About the Outlaw

I can lean with the best of them.

Every so often someone comes along that defies all logic and makes you question everything you know about anything,  A mysterious stranger that commands attention before even entering the room and not only throws all the rules out the window, but changes the game itself.   It’s a rare individual that doesn’t just think outside the box, but kills the box with one sideways glance and then mounts it over his fireplace, just under his 102” HD flat panel 3D television.  Since I don’t know of anyone whom fits that exact description off the top of my head, I’ll go ahead and just tell you about myself.


My ‘geek’ persona was strong with me at a very early age.  My first memories of my love for science fiction started appropriately with what was, continues to be, and will always remain my favorite movie of all time: Ghostbusters.  Even as a new student braving a new elementary school, I risked humiliation from kids three years my elder (not to mention three times my height and body weight), by bringing a homemade proton pack and trap with me in order to ‘bust some heads’ during recess.  Mind you this was done at the very far corners of a playground the size of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.


To this day, I still continue to pursue my dream of one day being the proud owner of an exact replica Ecto-1 that I can take for a quick spin to pick up some toilet paper at my local convenience store.


“My precious!”


I feel lucky to have been a child of the 80s because with such great franchises like Back to the Future and Indiana Jones, my love for all things sci-fi grew at an exponential rate.  (Exponential being derived from the Latin word, ‘woah’.)  As I grew older, my inner geek – or nerd, for those that are socially awkward enough to care – continued to ruin my social skills with the opposite sex, as I took on new obsessions with The Simpsons and The X-Files.  Both are institutions that will never be surpassed by any of my current geek obsessions, primarily because of all the great times I spent bonding with my parents while watching those shows together as a family on a weekly basis.   My mom and I still call my dad Homer (for obvious and factual reasons).  In turn, they also still continue to refer to me and introduce me to strangers as ‘the boy’, which might partially explain my current lack of a significant other.


Mmmm… Simpsons & X-Files.
(Monumental Geek moment of my lifetime.)


As far as the ‘outlaw’ aspect of the blog’s namesake is concerned, my parents also played a large, albeit unbeknownst, role in my current status as an urban cowboy ever since they adopted country music as their own and subjected me to it when I visited home during my college days.  Alas, the transformation is almost complete, as I do dream of one day living a more simple life, preferably on a ranch with at least one horse and the true love of my life who can wear a pair of tight jeans like nobody’s business.  That being said, if you want to get really technical about it – and I know you do – the ‘outlaw’ term also represents someone who rides the path less traveled (or in geek terms) clicks the site less viewed (ex: this one).


The man, the myth, the geek.

For myself, and most fans in general, science fiction and technology aren’t just about spaceships, making life easier, gadgets, or farting mustache apps (albeit arguably humorous).  They’re  about our humanity, imagination, exploration and the endless possibilities of the types of discoveries that just might be waiting out there for us beyond the realm of current human understanding.  Without imagination, we as humans are just as soulless as the machines we build to complete the tasks we can already accomplish on our own.  We lose that, we lose it all.


I know, that’s some deep stuff from a guy who has three Toy Story aliens and a Butters Stotch figure starting at him every night before he goes to bed.   You don’t have to take my word for it though.  Just remember what a wise, fictional, porn-watching FBI Special Agent once said several times during a nine year span: “The truth is out there”.


And trust me, I do.


Contact Geek Outlaw anytime, anywhere and for anything (well, ALMOST anything) at: GeekOutlaw@outlook.com