2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Saturday Highlights! (Day 2)

2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Saturday Highlights! (Day 2)

Another long day and another long night of geeking out to the some of the most awesome things you could ever possibly imagine… The stuff you love!  I have enough pictures to fill a government facility full of useless nonsense… but Im sure the boys in D.C. already have that […]

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2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Friday Highlights!

2012 San Diego Comic-Con: SDCC Friday Highlights!

I’m going to keep this short since I’m heading out to Day 2 as we speak… but here is a brief look into my 1st Day ever at SDCC!  A longer post will come post weekend… (That’s what she said) So since “Pictures speak louder than Nerds”… here ya go…    

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The "AC Team" (Left to right: Geek Outlaw, Sally and my best friend Jerry)

EVENT: A Good Ol’ Fashioned Geek-Down At Stagecoach

  Ahhh, Stagecoach.   Those that know me well – and brave enough to admit it – are well aware of my fondness for the aforementioned event.   For those just tuning in, Stagecoach is a country music festival held in the lovely barren desert city of Indio, CA which […]

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Avengers Sequel?  Where do I sign up?

MOVIE REVIEW: Avengers ‘Assemble’ for Epicness

    12 hours 32 minutes.   That is approximately how much of my life I recently devoted to watching Stan Lee and his heroic creations this past May 5th – which I so eloquently dubbed – ‘Cinco de Marvel’.   The M3 (Marvel Movie Marathon) event was suggested by my […]

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The man, the myth, the paranormal exterminator.

EVENT: My Meeting with the “Heart” of the Ghostbusters

  “Listen… you smell something?”   That something might be the fresh aroma of a few new subscribers.  So now that there are more than five readers, I’ve decided it’s time to share some more personal and thoughtful insight into what makes me such a geek… Lucky you!   As […]

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Left to right: Troi "Brass Knuckles Vader" Doering, Geek Outlaw, Hot Nerd Girl and her Mama Jedi.

EVENT: The Wonderment of WonderCon 2012

  I finally did it!  (No, not that IT!  Surprisingly enough, I’ve done that… a long, long time ago… in a relationship far far away.)   I digress.  What I’m actually referring to my fellow dirty-minded geeks and outlaws, is that I finally attended my first ComicCon (a.k.a:  A ‘comic convention’ […]

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