rule of marketing…


Seeing as how I’m now a part of the Identity Comic team, I figured that providing a review of Verge #2 might be perceived as a conflict of interests. Thus, instead of a review, I will provide a short summary of the changes that have taken place between the inaugural issue and this new installment should you decide to pick up a copy. (And you should if you want to read my commentary. It’s worth the $3.99… assuming you’re a glutton for punishment.)

  • Less is More:  Verge #2 has been condensed down into two stories from the four included in the first issue. Fortunately, the two featured stories, Concrete Shoes and El Fantasmo, are also the best of the bunch. With the extra space, both stories can now breathe a bit more and be fleshed out in further detail.
  • In Living Color:  Despite the noir vibe that Concrete Shoes took advantage of with the black and white pages of Verge #1, the introduction of color now gives the rebooted strip more life and is better suited to the modified story that has a noticeably futuristic feel.
  • All Growns Up:  While the presentation of the first go-round was nothing to scoff at, the second offering of Verge definitely has a more polished feel to it. From the writing to the art, every aspect of the book has been upgraded. Thanks to the superb work of Canty, Sebastian Kadlesick, David Flores, Kelly Harris and Charley Pallos, Verge 2.0 has that new car model smell (assuming you’re one to sniff comic books on a regular basis).
  • Chief Publicity Officer:  Why wouldn’t I save the best for last? The biggest and riskiest change of the book is adding yours truly into the mix. It’s either a stroke of brilliance or a sign of the apocalypse (I’m leaning towards the latter).


P1060866 (Large)

This is what we in the biz call a Teaser. Want to see Outlaw’s full commentary? You’ll just have to grab a copy and pray to the cosmic comic Gods it’s worth the price of admission.


Jokes aside, I had an absolute blast providing my first-ever contribution to the pages of a comic book and its a kick to see my words thrust upon the colored pages of a graphic novel similar to the ones I read growing up. The generosity of Mr. Canty proves there are indeed publishers out there still willing to take a chance on unproven creative types like myself… and that there’s a sucker born every minute.


If you’d like your own copy of Verge # 2 click on through to your preferred Variant cover at the Amazon links below:

Verge #2 Variant Cover A

Cover A


Verge #2 Variant Cover B

Cover B


Verge #2 Variant Cover C

Cover C


Verge #2 [Kindle Edition]

Cover D

(Copies signed by Lars or any of the other creative team can be sent out upon request by contacting




  1. Congratulations Geek Outlaw! This is an awesome opportunity and I am so happy for you!

  2. I read this at a George Perez signing because the line went around the entire store. Professional. I thought it was a Boom comic. Good job.

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