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2013 SDCC: The X-Files Turns 20 and The Truth is Still Out There… Maybe

Gillian and David Geek Outlaw

Left to right:  The gorgeous Gillian Anderson, the gregarious Luke Wilson… errr, Geek Outlaw, and the debonair David Duchovny.


David Duchovny:  “Nice Hat!”

Gillian Anderson:  “Look David, he has figures of us strapped to his arm!”


The words which were delivered to me by the world famous X-Files acting duo as I walked into the makeshift photo booth on the first day of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, are going to be forever engraved in my mind for as long as I live, or until I get to my truck door… whichever comes first.



The dynamic duo, sans the Outlaw.


Having signed up and paid for the opportunity to get my photo with the two actors who made being an FBI agent cool again, I had a while to think about the first thing that would come out of my mouth once I saw them both standing there.  After much internal debate and deep philosophical thought, the first thing I uttered was, and I quote:


“Please excuse any possible smell coming from me, I’m a little ripe.”


That was followed by a genuine smile and a handshake from Mr. Duchovny himself, to which he replied, “No worries at all, I’m a little ripe myself.”


After the pleasantries and photo commenced, I took a few seconds to thank both of them for being part of a show that my family and I could sit down and watch together and talk about on a weekly basis.  I then thanked Duchovny for a show that I could watch on my own and not say a word about to my family.  That resulted in a chuckle, smile and one more handshake before they kicked me out of the booth.



When you live in the gorgeous weather of Southern California, who needs pants?


Oh, and did I mention Gillian handed me my camera back – even though I ended up losing it anyway  – after almost leaving it on the floor behind her.  Needless to say, I was shaking with giddiness.


I only had a moment to get my feet under me as the beast that is SDCC required me to be back in my Ballroom 20 seat before the current panel was over in order to maintain my spot and position for the upcoming X-Files panel.




The X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel  (presented by TV Guide)


The entire 20th Anniversary panel in all it’s spooky glory.


“Trust no one.”

The notorious tagline, from one of the most popular sci-fi genre shows of all-time, seems to be a phrase that the series creator takes to heart.  If getting information out of Chris Carter about a third X-Files movie is akin to pulling teeth, I would hate to be Mr. Carter’s dentist when dealing with the real thing.


That much was apparent during the X-Files 20th Anniversary panel at this year’s San Diego International Comic-Con as all 7456 attempts made by the TV Guide moderator to reveal info on a new Mulder and Scully adventure for the big screen were met with a pleading of the fifth by the silver-haired man behind the conspiracies.



“Happy, Happy, Happy.”
(And I’m not referring to duck whistles.)


Not that I blame him as I’m sure a 20th Century Fox executive was standing behind the curtain holding Mr. Carter’s bank account and family hostage should he blurt out anything not set in Hollywood concrete, which in reality is the equivalent to writing your name on the back of a dirty car window about to travel through the car wash.


Granted, it still would have been nice to announce something major X-Files-related (and a comic book doesn’t count) seeing as several thousand screaming die-hard X-Philes lined up and slept on concrete overnight – including yours truly (hence the ripeness) – to see the ol’ band get back together for the first time since the second movie was released over five years ago.



Was this “The Last X-Files Super”?
If I was a betting man, I’d probably be broke since I haven’t a clue.


Interestingly enough, the fevered fan turn-out is exactly what Chris, David, Gillian, and the execs at Fox were looking for.  Carter did say this panel was indeed being used to gauge interest before moving forward with another sequel.  Seeing as the 4000-plus fans crammed into the infamous Ballroom 20 – 2nd largest room at the convention center – screamed with delight as the stars responsible for portraying the FBI duo for nine seasons, walked into the purposely darkened room with only flashlights.  It was a very cool moment that paid homage to the show’s eerie musical intro and was often a typical occurrence that took place often enough it could have its own drinking game.



You had to be there when the lights were out to get the full effect, trust me… but trust no one else.


Outside of the opening and closing moments, the panel itself proved to be a more nostalgic trip down memory lane between old friends versus the emotional powerhouse of last year’s similarly themed Firefly reunion.  Regardless, it was a trip worth taking as it’s always intriguing to hear the stories from the set or the actors’ favorite episodes to film without the filter of the press cleaning up or editing out 98% of the answer.



Former X-writers Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan and John Shiban also joined the festivities.
Gilligan: “There would be no Breaking Bad without the X-Files.”


It was also an informative experience as well, where everyone learned what an incredible memory Duchovny has in being able to remember almost every detail of every episode made, and the fact Gillian Anderson seemed to have sex on the mind when it came to answering the question of what Mulder and Scully would be doing right now if their universe was currently ongoing.  Anderson even jokingly alluded to a sex scene being filmed between the two – at least I think she was joking – which was in reference  to the their onscreen child.  “Well something happened, because we have a child,” Anderson reminded the crowd.



Jerry Shiban, son of producer John Shiban (above), was the first of seven to portray Scully’s baby William on the X-Files (Existence episode).
Why does this picture make me feel old all of the sudden?


I mention it only because the word sex flowed from the actresses’ mouth more times in five minutes than I heard agent Scully say in the course of nine years.  Not that there was anything wrong with that, nor did I have a problem with it… in the least.  Anderson went on to share how she felt the agents should have consummated their relationship sooner much to the chagrin of Carter himself.



“Why do UFO’s suddenly appear, every time, you are near…
just like me, they long to be…”


Adding to the sexual chatter, two young attractive fans (pictured below) asked what Mulder and Scully would do if they ever decided to go on a real date.  “Have sex,” Anderson answered without hesitation.  Duchovny instantly responded, “Then maybe dinner?”  To which Carter quickly added, “I think it would be barbecue.”



These two attractive Scully fans that asked a question of the panel were actually in front of me in line to get in.
I proudly informed them I owned the same shirt (minus the matching heels).


Overall, it was an entertaining panel, and a definite treat for any X-Files fan able to sneak their way inside the room.  In essence the whole panel felt like a serialized episode of the X-Files in that some hints were made at wanting to continue the story, but everyone was left hanging by the time the session had ended.  It seems as the truth is still out there, unless 20th Century Fox decides to bury it for good.




The X-Files IDW Season 10 Comic Book Panel


Part 1 of the X-Files IDW Panel… Geek Outlaw is in part 2!


With a show of your smartphones, I want to know how many fellow outlaws think I resemble Luke Wilson with buck teeth from the X-Files episode Bad Blood?  Anyone?… [crickets]… Anyone?


Apparently Gillian Anderson thinks so (as did a young female server at a local pizza establishment that took my order several years ago.)


Even though I don’t quite see the resemblance, I’m ok with it if she does.  Hell, I’m ok with whomever Gillian Anderson thinks I look like… with the possible exception of his brother Owen.


Luke Wilson X



… it’s no contest… not even close.











I bring up the subject as it was a something Gillian herself made mention of as I attempted to ask my questions and thank the members of the X-Files IDW Comic Book panel – which included the likes of Chris Carter, Dean Haglund (Lone Gunman) IDW head, IDW writer Joe Harris and the already mentioned Gillian Anderson.


Panel Screen

Season 10 is a reality!… assuming you want – or even know how – to read comic books.


Despite being a capacity crowd of a few hundred attendees versus the few thousand that showed up for the 20th Anniversary reunion, the IDW panel itself actually seemed livelier in general.  Much of that can be attributed to the much more energetic and comedic styling of Dean Haglund who kept things moving along at a fun, yet brisk pace.


Haglund Hosting

The master of ceremonies, Dean Haglund (aka the ex-hippy Gunman Langley)


I’m not going to get into the details of what was discussed since the first two issues of the new IDW X-Files Season 10 comic series are available now and because you can watch the included links to the panels on YouTube.  Outside of Gillian continuing to stay on the sex theme and a quick exchange about her boobs on one of the first issue’s alternate cover – for which I own – the panel actually hopped around on some topics that weren’t even X-Files or comic book related.


Gillian Signed Comic

I was debating asking her to sign on her chest, but figured I’d like to leave the entire experience without a bad taste – or blood – in my mouth.
(Can you spot the autograph?)


Given that information, I do want to focus in on the entertaining Q&A session which featured none other than Geek Outlaw himself.  My goals – in no particular order – was to thank everyone on the panel for all things X-Files, compliment Gillian on how hot she was in Johnny English Reborn, and ask Chris Carter what info he could share on his new series coming out soon, as well as the rumored release of the X-Files on Blu-Ray.



The only reason to watch Johnny English Reborn.
(I’m not kidding… the ONLY reason.)


Nothing to it you say.  Easy as pie you say.  Well, of course my planned delivery went out the window the second Haglund asked if my Geek Outlaw X-Files hat was officially licensed… and then the flood gates opened.   That quickly led to Gillian informing me I looked like Luke Wilson from a past X-Files episode named Bad Blood and wondering if I had buck teeth.  This was in reference to the episode where the infamous brother of Owen plays a buck-toothed (in Mulder’s version of the tale) sherrif of a small town, despite the fact Scully finds him appealing.


Hear Geek Outlaw’s exchange with Gillian and the rest of the panel at the 13:10 mark.


This led to to my commenting on how I was going to get her busty comic-cover signed by her at the signing being held after the panel.  When the smoke cleared it truly did end up being one of the more entertaining Q&A exchanges of the panel and it was another one for the memory books, especially due to the fact my heart skipped about 32 beats when Gillian said she remembered me as “the guy with their figures strapped to him” from the prior day’s photo shoot.  Albeit, I was donning the Geek Outlaw apparel again, and you would have had to have a full frontal lobotomy not to remember me from one day to the next.  Regardless, I almost got down on one knee and proposed.


Gillian Anderson Hannibal

New star of Hannibal, Gillian Anderson.
So hot she could devour my best friend’s brain and I wouldn’t bat an eye.


Also of note was the fact that Gillian was exploring a new career as an auctioneer, where she offered up items live auction style for an X-Files cardboard standup and the shirt off her back for her charity, COTR – Conversation on the Rock (a reference to a quote from an X-Files episode).  Had she literally taken the shirt off her back during the panel, my life savings would have been empty today.



The FBI duo haven’t aged a day… well maybe a few days, but that’s it, only a few.


After the panel wrapped up, all that participated, including Carter, Haglund, Anderson, Joe Harris, and artist Joe Corroney, headed down to the IDW booth on the floor where a select few with wristbands – myself included of course – had the opportunity to get some items signed by the all-star lineup.


X art

The 11 x 17 print was created by IDW artist Joe Corroney and signed by himself, Haglund, Harris (writer), Carter and Anderson.
(Sadly, “Spooky” wasn’t around that day to sign it himself.)

Carter Signed Comic

Mr. Carter not only answered my two questions in semi-secretive X-Files fashion, but he also personalized the cover of my exclusive #1 IDW issue of the X-Files (featuring himself) with the iconic words we all know and love. Thank you again Mr. Carter.


It was my third and final encounter with Gillian, who I proceeded to give a jokingly hard time to about her Luke Wilson and buck teeth reference when I stepped up to the microphone at the previous panel.


Her response, “I thought it was a compliment.”  Whatever your thoughts are of Like Wilson’s physical attributes, I took her word for it, but more importantly stored the multiple exchanges in the memory bank for as long as my grey matter will allow me to hold onto them.



“Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at me?!  Am I here for your amusement?   If so, I’m flattered and I do two shows a night…”


I proceeded to offer up my Outlaw info to the lovely Anderson and told her I’d be happy to promote her cause through my blog if she was interested.  If you are reading this Gillian, remember “My card is out there… most likely somewhere in your purse.”



If you look close enough at her chest, you can almost make out the letters COTR.
It’s ok, take your time… I did.




  1. great blog 🙂 just so you know, ballroom 20 holds over 4,000.. not only 2,500. 🙂

    • Geek Outlaw says:

      Hey Brittyn, thanks for the info on that and for following the blog. I tried looking it up and actually read somewhere the Ballroom itself is capable of catering up to 5000 bodies, but they set it up for half of that for Comic-Con, fire marshals, etc. Updated per your 411 🙂 Thanks again!

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