Active Country

Alright, alright… for those that know me, you may have seen this shameless self promotion coming from 3 planets away.  For those that are just learning about me, let me present you with some, for lack of better words, shameless self promotion.

Active Country is an apparel company I started all on my lonesome that fuses country western attitude with the excitement and unity of the most popular sports and activities around the world.  You can get an idea of the unique designs and products in some of the following mode images:

But wait, there’s more!  Active Country also connects you to a huge network of other people like yourself buying and selling tickets to sports, music and entertainment events.
(Yes, sometimes even Comic-cons!)

For fellow Outlaws that are interested, I will provide a 25% discount coupon code off all apparel & accessories, if you subscribe to GeekOutlaw and “Like” me on Facebook!
Easier than robbing ye ol’ bank.

Active Country: Where Sports & Country Music Play!