Why Spider-Man Still Tingles Our Senses on His 50th

Why Spider-Man Still Tingles Our Senses on His 50th

  There are a few reasons why I have no issues admitting to haphazardly launching my body into the walls of my bedroom, hands clenched in the all too familiar hang loose position while wearing my Spider-Man underroos.   For starters, this behavior took place quite some time ago – […]

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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Total Recall’ Remake Not Worth the Memories

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Total Recall’ Remake Not Worth the Memories

  “Two geeks. Twoooo geeeeeeks!”   “Two weeks. Twoooo weeeeeeks!”   Those words were a battle cry of sorts for my best friend Kris and I back in high school, following us all the way through college and several years past (13 to be precise).  It also helps explain why […]

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MOVIE REVIEW:  The Dark Knight Rises… to Mediocrity

MOVIE REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises… to Mediocrity

  I have one simple request fellow Outlaws.  The next time I go to see a Batman movie in a theater, someone please remind me to pack a meal, overnight bag, and a colostomy bag.   Holy double-extended edition!  In the time it took to travel to the theater, sit […]

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I made sure the theater was empty before taking this provocative Spidey pose.

MOVIE REVIEW: “Amazing Spider-Man” is Anything But

  Let’s be clear about this, I am a Spider-Man diehard. So much so in fact, if it meant getting bitten by a radioactive spider just to have the remote opportunity to become anything like the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, I would be first in line.   Ooooh, ‘Amazingly’ Holographic.   […]

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He drinks your beer too!  How cute is that?

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Ted’, Drunker Than the Average Bear

  Way back before we worried about downloading the latest smartphone apps that let us to play back classical symphony to the tune of fart noises made by every endangered species on the planet; we each had that one toy.   It was our secret best friend forever before we […]

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The difference between me and you... I make this look geekier.

MOVIE REVIEWS: Geek Outlaw’s Men in Black 3 and Prometheus Reviews Have Landed

  Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing not just one, but two movies crawling with odd and disgusting aliens looking to destroy our planet.  The third rock from the sun, some might rightfully argue, contains some odd and disgusting beings of it’s own.  Reality TV tends to […]

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Avengers Sequel?  Where do I sign up?

MOVIE REVIEW: Avengers ‘Assemble’ for Epicness

    12 hours 32 minutes.   That is approximately how much of my life I recently devoted to watching Stan Lee and his heroic creations this past May 5th – which I so eloquently dubbed – ‘Cinco de Marvel’.   The M3 (Marvel Movie Marathon) event was suggested by my […]

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So what kind of mileage in the city can I expect?

LIST: ‘My’ Top 10 Sci-Fi Westerns (So Far…)

  In honor of my 10th blog post ever (although technically 11th if you count the rewards posting)… ok, let me re-phrase.  In honor of my 10th meaningful blog post,  I will be revealing to you ‘my’ top 10 Sci-fi westerns of all-time!   Hopefully you noticed my emphasis on […]

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The man, the myth, the paranormal exterminator.

EVENT: My Meeting with the “Heart” of the Ghostbusters

  “Listen… you smell something?”   That something might be the fresh aroma of a few new subscribers.  So now that there are more than five readers, I’ve decided it’s time to share some more personal and thoughtful insight into what makes me such a geek… Lucky you!   As […]

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WHAT IF… You Could Hire a Hero?

WHAT IF… You Could Hire a Hero?

    What if… Bruce Wayne decided a hedgehog was more terrifying than a bat?     What if… Storm got pregnant in her prime?     What if… Luigi & Princess Toadstool made a mushroom together behind Mario’s back?     What if… the Flash had a fetish for […]

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