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A meeting of the geek minds for my NBFF's (Hot Nerd Girl) Birthday.

Happy Geek Pride, Memorial and Towel Day 2012!

  Well I must admit, I never thought I’d be celebrating a day with the word ‘pride’ in it.     Alas, here I am, coming out of the saloon to wish every Geek Outlaw out there a very Happy Geek Pride Day!  I just learned today, that this holiday […]

by May 25, 2012 39 comments Holidays, Misc
The "AC Team" (Left to right: Geek Outlaw, Sally and my best friend Jerry)

EVENT: A Good Ol’ Fashioned Geek-Down At Stagecoach

  Ahhh, Stagecoach.   Those that know me well – and brave enough to admit it – are well aware of my fondness for the aforementioned event.   For those just tuning in, Stagecoach is a country music festival held in the lovely barren desert city of Indio, CA which […]

by May 22, 2012 1 comment Events, Misc, Sci-Fi, Western
Geek Outlaw post Avengers in 3D and D-Box seating.

MOVIE REVIEW – UPDATE: The Avengers Assemble… This Time In Real 3D And D-Box Seats

  Apparently, one time just wasn’t enough.  As some of you may have read (you better have!) I already took in The Avengers on opening weekend in a standard viewing theater.   I should further explain that up by sharing with you that when I say standard, I mean in HD on […]

by May 14, 2012 8 comments Misc
The 'Assembled'  Duo.

WIN FREE LOOT: Outlaw Rewards Caption Contest – May 2012

Outlaw Rewards Caption Contest – May 2012   Howdy Partnerds and welcome to the May 2012 Geek Outlaw Reward Giveaway!   Every month, I will either dig into my own collection of geeky items or purchase unique and highly desirable valuables (at a deeply discounted rate) to be given to the winner […]

by May 11, 2012 33 comments Misc, Rewards
Avengers Sequel?  Where do I sign up?

MOVIE REVIEW: Avengers ‘Assemble’ for Epicness

    12 hours 32 minutes.   That is approximately how much of my life I recently devoted to watching Stan Lee and his heroic creations this past May 5th – which I so eloquently dubbed – ‘Cinco de Marvel’.   The M3 (Marvel Movie Marathon) event was suggested by my […]

by May 8, 2012 2 comments Comics, Events, Movies
So what kind of mileage in the city can I expect?

LIST: ‘My’ Top 10 Sci-Fi Westerns (So Far…)

  In honor of my 10th blog post ever (although technically 11th if you count the rewards posting)… ok, let me re-phrase.  In honor of my 10th meaningful blog post,  I will be revealing to you ‘my’ top 10 Sci-fi westerns of all-time!   Hopefully you noticed my emphasis on […]

by May 3, 2012 3 comments Lists, Movies, Sci-Fi, TV, Western
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